How to Test a Car Battery with a Multimeter

Have the company really improved the duration of autonomous work of their electronic devices?

One of the main innovations in Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is their batteries which capacity is more on 18% and 40% respectively in comparison with their predecessors. The last year’s devices were highly promoted by all the points except the battery’s work. Let’s see, whether Samsung could solve this problem this year.Table of Content: […]

How to recover Li-Ion battery: a few available tips

 Table of Content: Method №1 Method №2 Method №3 Method №4 Method №5 Video Tutorial Modern batteries are stay to be one of the biggest problems as for the manufacturers as well as for consumers. And it’s not just potential flaming risk, but the slow draining of the source power. So it shouldn’t come as […]

An Easy Way to Make Solar Battery at Home

We have found information on how to easily make solar battery at home on free online workshop HOW TO BECOME A BATTERY RECONDITIONING EXPERT IN 5 STEPS. There are lots of interesting helpful lifehacks on battery issues for everyday use there!China-made 6″x6″ polycrystalline plates had been ordered beforehand. The set includes soldering pencil and 40 […]

How to Replace iPhone 5 Battery for 3 minutes

Any iPhone owner will have to face the fact that there is nothing everlasting, and their iPhone battery is not an exception – it just won’t hold the charge as long as before. Rest assured, battery replacement in authorized maintenance spots will cost you an arm and a leg. And since the battery replacement is […]

Car Battery Not Holding Charge

A car battery usually doesn’t hold charge due to the following reasons Bad Cell: Batteries will eventually die no matter what. They will develop a bad cell that prevents them from holding a charge and will need to be replaced. This is part of normal vehicle maintenance. Have your battery tested every Spring and Fall […]