4 Ways to Charge a Laptop Battery Without Using a Charger

Have you ever been in a situation when you have an urgent meeting and then it turns out that you cannot show your presentation because your laptop is discharged and you don`t have an adapter with you? No doubt, this can happen to everyone. When you don’t have a charger, you literally cannot do anything with your laptop. Every user feels like his laptop is just a useless box. Moreover, if the original charger that came with your laptop is broken, then it becomes the real deal. However, we can show you a way to charge your laptop without a charger.

Table of Content:
  • Univesal Power Adapter
  • Universal Auto/Air Adapter
  • External Laptop Battery Charger
  • Super Batteries

A lot of modern technologies produce new devices or improve the old ones, but, there are not that many ways you have as a user to charge your computer. Anyway, you can find few possibilities to keep your laptop working without using an original charger, which usually goes in a box with computer. However, you should remember that those ways are much more expensive and need some preparations and specific purchases, so, finally it can be easier and cheaper to simply buy a new charger.

Univesal Power Adapter

In this case several steps can be advised. Firstly, you can try to use a so-called universal power adapter. No doubt, it`s the most obvious decision, but that’s where you need to begin. You can just go to any electronics shop or market and ask a salesman for one. Universal power adapters normally vary from 20 to 50 euros per unit and it depends on the number of tips. It is better to have a look before buying it and make sure it includes the one, which fits your laptop. Usually they are all pretty standard and one of them will suit you well. After plugging it in the adapter will start charging your computer as well as it will charge its own battery, which is of course, a big advantage.

Universal Auto/Air Adapter

A universal auto/air adapter is the second way to charge the laptop without charger. If you spend more time in your car than in an office because of your job specifications, then you will need one of those. The main idea is that such adapter will be modified in an end part which makes it possible to plug it into the outlet of your car or inside the plane (it is necessary to use a combination adapter) which makes it a great laptop battery charger. When you start your car, this adapter will start charging your laptop. So, by the time you need to go out and use your computer, your battery will be totally charged.

External Laptop Battery Charger

Another solution, that we can advise is an external laptop battery charger and this way it is supposed to be very handy. There is one tricky thing about them though, that is you do not plug your laptop in, but instead, you will need to take your battery out. But not all laptops have this possibility and if so, you need to use another way. That’s why you should know that process. However, those devices work pretty fast and when the battery is recharged you just insert it back into the computer and start working.

Super Batteries

The last trick you need to know to charge your laptop without charger is so called “super batteries”. Such device also will be suitable only in case if the original battery can be removed from your computer. Then you insert a super battery into your gadget and it will last about 3 to 4 hours. However, when the super battery is dead, you will need to charge it as well. It’s a perfect alternative solution, also for a quite short period though.

Needless to say, before you use any alternative way to charge your laptop without original charger, you need to do a small research if it’s suitable for your specific device. Some laptops can react very differently from your expectations, or you, as a user, can mix up some things and break your device. As an example, don`t try to charge your computer via usb adapters. You can use those for usb devices only. It might damage the laptop architecture and even cause fire.

As you see, several ways exist to charge your laptop without charger. And all you need is to find the one, which suits you best.

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