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How to Make a Battery at Home Using Materials at Hand

How to make a simple battery with one’s own hand? This is easy, and you are going to need just few components! By the way, you can get a huge amount of useful interesting information about batteries of all types on free online workshop HOW TO BECOME A BATTERY RECONDITIONING EXPERT IN 5 STEPS. Let’s […]

How do i choose the fast wireless charger for my cell phone?

One promise of the future that we’ve spent years anticipating is the idea that one day we will have no need for wires. There might be some operating in the background, but in general we are free of the messy tangles of wires that characterize much of technology today. One step towards this goal of […]

How to Start a Fire With a Battery

Of course, the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to making fires is to use a magnifying glass or a curved glass, or even a polished spoon – when you have sunshine you can start a fire using almost any kind of light-reflecting surface. But what if it is nighttime? What […]

Used Batteries Can Help Mobile Devices Live Longer

Who needs used batteries? Regular batteries have a short life. Once their charge is down, nobody needs them. And the fact that they are sold almost on every corner makes them a cheap and accessible commodity. You can recharge it once again at best, but this way is really not recommended by the companies that […]

How it is Made: Car Battery Acid

Each cell provides 2.1 volts for a total of 12.6 volts at full charge. Each cell of a lead storage battery consists of alternate plates of lead (cathode) and lead coated with lead dioxide (anode) immersed in an electrolyte of sulfuric acid solution.Table of Content: What is battery acid? Percentage of H2SO4 Lead-Acid Battery Construction and […]