How to Extend Laptop Battery Life

All of us had the situation, when you are running on a very important meeting to show your presentation and it turns out that your laptop is empty. As a user, you can try to make your laptop battery work longer by changing several settings that consume power of your computer. If you are willing to go for a trip or simply going to a local coffee place to work you should keep in mind this tips to help your battery last longer. In this article we will describe several ways how to extend your battery laptop battery life:

  1. First of all, turn off your wireless connection and Bluetooth. A lot of users don`t know, but even if you don’t use Internet connection or Bluetooth while working on something, it still consumes laptop energy. And quite a big part of it. Simply turn it off in setting to save some passive power losses.
  2. Activate your internal battery saving mode. A lot of modern laptops have integrated Battery Saver mode or so called Eco-mode to adjust your laptop`s settings into low-power state to avoid battery loses. It shuts down some back ups, lightening, turns off some internal processes use is not aware of. It can help your laptop to last longer.
  3. Learn to use single-task mode. The laptop memory uses a lot of energy. When you have several programs running it will use a lot of RAW memory leading to battery losses. Try to focus on one task or program and just shut down all the rest, which are running on the background. All of them put an additional drain on your laptop battery.
  4. Manual settings adjustment. While working, you will be using your screen and keyboard, both can be adjusted manually to save some energy, unless you are in the dark room, then it`s probably useful to keep some lightening.
  5. Take care of your computer. Its also important from the very beginning to understand, that physical «health» of your computer depends on how you treat it. Make sure you don’t drop your laptop or split some liquids on it. Also, try to get it checked from time to time, since some dust can get inside and accumulate, which can lead to some errors in battery systems.
  6. Don’t let your computer overheat. Overheating is one of the most common problems among laptops. When you place it on your knees or simply touch it you can immediately feel whether its overheating or not. After a while your machine will shut down unexpectedly without saving your work. To cool down your machine use laptop cooler or small PC vacuum to such out the dust from ventilators section.
  7. Empty your CD/DVD drivers. Even if you are not intend to use it, it’s better not to leave it in a driver.

There are several misleading advices on the market about extending your computers lifetime. One of them is 20/80 principle. The main idea to keep your battery percentage higher than 20% and lower than 80. A lot of people suggest you to do that, however there is no proof that its actually works.

Another one is to avoid leaving your laptop plugged in when your battery is full. Modern technologies achieved very good results and one of them is to stop charging your machine once its full. There is no need to unplug it anymore. You can just keep working and forget that you might destroy your battery at the moment.

The last but not the least is the cleaning process which was mentioned before. You need to take care of your battery from time to time. Once in a half a year gently take out your battery and give it a proper soft cleaning. Your laptop with say thank you after that.

Nowadays there are so many ways to extend your laptop battery life, however, you need to have a good quality machine to be able to work for several hours.

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