How to easily replace the battery for iPhone 5. Step-by-step Guide to Replacing iPhone 5 Battery in 2022

How to easily replace the battery for iPhone 5

Table of Content

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 JANBOTEK battery is considered to be the best one!
  • 3 Skeyhaly Battery Model iP, with adhesive & Tool Kit –The cheapest model
  • 4 Ombar iPhone 5 Battery, Apple iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Kit Tools –the golden middle!
  • 5 Q&A about iPhone 5 battery replacement
  • 6 Main Procedure
  • 7 How to understand that you need to replace your battery?
  • 8 Pros and Cons
  • 9 Conclusion


Every phone works properly for an acceptable period of time. It could be two months or even a dozen.  However, it can start to hold its charge less and you need to recharge it constantly. The fact is that a battery has a special life of usage and it allows working less time between each recharging. Let’s take as an example, iPhone 5. So, this article will review how to replace the battery on iPhone 5 in step by step instructions.

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JANBOTEK battery is considered to be the best one!

Janbotek is the most expensive comparing with other suggested variants. The vast majority of users chooses especially this option for buying. The thing is that it uses only qualified materials for the creation of battery. There any even negative feedbacks concerning the damaged purchase.

To sum up, let’s figure out pros and cons for the Janbotek battery


  • Long warranty term
  • Qualified
  • Reliable
  • Popular


  • Pricing
  • It is not common throughout the world (deliver issue)

Skeyhaly Battery Model iP, with adhesive & Tool Kit –The cheapest model

The product is acceptable is usage, and by the way, the cheapest one. It comes as a surprise, however. It is provided with all services that could become in handy really good for the given price.


  • Price
  • Normal functioning


  • The product of low quality

Ombar iPhone 5 Battery, Apple iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Kit Tools –the golden middle!

If you are in two minds and do not know what to decide to make, you can stop at this choice. The problem is that it is pointless to spend so much money on things that cost an arm and leg even not knowing that the battery is suitable for the model of your iPhone or not. This model is made from the better materials than the previous one, however, it still has some room for improvement.


  • Cheap, it costs 13.99$
  • Has all necessary tools


  • The average quality of materials

Q&A about iPhone 5 battery replacement

– What do I do, if the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c battery are faulty?

  •  Contact the seller or Amazon support and ask for a refund or a replacement. Sometimes the factory produces faulty batteries, but also check, that you have installed it correctly.

– Does the kit work for an iPhone 5s and 5c?

  •  No, it does not. iPhone 5s and 5c battery have a bigger capacity and it is not recommended to use with an iPhone 5.

Main Procedure

The process of replacing the battery in the iPhone 5 is not as easy as ABC, however, with the use of the right tools, it is possible to perform the procedure at home. As far as steps go, there will be 15 of them.

Step №1. It is the removal of the front panel. First and foremost, you should switch off your phone.

Now unscrew a pair of five-petal screws of 3.6 mm that surround the lightning port on the sides.

Step №2. Place the suction cup on the display above the Home button. Spread it in such a way that the entire surface of the sucker touches the screen. This will create the necessary hermetic effect.

iPhone 5 battery

Step №3. Make sure that the suction cup tightly mates with the front panel. Holding the iPhone with one hand, pull the ring sucker in order to detach the lower corner of the front panel from the main body. If the panel does not come loose, add some strength but within reasonable limits.

Remember that the front part can be easily broken and cost you an arm and a leg. Between the front panel and main body of the device insert the plastic tool for opening the rounded side into the opened seam. Then, by pressing on the instrument, you can easily take it apart.

Do not forget to continue to pull the front panel upward, grasping the ring sucker.

The plastic opener is used for disengaging the latches connecting the panel and the case. They are located on the inside. So you have to insert a spatula into the formed hole and then move along the seam edge in order to open.

Step №4. Act neatly! Do not hurry. Sequentially open one latch after another, moving the tool from right to left. So you will free up the front panel, without damaging the latch and the adjacent parts.

Step №5. Never tear the panel from the body at once, since it is still connected to it by several wires going to the top of the smartphone. On the contrary, the lower half of the device disconnected from the front cover, so you can gently move the case to the side in that part. Try to place most of the front panel at right angles to the body of the gadget without damaging the connecting wires.

iPhone 5 battery

Step №6. Unscrew a pair of screws, through which the metal bracket of the battery is attached to the main board. You need to remove one screw by 1.8 mm, and one by 1.6. mm. When reassembling, carefully monitor the correct placement of these screws.

Step №7. Remove the battery holder and slightly lift the battery cover. Trying not to touch the motherboard of the device, as it can cause damage to its microcircuits.

Step №13. Insert the tip of the plastic opener into the hole between the battery compartment wall and the battery itself at the bottom of the case.

Since the battery is fixed in the nest with glue, it is needed slightly to loosen the adhesive grip. By doing this several times in a row, hold around the perimeter of the battery with a plastic spatula. After that, the battery should be removed without any problems. Just do not overdo it, otherwise, you may inadvertently damage or pierce it.

Step №14. If necessary, you can use a wide opening spatula, which was mentioned at the beginning of the manual. With its help, removing the battery from the adhesive will happen even faster. We take out the battery.

iPhone 5 battery

Step №15. Bring the iPhone 5 to its original state by following the instructions in reverse order.

How to understand that you need to replace your battery?

When the battery of your smartphone becomes completely weak, it will start to appear visually. The batteries emit gas, which accumulates under the shell and inflates it. This is easy to detect in case the smartphone’s battery is removable, but in the case of the iPhone it’s not. The casing was once a unique feature of Apple’s smartphones and remains an indestructible tradition of the company. Nevertheless, without even analyzing the smartphone, it can be determined by some signs that the battery is inflated.

On the other hand, if you do not play games, your battery should not be discharged at one time by more than 1-2 percent. You can turn on the charge display in percent in the statistics settings. In addition, your smartphone should not be turned off at 20, 30 or 40 percent of the charge. This behavior clearly indicates that a battery replacement is needed. In some cases, the quick discharge is caused by a malfunction of the iPhone, not its battery. As a rule, in this case, rapid discharge is accompanied by heating, and the phone is discharged even when in airplane mode or completely disconnected.

Pros and Cons

Battery replacement service is an excellent choice for boosting your Iphone 5. In service centers, it costs nearly 79$ for any Iphone model. However, this procedure can be made by oneself with the help of above-mentioned techniques. As for advantages of changing the battery are that the duration of using the phone will become longer and the process of charging can be faster.

On the contrary, the original battery is of higher quality than a replacement. And, you can damage the Iphone during the process of changing the battery or you can implement it in a wrong way.


Over time, batteries of smartphones lose their capacity, and the Apple iPhone 5 is not an exception. The less the battery holds the charge, the more is it necessary to charge it, which means that you will know all the nearest sockets in the district. Moreover, there is every likelihood that your favorite phone will fail at the most inappropriate moment. You can use phone services or dare to do it on your own.

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