Surface Pro 4 battery life and how to improve it. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 battery review in 2022

The battery life for the latest devices, such as Surface Pro 4 is a serious reason for concern. With the newest Intel chipset, 16GB of RAM and a hard drive of 1TB, it is likely to expect a high rate of consumption it is not surprising that users are concerned about the battery life of their devices. In this article, you will find useful tips that will show you exactly how to do it. We will try to compare Surface Pro 4 battery life with its predecessors and identify the improvements introduced in the latest release.

The official released data tells us that the Microsoft’s latest device will not drain its battery sooner than 9 hours of screen time for standard video playback. These results are inspiring, but what is the reality? For some users, the device may shut down after just 5 hours of video playback. This doesn’t correspond to the official numbers.

Are you interested in Surface Pro 4 battery replacement? After a while, the battery of any laptop will stop functioning as it was designed to. In any case, make sure to get only the original products that will guarantee many hours of work for your device.

Table of Content

  • 1 What affects battery life the most?
  • 2 How to improve battery life?
    • 2.1 Disconnect what you don’t need
    • 2.2 Display settings
    • 2.3 Network Connectivity
    • 2.4 Power Management
  • 3 Surface Pro 4 vs. Surface Pro 3
  • 4 Surface Pro 4 vs. Surface Pro Battery Life

What affects battery life the most?

A lot depends on the factors like display brightness, list of running apps, network signal. Among these, the greatest role in power usage plays the brightness settings.
The device being tested at full display brightness showed interesting results. The only running app was a stopwatch in a browser. The decrease in battery life was roughly 25 percent every hour and the total working time was a little bit under 3 hours and 30 minutes. By using the capabilities of the tablet at their full or at least medium potential will certainly drain the battery quickly.

Surface Pro 4 battery life and how to improve it. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 battery review in 2022
Surface Pro 4 battery

Under normal circumstances, when the user has plugged various peripherals (external monitor via HDMI, headphones, USB keypad) and brought the brightness down to at least 70%, we can expect the tablet to use not more than 25% of the charge in an hour. After you have received the warning of low charge, you can plug it back in, and in about 2 hours it is going to fill back up.

How to improve battery life?

Every tip that is described here can be successfully used for other tablets or laptops.

Disconnect what you don’t need

Every user likes to attach a big number of peripherals that are not exactly great for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 battery life. All USB devices are draining a little amount of charge from your device, so if there is no point in using something, then disconnect it.
Even the Surface Type Cover which is a back-lit keyboard is eating up your battery. If you don’t need the illumination, then turn it off.

Surface Pro 4 battery life and how to improve it. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 battery review in 2022

Display settings

You don’t have that many options when it comes to the display. The first is to set the brightness on the minimal level. The second one is to turn off the display when you are not using the tablet. Yes, by not using your device you will save battery life! Other settings will allow you to set the timer for shutting off the tablet or the display.

Surface Pro 4 battery life and how to improve it. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 battery review in 2022Although the latest version of Windows manages the work of apps and RAM very well, you need to make sure to close the browser tabs that you don’t need. And even here it is not that simple. Your CPU is going to react differently to tabs where you have plain text and tabs where you have opened animated images. Every small aspect plays a significant role.

Network Connectivity

It is no secret that the connection to a Wireless Network is draining your battery on a constant basis, although the modern antennae don’t consume as much as they used to even five years ago. If you don’t use it at the moment, simply shut it down. The same principle works for your Bluetooth. A lot depends on your needs, so don’t trade comfort for economy. The power savings won’t be too impressive, but still noticeable.

Power Management

Thanks to Power Plans included in the Windows laptops, you can control much better the battery consumption. Usually, there are three settings, and the recommended one is the balanced mode. High performance will drain shorten the life of your battery much faster. The user can configure many of the settings, but if you don’t have the time, then use the default setups.

The user can control the work of hardware through the Battery Saver. This mode controls your connectivity and brightness settings. It slows down your processor and more. The default setting doesn’t require any fine-tuning. Just make sure not to play any games.

Surface Pro 4 vs. Surface Pro 3

The numbers provided by Microsoft tell us that Surface Pro 3’s battery may last up to 9 hours of web browsing. In the real-life scenario, by testing the combination of web browsing, video playback and productivity this device gave up only seven hours and 10 minutes.

Surface Pro 4 battery life and how to improve it. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 battery review in 2022

It wouldn’t be a surprise to consider that the Surface Pro 4 is better in efficiency and architecture, so it has to show better results. Microsoft has offered the same stats for this model, but practice shows that it may drain the battery even faster. The benchmark displayed results of 5 hours and 30 minutes. These tests are not always accurate, so you will probably notice different results in day to day usage.

Surface Pro 4 vs. Surface Pro Battery Life

The move to Intel 7th generation processor is accompanied with the statement that the device will last for more than 13 hours. This is indeed a major improvement over the Surface Pro 4’s battery life, although these numbers are liked only to video playback.
A lot depends on your needs, and with the right management you can squeeze out a nice battery performance from any device.

The future is bright for Microsoft devices, although there is a lot of room for improvement. The latest Surface Pro 6 shows even better results with the next generation processor. The Surface Pro 4 battery will offer you the possibility to work while you are traveling and can’t plug your device right away. In any case, it is a powerful tool that has to be enjoyed to the fullest, if you are not too concerned with power saving.

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