How to Test a Car Battery with a Multimeter

How to Turn a Car On With the Discharged Battery

There are 4 easy and effective way to revive a car. Detailed instructions are included.Table of Content: How to Start the Car by Jump-Starting How to Start the Car by Kick Starting or Using a Tug How to Start a Car with a Rope How to Start the Car with the Help of a Battery […]

An Easy Way to Make Solar Battery at Home

We have found information on how to easily make solar battery at home on free online workshop HOW TO BECOME A BATTERY RECONDITIONING EXPERT IN 5 STEPS. There are lots of interesting helpful lifehacks on battery issues for everyday use there!China-made 6″x6″ polycrystalline plates had been ordered beforehand. The set includes soldering pencil and 40 […]

How to Replace iPhone 5 Battery for 3 minutes

Any iPhone owner will have to face the fact that there is nothing everlasting, and their iPhone battery is not an exception – it just won’t hold the charge as long as before. Rest assured, battery replacement in authorized maintenance spots will cost you an arm and a leg. And since the battery replacement is […]

4 Ways to Charge a Laptop Battery Without Using a Charger

Have you ever been in a situation when you have an urgent meeting and then it turns out that you cannot show your presentation because your laptop is discharged and you don`t have an adapter with you? No doubt, this can happen to everyone. When you don’t have a charger, you literally cannot do anything […]

Car Battery Not Holding Charge

A car battery usually doesn’t hold charge due to the following reasons Bad Cell: Batteries will eventually die no matter what. They will develop a bad cell that prevents them from holding a charge and will need to be replaced. This is part of normal vehicle maintenance. Have your battery tested every Spring and Fall […]