Easy Ways How to Charge a Laptop Battery Without Using a Charger in 2024

Many of us have had the bitter experience of not being able to get a laptop to work because the battery has run down and there is no adapter or source of power close at hand. Without a charged battery, this high-tech tool turns into a piece of useless junk. This can happen when you accidentally leave your charger at home, or your charger may no longer be functional. The second problem is quite serious. Fortunately, there is no problem that cannot be solved. That’s right, there are ways to power a laptop without using the original charger.

In this article, you will learn how to charge your laptop without a charger. It is quite a challenge because high-tech tools are not designed to be charged in an alternative way, but require the original chargers. Also, this kind of modification requires a bit of technical knowledge, skill, and experience, which not everyone has. In the end, these mods can turn out to be expensive, because additional items have to be purchased. Still, it won’t be more expensive then to buy a whole new charger.

 What can be done right now?
  1. Check your laptop battery status
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  • Battery recondition course
  • DIY 3D Solar battery 
  • Military Battery Reconditioning System

3. Replace your battery and use the device without worrying that you don’t have enough charge

Table of Content

  • 1 Universal Power Adapter
  • 2 Universal Auto/Air Adapter
  • 3 External Laptop Battery Charger
  • 4 Super Batteries
  • 5 Conclusion

Universal Power Adapter

This is the only alternative way to charge a laptop. It’s best to try a universal power adapter, which can power various devices, as your first option. These adapters are available at electronics supermarkets and shops. You can explain the issue to a staff member and get them to recommend the best possible choice for your computer. Easy Ways How to Charge a Laptop Battery Without Using a Charger in 2024

If you decide to go to such a store, take your laptop too, so you can make sure the adapter fits it. The most of the universal adapters have standard characteristics, and, most likely, there will be one in the store which will work properly. The adapter will charge the laptop and itself at the same time, which is the best feature of this type of charger.

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Universal Auto/Air Adapter

Also, there are adapters that are intended for use in cars, airplanes, etc. These are a good option for those who travel a lot for business and cannot charge their devices elsewhere. If you buy this type of charger, you will need to modify it to make it suitable for use in both automobiles and airplanes (not separately). If it is plugged in your car’s outlet, it will start charging once you start driving the car. All you need to do is to connect your laptop to it and go wherever you need. You will find your laptop fully charged at the end of the trip.Easy Ways How to Charge a Laptop Battery Without Using a Charger in 2024

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External Laptop Battery Charger

One of the most convenient options is an external battery charger. It works a little differently. Please, note that you do not actually charge your laptop with this charger. What you actually do is take out the battery and connect it to the charger. This will only work if removing the battery from your laptop is possible. If your battery is fixed in place and cannot be removed, you can’t use this method to charge a computer without a charger. The biggest advantage of this method is rapid charging. When it’s done, you just put the battery back into your laptop and continue working.

Super Batteries

If you have a “super battery” – a separate source of power for your laptop, you can also charge it separately. Just like in the previous case, you will be charging a laptop battery without a laptop (take the battery out of the laptop). Also, you will need to be sure that the “super battery” will fit your device. Once the battery is charged, insert it into your computer and start working. It will last for about four hours. These batteries are rechargeable, and they don’t work that long after recharging.Easy Ways How to Charge a Laptop Battery Without Using a Charger in 2024

Needless to say, before you use any alternative way to charge your laptop without an original charger, you need to do a little research to make sure it’s suitable for your specific device. Some laptops can react very differently than expected or you, as a user, can mix something up and break your device. For example, don’t try to charge your computer via USB adapters. You can use those for USB devices only. It might damage the laptop architecture and even cause a fire.


The use of non-original battery charging methods definitely requires a bit of knowledge and research: you must be one-hundred-percent sure that you have chosen the correct items. Any mistake can lead to a disappointing, if not devastating result; you may end up with your laptop broken or ruined. Please, do not use USB adapters, because they are suitable for USB devices only. Failure to follow these simple requirements can cause a breakdown or even fire. Please, be very careful when figuring out how to charge your laptop battery without a charger.

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