DIY: Opening a Car Battery and Repairing with Epsom Salts

How to Replace iPhone 5 Battery for 3 minutes

Any iPhone owner will have to face the fact that there is nothing everlasting, and their iPhone battery is not an exception – it just won’t hold the charge as long as before. Rest assured, battery replacement in authorized maintenance spots will cost you an arm and a leg. And since the battery replacement is […]

How to Start a Fire With a Battery

Of course, the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to making fires is to use a magnifying glass or a curved glass, or even a polished spoon – when you have sunshine you can start a fire using almost any kind of light-reflecting surface. But what if it is nighttime? What […]

Tips for Car Battery Maintenance

To maintain your cars battery you need follow to these steps.Table of Content: Apply grease Check cell voltages Battery insulator Regular check up Locate the battery in your car. Most car batteries have a heavy-duty plastic case with two terminals to connect the positive and negative (ground) wires to the car. The terminals are usually […]

Car Battery Not Holding Charge

A car battery usually doesn’t hold charge due to the following reasons Bad Cell: Batteries will eventually die no matter what. They will develop a bad cell that prevents them from holding a charge and will need to be replaced. This is part of normal vehicle maintenance. Have your battery tested every Spring and Fall […]

How to Clean Battery Terminals

Causes for Battery Corrosion One of the biggest problem faced by car user now a day is the corrosion on the battery terminals. Due to this corrosion charges don’t easily flow through the wires which in return causes problems while starting the engine. In case of sealed lead acid battery (also known as SLA battery […]