The battery station – Intro

How do i choose the fast wireless charger for my cell phone?

One promise of the future that we’ve spent years anticipating is the idea that one day we will have no need for wires. There might be some operating in the background, but in general we are free of the messy tangles of wires that characterize much of technology today. One step towards this goal of […]

5 Myths About Charging Smartphone Battery

Despite almost all modern smartphones embody the most advanced technologies, one their part has undergone minimum changes for recent years – wayward, unpredictable, always ready to let you down in the wrong time battery.Table of Content: Myth #1: Using charging devices of different manufacturers harms your battery Myth #2: Phone is not to be operated […]

Used Batteries Can Help Mobile Devices Live Longer

Who needs used batteries? Regular batteries have a short life. Once their charge is down, nobody needs them. And the fact that they are sold almost on every corner makes them a cheap and accessible commodity. You can recharge it once again at best, but this way is really not recommended by the companies that […]

4 Ways to Charge a Laptop Battery Without Using a Charger

Have you ever been in a situation when you have an urgent meeting and then it turns out that you cannot show your presentation because your laptop is discharged and you don`t have an adapter with you? No doubt, this can happen to everyone. When you don’t have a charger, you literally cannot do anything […]

Car Battery Not Holding Charge

A car battery usually doesn’t hold charge due to the following reasons Bad Cell: Batteries will eventually die no matter what. They will develop a bad cell that prevents them from holding a charge and will need to be replaced. This is part of normal vehicle maintenance. Have your battery tested every Spring and Fall […]