Nintendo switch battery life

The date of the Nintendo Switch’s release was at the 3d of March, 2017.

During the demonstration of Nintendo Switch, the representatives of this company gave a speech about special features of this console and showed different games. However, a few words about the battery were said. The only thing that was mentioned about it, was the fact that the charge’s capacity would be enough only for 2,5-6 hours of playing depending on the project. For example, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will take charging resources very quickly, this way, you will always be charging your device without stopping the game. Moreover, you can play this game only for three hours at best while not charging the console.


The battery characteristics

All in all, “Switch” has the biggest battery among other consoles. It is almost twice bigger than the PS Vista’s battery and almost thrice bigger than NEW 3DS.

A little bit more details:

The charge’s capacity is 4310 mAh. The full charging process is about 3 hours. It has a quick charge. Nintendo couldn’t inbuilt a big battery because «Switch» has an active cooling system (another way, there wouldn’t be much space for the cooler and radiator).

The battery will charge 90 minutes till the destination of 80%. Another 20% it will achieve at the same time due to some features of modern batteries.

Nowadays, Nintendo Switch has the biggest charge capacity of all of the accumulators among the so-called «playing » devices. Here is the data to compare:

Nintendo 3DS – 1300 mAh

Nintendo New 3DS – 1400 mAh

Nintendo 3DS XL – 1750 mAh

PS Vista – 2200 mAh

Some users consider the time of an autonomous work of 3-6 hours to be insufficient. However, the other users think that these parameters are balanced, because it was demanded to inbuilt another technical stuff, including the active cooling system.

Changing the battery

As it is known, a standard lithium-ion accumulator loses approximately 70% of its power after some years of usage. This fact will not please Nintendo Switch’s owners who like to play not only on TV screen and at home, but also who like to enjoy the portable mode.

If it is taken into account that, due to the developers’ version, the charge’s capacity would last nearly for three hours without the connection to the doc-station, as the accumulator would be slowly dying, that time (of 3 hours) would be dramatically shortening. What should people do in this case? Right, they should change the battery! But, the problem is that Nintendo Switch’s users will be without the opportunity to change the accumulator by their own. On the other hand, Nintendo intends to offer such service through the support office and to make it commercial.

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Have the company really improved the duration of autonomous work of their electronic devices?

One of the main innovations in Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is their batteries which capacity is more on 18% and 40% respectively in comparison with their predecessors. The last year’s devices were highly promoted by all the points except the battery’s work. Let’s see, whether Samsung could solve this problem this year.

Every test was made thrice and the result was the average rate of these tests. In these tests “the youngest” model took part – Exynos (model number SM-G930F) and also its variant on the base of Snapdragon (model number SM-G930V) of Verizon Wireless. The last one is distributed with pre-installed apps of its operator which can slightly cause the waste of charge. Every device was tested with the identical brightness of the display and in the same conditions.


Each smartphone was fully charged and discharged till 0% while testing. After that, they were charged at 2-10% in order to see the registered time of gadget’s functioning.
Exynos Galaxy S7 was a little bit better in this competition and its average time was 6 hours 48 minutes, the Snapdragon version was working 6 hours 30 minutes. It is an interesting fact that the nearest result showed Nexus 6P. Surprisingly, Galaxy Note 5 was a lot better than the new flagman and showed the result of 9 hours 32 minutes.

Video playback

All the devices played the same video again and again till they were fully discharged. Each gadget was in a flight mode for preventing the attempts to synchronize or connect with something.

Both variants of the devices passed this test at their best. The Snapdragon version beat the Galaxy Note 5 and Nexus 6P with the result of 11 hours 52 minutes. The Exynos S7 had really the best result of 15 hours and 11 minutes.

Stand by time

The last was the verification while working in a standby mode. Each smartphone was fully charged and the Wi-Fi was functioning with the standard set of apps and notifications (11 of all of them). Exactly after 24 hours of work the last percentage of charge was measured which was used in calculation the potential time of autonomous work.

Galaxy Note 5 showed the worst result of all. This might have been connected with the absence of Doze Mode function in the Lollipop version of the operating system. Each modification of Galaxy S7 exceeded the result of Nexus 6 model despite of the fact that this gadget has a more powerful battery of 3400 mAh.

The Snapdragon version might have worked 9 days 10 hours and the Exynos model – 10 days 2 hours.


Such tests do not reveal the conditions of everyday usage which is characterized with constant switching between different wires and working of the great diversity of apps which cause a kind of “recent” discharging of the device.
With the active usage of smartphone, the electronic devices can work approximately 4-6 hours if they are charged at 100%. The minimum of working hours is 2 hours 30 minutes.


All in all, this set of tests showed that the manufacturing company has really increased the working hours of new gadgets in comparison with Galaxy Note 5 in each modification except the Wi-Fi connection. A non-trivial role the innovative function Doze Mode in Android Marshmallow system played, thanks to Google developers. Actually, the Exynos version holds the charge better than Snapdragon in 10-20%.

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How to recover Li-Ion battery: a few available tips


Modern batteries are stay to be one of the biggest problems as for the manufacturers as well as for consumers. And it’s not just potential flaming risk, but the slow draining of the source power. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that charging battery on the regular basis makes them work not more than a year or two with active use, after then their capacity is drastically decreasing and using your precious device becomes problematic. It’s impossible to completely restore a fully drained battery, but to extend the usage, while looking for new one is quite possible. So that’s what we’ll talk about today.

The following recommendations are for advanced users. So if you can’t make heads or tails of soldering tool it would be better to contact customer service or you could just go straight to local electronic store for a new battery.

Phone with a modern Li-Ion battery

Method №1

It can be useful in cases when battery generates gas due to continuous usage, as a result it gets bulged and can’t hold its charge.

Required tools and materials are: soldering iron, epoxy, fine needle, a heavy flat object for alignment.

  1. Carefully detach battery case from upper block with sensor
  2. Separate electric sensor
  3. There should be a cap. Inside that cap the control electronics is located.
    Accurately pierce it with the needle. Keep in mind that damaged electric inwards will make following battery restoration impossible.
  4. Considering the battery size you should find a heavy flat object witch should be slightly bigger than the battery.
  5. Here’s the crucial moment. Put the Battery on a table and create some pressure on it with press. Note that making to much effort can cause battery to be damaged, as well as making less effort could not give required result. It’s strongly recommended not to use any kind of vice or other similar purpose tools.
  6. When everything is done put a drop of epoxy on the hole and solder the sensor
Tools and materials for phone battery diagnosis

Method №2

This method will not completely revive the battery with much reduced resources, but will certainly make it work for some time. You shouldn’t count much on it, but it would provide some power for your smartphone, while you’re looking for new battery.

Required tools and materials: any power supply (5-12V, AC not less than 0.1 A), voltmeter or tester to monitor the voltage, resistor (capacity should be at least 500 mWt, resistance of 330 Ohm to 1000 Ohm)

  1. If you don’t have any power supply, it’s ok to use one from your network equipment (e.g. switches, routers, modems). You should be sure that AC options are meet the requirements.
  2. Release the contacts from power supply and connect them with drained battery: power supply “minus” with battery “minus”. “Plus” line ads with resistor. Check the correct polarity with multimeter.
  3. When everything is prepared, connect the power supply to the network. Procedure should take approximately 2-3 minutes. If possible, control process with tester: maximum voltage must not exceed 3.3V

A few important notes

  • Do not leave problematic battery unattended. The cases of spontaneous ignition is not a theory, but a harsh reality.
  • Periodically check the temperature of the battery with the use of bypass thermocouple, electronic thermometer or just by hand. If the surface feels to be hot, not just warm, immediately stop repairing.
  • Do not use excessive charging currents. The maximum you can afford is 50 mAh. This parameter is calculated as follows: voltage of power supply divided by the capacitance of the resistor. For example, if the first parameter is equal to 12V, and the second is 500 Ohms, the charge current will be equal to 24 mAh.
  • Instead of a resistor, you can use a standard 80mm computer fan.
  • In order to avoid spontaneous ignition it is recommended to control the initial charging of the restored battery

Method №3

This Method is controversial and questionable, although according to dedicated forums it helps some users, so the responsibility for any negative consequences lies with you.

Required tools and materials: a working fridge.

  1. Take the broken battery out of your smartphone and put it in a plastic bag, then the bag must be put in the freezer for 20-30 minutes
  2. Then take it out and put it back in your phone, and start charging for 1 minute
  3. remove it from the device again, let it warm up to room temperature, then charge as usual..

Method №4

Innocuous, but less than effective recovery method. But if you think that your smartphone’s battery is ultimately out of order, why not try it?

Tools and materials required: smartphone with standard battery charger.

  1. Discharge the battery completely (up to the stage when the phone can not be switched on). Any resource-intensive game or AnTuTu utility may prove helpful for this.
  2. Fully charge the battery up to the 100% level.
  3. Repeat points 1 and 2 several times.

Method №5

Almost all professional electricians will consider procedures described below a blasphemy, but many users of old batteries have proved this method to be helpful.

NOTICE: I strongly discourage you from using this method unless you have tried other, less risky ones.

Tools and materials required: razor blade, skinny screwdriver, ‘Moment’ glue.

  1. Retrieve the battery from your phone.
  2. Peel off the technical specification label.
  3. Remove as much of the top plastic cover, that protects control electronic components, as possible.
  4. Find main contact elements.
  5. Short-circuit them just for an instant with the help of any metallic object.
  6. Glue the top cover back and let the glue dry off.I want to draw your attention to the fact that none of the methods above guarantee a 100% result, and the whole responsibility falls utterly on your shoulders. But if the battery shuts off completely and buying a new one is not the prospect of your immediate future, you should try them out. In case your rarely find yourself in the process of soldering something and have no head for science, it’s safer to ask a friend who is well-versed in such things.

Video Tutorial

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How to restore the screwdriver battery and its capacity? Is it possible to restore the screwdriver battery?

Hand electric screwdriver isolated on white.

The screwdriver is an important household tool, but the time goes and its energy source – the battery stops working. Models are constantly changing and finding the right battery can sometimes fail. However, you can completely restore it or extend it’s life by 2-3 years. This article tells how to repair a screwdriver battery.

Battery disassembly

Solving the question of whether it is possible to restore a screwdriver battery, we must first of all understand how to extract elements from it. The battery is housed in a plastic housing of two halves. First, unscrew the connecting screws. If the connection is made by glue, then you have to tinker with a screwdriver or a chisel. Disassemble carefully, so that you would be able to seal the case again. Inside there are elements connected in series. In some designs, a parallel-serial connection is used.

Substitution of elements

Solving the question of how to restore a screwdriver battery, it is necessary, first of all, to identify faulty banks that spoil its work. If the battery is dead, it needs to be charged, and then you should check up the voltage of all elements. It should not differ from the nominal by more than 10%. Repairment here means to restore the battery capacity of the screwdriver generally. It is affected by the health of each element. It must have a specified capacity, which is understood as the ability to feed the load connected to it.

Sometimes it is better to replace the failed components, which get discharge quickly. They can be detected by corrosion damage or the presence of characteristic traces of electrolyte on the surface. One or two elements can be a serious obstacle in the work of the entire line. If the battery is used for more than 3 years, then most of the elements can be faulty. In this case, it is better to replace them all. It is important that they are suitable for voltage and size.

The cost of accumulators assembled separately is lower than the new ones. The serviceability of each bank is checked by the value of the internal resistance, which should be about 0.06 Ohm. To do this, a load is connected to it (a resistor of 5-10 ohms) and at the same time the amperage and voltage are changed. It is convenient to use low voltage incandescent lamps. Measurements are made with two different resistances, 30% and 70% of the permissible load, respectively. From the 1st voltage, the 2nd is subtracted, and from the 2nd amperage — the 1st. Then the results of the subtraction are divided and, in accordance with Ohm’s law, we find the internal resistance of the battery.

The battery is often sold with an extra one. You can assemble one from two and still have the banks left. It is desirable to use them somewhere as power sources, for example, for a flashlight with a car lamp. After the diagnostics, the checked items are connected in a line. The matched kit must be welded in the same order. The bank body has a negative polarity, and the middle bar — positive. Then, without assembling the battery, you need to connect a charger to it. It is necessary to control the temperature of the elements. If they are in service, then there should not be too much overheating.

At the end of the charging time, and also after a day, the voltage of each element should be measured. If any battery is discharged by more than 10%, it needs to be replaced with a new one. After the battery passes the test, you can finish assembling its case. The fastening screws are screwed on the places accordingly to the sizes, and acetate-acrylate (“Super-glue”) is applied as a glue. With a competent selection of items, the battery will serve as a new one. After charging, it should be subjected to intensive training, giving a maximum load to the screwdriver, until it is discharged. Such cycles should be repeated 2 more times, and then – 1 time per quarter.

Restoring banks

Don’t throw away the batteries that failed test. The main reason for their failure is the evaporation of water through a rubber band located between the body and the middle tire. When it is full “zero”, the battery is momentarily charged with a 12V voltage impulse through a resistance of 40-50 ohms. While doing this, you should check that the case does not overheat. If there is still no voltage on it after that, then you can throw it away. To restore the electrolyte, some craftsmen drill mini holes for the syringe needle in the side groove of all battery cells. Then the banks are filled with distilled water. After that the batteries should not be touched for a day. The battery is then “trained”, charged and checked the voltage on each cell. The holes are sealed with silicone.

How to repair a screwdriver battery

All batteries look similar from the inside. They consist of successively welded banks. As a result you get the total battery voltage on the output contacts. The following types of elements are used: Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium, U = 1.2 V). Ni-MH (nickel-metal-hydride, U = 1.2 V). Li-Ion (lithium-ion, U = 3.6V).

“Interskol” screwdriver battery

Screwdriver “Interskol” is one of the most popular, due to its versatility. In addition to the main function, it can also be used as a drill. You can use any of the common batteries in it. Nickel-cadmium and metal-hydride are used more often, as cheaper and more powerful ones. To ensure that they work reliably, they should be fully discharged and recharged to fully utilize the charge. Otherwise, the life of the equipment is significantly reduced. Reversible loss of capacity of an incompletely discharged and charged element is called a memory effect.

Lithium-ion batteries do not have this disadvantage, but their price is much higher. During the work, when every minute counts, a small charge is often required to maintain the required power of the screwdriver. In this case, these batteries are

indispensable, because their capacity can be quickly restored. The customer selects the battery of the screwdriver “Interskol” on his own, depending on the preferences, capabilities and required work. In most cases, nickel-cadmium batteries are used. How to restore the battery of the screwdriver “Interskol”, if it has not been used for a long time? When operating it is necessary to try to not let the voltage drop down to zero. You can discharge a 1.2V bank up to 0.9V. If the battery is completely discharged during long storage, the charger may not “see” it. It is necessary to “push” the battery with another, more powerful power source, so that a small voltage appears on it. After that, you can connect it to a standard charger.

Restoring “Makita” screwdriver battery

Before you restore the battery of the Makita screwdriver, first you need to disassemble its case. It consists of 2 halves, glued together. If you carefully tap the battery case with a rubber mallet, the adhesive will fall behind. There may be problems with disassembly of some parts. You may need to use additional hand tool. Next, disconnect the halves of the case, holding the screwdriver terminals. According to the performance characteristics, the drill-screwdriver “Makita” is close to the network tool. The autonomous power supply is provided by 2 replaceable Li-Ion batteries. Computer charging technology allows to recover them in just 22 minutes. At the same time, the battery life is significantly increased. Defective banks should be replaced with similar new models. If they are difficult to find on sale, you’ll have to make one of two accumulators. Factory welding can be contact, and during repair it is necessary to create a connection by soldering.

How to repair a Bosch screwdriver battery

Bosch screwdrivers are great for non-professional use. They have accumulators with Ni-Cd elements. They withstand large voltage loads, but quickly self-discharge (during 3-4 weeks). At least once a month they must be restored in order not to fail. In addition, in the process of operation there is an unbalance of the elements and the capacity is lost as time goes by. One of the ways to restore is to disassemble the case and “train” each element separately. If this doesn’t help the way desired, some of them will have to be replaced. Then the battery will last a long time.

Repairing the Hitachi Screwdriver Battery

How to repair a Hitachi screwdriver battery? Both Ni-Cd batteries must be charged, after that they should be disassembled and you should measure the voltage on each bank with a load of 1.5 ohms. Elements showing a lower voltage can be thrown away, and you can make 1 good battery from other good ones. Only 1 or 2 banks can damage the battery. How to restore the battery of the Hitachi screwdriver, as well as all other models, depends, first of all, on the type of elements installed in them.

Repairing the Aeg screwdriver battery

A screwdriver come with 2 batteries in the box. If one of them does not charge, this does not mean it’s broken. It may be discharged too much. In this case, you can try to “train” the battery by applying a pulsed voltage to it, and then put it on charge. The easiest way is to connect to a charged battery for a few seconds. If the recovery of the Aeg screwdriver battery the way described above failed, them its case should be disassembled and each bank checked.

Battery maintenance tips

If the battery has not been used, it should be discharged once a month by the permissible load and recharged again.

It is advisable to buy a screwdriver with two batteries in the kit.

Screwdrivers must be stored and used in conditions that prevent moisture from getting inside.


How to restore a screwdriver battery? There are several ways. Before disassembling it, we must try to find the cause of the malfunction, which can also be a mechanism or a charger problem. Observing the rules of battery operation, stated in the instruction, it is possible to significantly extend its life time.

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Nexus 5 Battery Replacement Exposed

Lies You’ve Been Told About Nexus 5 Battery Replacement

The S pen on the phone also offers you easy and quick access to several applications, utilizing the Air Command menu. The tablet includes the updated Nokia Camera app, together with a selection of software to additional edit and improve the images and videos on the gadget. Most modern Smartphones use this architecture. The Lumia 520 is still an extremely capable phone and still is among the least expensive smartphones ever. Should itn’t, it is among the installed apps on the phone that is the reason for the issue. Google sent along their very first party Qi wireless charger too and I had an opportunity to take a look.

nexus 5 battery replacement

The battery, nevertheless, is non removable. For instance, you might have a battery with higher capacity, but the phone incorporates many power-consuming features (for example, a big screen) that creates a mobile with 4,000 mAh battery and 6 in. screen be up for equal time as a 2,500 mAh battery with 4.7 in. screen phone. For example, if you already have a laptop and an iPad mini, it is not likely you will want to put money into an Ultrabook.

On board the phone is a few of the strongest hardware readily available on the market today. Anyway, both phones are intended for completely different audiences. The phone has all of the significant connectivity alternatives. It is available in variants. Both phones almost look like twins which were separated at birth, since they have the exact same hardware on them. Mobile phones include a wide selection of battery capacities.

All 3 phones are offered in dual-SIM variants. The phone is predicted to acquire its share of KitKat soon, and ought to bring in lots of performance enhancements. It also comes with a CPU. It features a solid construction and a great display. Individuals now want to understand more on the topic of new mobile phones, latest technologies, upgraded features, mobile phone accessories and other mobile phone related applications.

The Death of Nexus 5 Battery Replacement

In spite of the device you pick, it has to effectively perform to its entire capacity. Screen dimensions and type are extremely important elements. You might also wish to have smaller screen sizes with 4.7 in. display like Google Nexus 5. The Moto X is a really good looker, with only the ideal dimensions and curves. You’re able to read more on the topic of the Moto X here in order To sum this up, we’d say that the Moto G lives up to each word that it’s claimed to be, `an exceptional phone for an exceptional price’. The HTC 1 Max completes the 1 family. In addition, it will come with 2 GB of RAM to make sure smooth multitasking.

On the base of the Nexus 5X there’s an USB-C port and a 3.5millimeter headphone jack. In cases like this, it is quite important because the present output isn’t labelled on the USB output ports. You may be wondering how important the present output is.

The device also includes a selection of sensors which could detect gestures. Although it is pretty solid, and looks elegant, it is quite a fingerprint magnet. Both these devices are very capable and are, undoubtedly, the most effective phones offered on the market today. Don’t, however, expect to get blown away by its performance, even though it is certainly not a slow device. It wasn’t charging any device and thus it doesn’t actually display the present output. After the Android device was seized and is secure, it’s time to inspect the telephone. The operating process might be one of the main judging criteria while selecting a telephone.

If you’re shipping an item over $75, you need to consider employing a trackable delivery service or purchasing delivery insurance. Camera quality is a rather significant factor for those who wish to take photos all the moment. Till only about a couple of years past, the automated pick for anyone looking to purchase a cell phone was Nokia. You might also start looking for different alternatives for the app. The incorporated wireless charging option on the gadget is really a nice touch. The optimal/optimally part is that there’s just one button at the side. It has a rather good logo on the base of the power bank.

The display employs a PenTile matrix as opposed to the regular RGB subpixel arrangement. If you would like large screens, you should choose a phone with 5.5 in. screen or more. On the opposite hand, its camera has arrived in for some severe criticism, and has come to be the middle of ridicule. The superb camera is ably supported by some authentic cool apps and characteristics that get the most out of the on-board optics. The camera UI is pretty intuitive and easy to use. It isn’t exactly the type of light you may use to read in the dark. The built-in light is yet another bonus.

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How to Turn a Car On With the Discharged Battery

There are 4 easy and effective way to revive a car. Detailed instructions are included.

Sometimes low temperatures cause unpleasant surprises even to those who regularly change the battery in a car. If it’s -25°C or even colder, a fully serviceable battery loses up to half of its capacity per night: the accumulator acid condenses, the flux of the chemical reactions slows down and the battery cannot give the stored energy up.

Driving in the urban cycle with the heater, mirrors and seats heaters that are turned on do not contribute to the proper battery charging. Moreover, you may simply forget to switch off the parking lights or other appliances after parking.

If the battery is discharged, you will hear some prolonged sounds as wells as clicking of the starter when you try to start the engine. You will also notice dim glow of the indicators on a panel, which becomes even weaker when the key is turned.

If the accumulator does not show any sign of functioning, do not begin to panic immediately. There are no catch-22 situations. There are at least four ways to revive a car even if the battery is flat.

How to Start the Car by Jump-Starting

It is a universal and the most correct way of resuscitation. This method is the most popular among drivers. It is suitable for injection, gasoline and diesel cars with any type of transmission.

What is necessary?
● A jump car with a fully charged accumulator.
● Start-up wires with the “crocodile clips”.

Unless such an unpleasant situation has occurred in the deep forest, there should be no problem in finding a jump car. But it is likely that there will be some difficulties with a set of start-up wires. If there is no such equipment in the trunk, you can only hope that the other driver would be more prudent

What do you have to do?

It is important to observe the correct sequence of actions in order to start a car with a discharged accumulator successfully and not to damage a jump car:

1. Put the cars next to each other, bumper to bumper, or bumper to the wing. The choice will depend on the location of the battery.
2. Turn off the engine of a jump car and switch the ignition off in order not to burn the electronics.
3. Link positive sides of the both batteries with a red start-up wire. The charged battery should be the first.
4. Take one end of the black wire and connect it to the engine block or other metal part of the engine of your car. You should remember that these parts of your car should be located far away the fuel system. Use the other end of a black wire to link to the negative terminal of the battery of a jump car.
5. Attempt to start your car from the 2d or 3d time.
6. After the engine has been started, let it work a few minutes and disconnect wires in return sequence.

Do not try to jump-start from a subcompact car with an engine capacity of more than two liters, especially if it is diesel. A jump car`s engine should have greater or equal capacity as compared to the capacity of the battery that should be recharged. Moreover both devices should have the same power. 24 V battery cannot be used to start the 12 V battery and vice versa.

How to Start the Car by Kick Starting or Using a Tug

It is a classic, even obsolete method. It means that the engine is started by racing of the engine and gear actuation. In such a way you can start an injection engine, only if the battery is not fully discharged and its charge will be enough for gas pump to pump the fuel from the tank into the system. This method is effective only for cars with manual transmission.

What is necessary?
A tow rope.
● Other working cars or assistants.

Even if you are in a not crowded place and cannot find another car, then at least you will be able to find a couple of partial volunteers who will be ready to push your car. Actually, there always should be a rope in the trunk.

What should you do?
The method is very simple and does not require any special skills other than conditioned signals and actions coordinated with all active participants.
1. Connect both cars with a tow rope.
2. Start up the ignition of your car, depress the clutch pedal and go to the third gear without releasing the clutch pedal.
3. Give the command to the driver of the hauling car to start moving.
4. After accelerating a car to 10-20 km / h, release the clutch slowly.
5. When the engine starts, depress the clutch again and give a signal to another driver.

Do not hurry to go to neutral and let the engine run with the depressed clutch pedal. Otherwise it can immediately stall due to the cold oil in the transmission. Keep it in mind, if a car is pushed by the strong volunteers.

How to Start a Car with a Rope

It is relatively difficult way to start a car. However, it will be helpful if there is no one who can assist you. This method is suitable only for cars with a manual transmission.

What is necessary?
Tire jack.
A tow rope or a rope.

In each car there is a tire jack. A tow rope is also important part of the equipment of your car. If there is no tow rope at hand, you can use any rope the length of which is 2-3 meters.

What should you do?
1. Apply the parking brake and put stones or other supports under the wheels.
2. Use a tire jack to lift the car. After such a manipulation one of the traction wheels should be in the air.
3. Start up the ignition and go to the third gear.
4. Wrap a few turns of the rope tightly on the wheel and pull the car abruptly (you can run away to the side).
5. If you fail to start the engine from the first time, repeat all the actions.
6. When the engine starts, go to the neutral, put the car down by removing the tire jack.

By no means do not attach the cable to the disc or spool it on hand. Otherwise, after running the engine, there is a risk of getting seriously injured when a cable takes up the rotating wheel.

How to Start the Car with the Help of a Battery Booster

Battery boosters are the most technologically advanced way of starting a car with a dead battery. Thanks to the lithium iron phosphate battery these tiny gadgets are capable of giving much battery current even at low capacity. This method is suitable for injection, gasoline and diesel cars with any type of transmission.

What do you need?

The plus of the battery boosters is that they are completely autonomous. In addition to the booster itself, you will need nothing more to run a car. The downside of the gadget is that is relatively expensive.

What should you do?
Each booster comes with the detailed instructions, but in general the principle of their functioning is the same.

1. Cut off the ignition in a car.
2. Link the “crocodiles” of the booster to the battery terminals. Give attention to the polarity.
3. Start the car.

Even if it is cold and with the dead battery, the cars with engine capacity of up to two liters are started by the boosters without any problems. There can be difficulties only with the engines, especially with the diesel ones, with the volume of more than two liters.

How to avoid discharging
1. To avoid unpleasant situations it is advisable to monitor the state of the battery and replace it in time, lest it get fully discharged.
2. When starting the engine, always depress the clutch pedal. In such a way a starter won`t need to rotate the transmission gear in the solidified oil. It will facilitate the process as well.
3. If you have an important trip, we advise you to remove the battery from the car and take it home for the night. In such a way you will get more chances that the engine will run in the morning.
4. And certainly do not forget to turn the standing lamps and other devices off after parking.


It is always better to have an autonomous battery booster, then jacking a car in an unfamiliar area during a cold night. Be ready and take care of your nearest and dearest in advance.

In the comments tell if you happened to start a car with a dead battery. If you have had such an experience, describe the method you have used to start a car.

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An Easy Way to Make Solar Battery at Home

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China-made 6″x6″ polycrystalline plates had been ordered beforehand. The set includes soldering pencil and 40 plates. It was decided to use faulty plates to make battery truly low-cost. Faulty parts are not to be used in commercial goods, but it is OK for home-made. 

Yes, our plates were far from been perfect; virtually every item had some faults. Not to worry; our objective is to assemble functional low-budget system with our own hands.

Leads were missing, so we had to solder them on our own (the procedure is not too complicated and time consuming).

We took soldering pencil, an iron and some tin, and after 2 or 3 plates had been done the process went smooth and fast. It is recommended by experts not to apply tin excessively; that will help working faster and more accurate. Make sure soldered joints are good.

Step-by-step guide – assembling solar panel single-handedly

To avoid any complications we offer step-by-step guide:

After working soldering spots with special pencil, use iron to apply tin carefully.

Nice looking items have to come out.

Similar job has to be done with remaining plates (they are 40).

Experts recommend doing the entire job on an even surface (table, floor).

After the first panel were ready for use we decided to arrange field testing, and it turned out that one plate generated approximately 0.5 V. The result meets our expectations.

We did not plan to make casing. Our goal is to deliver intuitive description of operational solar panel.

Next step is to solder all plates together.  Do not hasten when working and be careful: all parts are rather delicate and every careless move can lead to permanent damage. Some plates might be split up when joining. There is no reason to be too concerned; they are going to stay operable, but do not expect nominal performance from them.

Final test showed (performed just for fun) that 12 plates generated about 4V.

Satisfactory result suggested ready-made assembly may be taken outside and installed at work site. Under clear-sky windless conditions 12 connected plates generated about 7V, and this result was worth all the work done.

It is recommended to use leads of the same length for joining parts together (lead length, part size and distance between different parts are to be considered). Take notice that a short lead is used on the panel opposite side, and it is shorter than the part itself. After making all the leads fit you will be able to solder them fast and thorough. Cutting leads after they are soldered in place could lead to damaging of the panel.

All parts needed for this assembly had been ordered on eBay for $50.

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How to Make a Battery at Home Using Materials at Hand

How to make a simple battery with one’s own hand? This is easy, and you are going to need just few components! By the way, you can get a huge amount of useful interesting information about batteries of all types on free online workshop HOW TO BECOME A BATTERY RECONDITIONING EXPERT IN 5 STEPS.

Let’s start!

1. Firstly we have to clean coins. Put coins into the can filled with vinegar; add some salt. The coins are going to look brand new very soon.

2. Take a list of cardboard and encircle the coin 8-10 times.

3. Cut out encircled coins.

4. Put the coins back into the can and leave them for a while.

5. Take a list of foil. Fold it several times until folded foil becomes a square just a bit larger than a coin.

6. Encircle the coin on foil square.

7. Cut out foil “coins”.

8. Now you are ready to start assembling the battery. Arrange vertically all the coins in the following order from bottom to top: copper coin, cardboard coin, foil coin and so forth.  Continue arranging components until you run low.

9. The last component on top has to be copper coin.

10. Here is what you have had so far.

11. Use multimeter (if you own one) to measure voltage on the battery.

12. Take a stripe of sticky tape.  Paste a wire on it, set the battery on the wire, put another wire on top and wrap everything up with sticky tape.

13. Fix metal terminals to free wire ends.

Your battery is ready!

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What AA/AAA Batteries Are Cheaper To Buy?

Not too long ago, I remember what it was like when I got a new toy for Christmas. I would unwrap the present, see what I got, and want to play with it. Right away, I’d go to turn it on, and then realize that it required batteries. Some relatives possessed the foresight to make sure that they had included whatever was required, but most didn’t. So I would have to go and buy some AA or AAA batteries.


Finding the best AA battery and stockpiling lots of them can solve this problem. You know you always have what is necessary to run a new appliance (or toy), and they are also good for emergencies.

The Different Varieties

The most important thing to understand when purchasing AA batteries is the difference between the lithium and alkaline varieties. You want to make sure whatever you buy passes your battery test and fills your needs.

In general, lithium batteries last much longer, but cost a lot more. You must decide between a commodity for emergencies and a quality purchase for something you will use every day. Often you can find lithium batteries that perform at the same voltage as alkaline ones, so that shouldn’t be a worry, but the lithium type also operate better in extreme temperatures, which is a huge plus. They are also much lighter, which will make your life a lot easier if you are installing them in portable devices.

Which Ones Are the Best?

In planning for this purchase, you’re going to want to figure out what the best AA battery is. Based on our research and the differences between lithium and alkaline batteries earlier described, we have narrowed it down the best of each type.

  • Alkaline – The leading product in terms of cost is Costco Wholesale’s Kirkland Signature. They cost a fraction of what the leading lithium battery will cost and provide the majority of the benefits. If you want to go a little more upscale, then try the Duracell Quantum. These are the top performing alkaline variety and still cost a fifth of the best lithium batteries. If you’re fine with occasionally replacing them, these would be the way to go.
  • Lithium – Consumer ratings are in consensus, the Energizer Ultimate Lithium model is the best AA battery on the market. At such a high price you want to save this for situations where you wouldn’t want to be replacing it all that often, or you need the appliance to perform reliably in tough situations.



What you should take from this is that if you’re on a budget you should go alkaline, but if you think you will need to constantly replace them, then those cost savings disappear. Assess your needs in terms of these criteria and then decide which route you’re going to go: lithium or alkaline. Finding the best AA battery for you – that is, the one that passes your battery test – and buying a lot of them is the best way to prepare for any power needs you might have.

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