Surface Pro 4 battery life

Almost every change in Surface Pro 4 seems to fine-tune the existing tablet. Its universal design is made almost flawlessly.

With a reduction in thickness, an increase in screen size within the previous tablet sizes, dramatically improved Type Cover (keyboard case), the head of the Microsoft Devices group, Panos Panay and his team, took note of each feedback item. The result – the most sophisticated product of Microsoft to this day. It certainly has a lot of virtues, but let’s talk about it’s battery.

What immediately alerted that the Surface Pro 4 battery capacity is slightly lower than the Surface Pro 3 ones, which was explained by the smaller thickness of the first one. But the 4th version has a larger screen, increased resolution and higher brightness. Everything goes towards the fact that autonomy should be significantly reduced. But everything turned out to be quite different. My tablet worked up to 18 hours a day, if I performed the simplest tasks on the Internet. If I watched videos, it was enough for 5 hours of continuous watching. At the same time, I had all communication services and background programs up and running.

One day I decided to turn on the Power Saver mode, set the brightness of the screen to minimum and the tablet worked for 25 hours. But truly, I was only messaging on Facebook and read news on the Internet. One day the tablet was just left on the table for 24 hours and the level of charge fell only half.

In other words, the Surface Pro 4 battery though does not offer record capacity, but on the other side perfectly copes with its tasks. Especially if you compare it with the iPad Air 2, which works for me no more than 5 hours.

Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) battery life

More than 18 months after releasing the Surface Pro 4, the company introduced the fifth generation of Microsoft Surface Pro (2017), the company did not name it Pro 5, the numeration is no longer exists. The new Surface Pro is in some ways an update to Surface Pro 4 and does not have any latest innovations.

Microsoft uses a 45-watt battery in Surface Pro (2017), which is an improvement over the 38-watt battery in Surface Pro 4. The laptop also has a more efficient Intel Core processor on board. In total, the new model offers extended battery life.

Test results:

Peacekeeper test – 5 hours 21 minutes;

Viewing test – 5 hours 37 minutes;

Looped video test – 10 hours 16 minutes.

Generally, the battery of this device has an extended lifetime compared to the previous version – Surface Pro 4.

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