How to Turn a Car On With the Discharged Battery

There are 4 easy and effective way to revive a car. Detailed instructions are included.

Table of Content:
  • How to Start the Car by Jump-Starting
  • How to Start the Car by Kick Starting or Using a Tug
  • How to Start a Car with a Rope
  • How to Start the Car with the Help of a Battery Booster
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Sometimes low temperatures cause unpleasant surprises even to those who regularly change the battery in a car. If it’s -25°C or even colder, a fully serviceable battery loses up to half of its capacity per night: the accumulator acid condenses, the flux of the chemical reactions slows down and the battery cannot give the stored energy up.

Driving in the urban cycle with the heater, mirrors and seats heaters that are turned on do not contribute to the proper battery charging. Moreover, you may simply forget to switch off the parking lights or other appliances after parking.

If the battery is discharged, you will hear some prolonged sounds as wells as clicking of the starter when you try to start the engine. You will also notice dim glow of the indicators on a panel, which becomes even weaker when the key is turned.

If the accumulator does not show any sign of functioning, do not begin to panic immediately. There are no catch-22 situations. There are at least four ways to revive a car even if the battery is flat.

How to Start the Car by Jump-Starting

It is a universal and the most correct way of resuscitation. This method is the most popular among drivers. It is suitable for injection, gasoline and diesel cars with any type of transmission.

What is necessary?
● A jump car with a fully charged accumulator.
● Start-up wires with the “crocodile clips”.

Unless such an unpleasant situation has occurred in the deep forest, there should be no problem in finding a jump car. But it is likely that there will be some difficulties with a set of start-up wires. If there is no such equipment in the trunk, you can only hope that the other driver would be more prudent

What do you have to do?

It is important to observe the correct sequence of actions in order to start a car with a discharged accumulator successfully and not to damage a jump car:

1. Put the cars next to each other, bumper to bumper, or bumper to the wing. The choice will depend on the location of the battery.
2. Turn off the engine of a jump car and switch the ignition off in order not to burn the electronics.
3. Link positive sides of the both batteries with a red start-up wire. The charged battery should be the first.
4. Take one end of the black wire and connect it to the engine block or other metal part of the engine of your car. You should remember that these parts of your car should be located far away the fuel system. Use the other end of a black wire to link to the negative terminal of the battery of a jump car.
5. Attempt to start your car from the 2d or 3d time.
6. After the engine has been started, let it work a few minutes and disconnect wires in return sequence.

Do not try to jump-start from a subcompact car with an engine capacity of more than two liters, especially if it is diesel. A jump car`s engine should have greater or equal capacity as compared to the capacity of the battery that should be recharged. Moreover both devices should have the same power. 24 V battery cannot be used to start the 12 V battery and vice versa.

How to Start the Car by Kick Starting or Using a Tug

It is a classic, even obsolete method. It means that the engine is started by racing of the engine and gear actuation. In such a way you can start an injection engine, only if the battery is not fully discharged and its charge will be enough for gas pump to pump the fuel from the tank into the system. This method is effective only for cars with manual transmission.

What is necessary?
A tow rope.
● Other working cars or assistants.

Even if you are in a not crowded place and cannot find another car, then at least you will be able to find a couple of partial volunteers who will be ready to push your car. Actually, there always should be a rope in the trunk.

What should you do?
The method is very simple and does not require any special skills other than conditioned signals and actions coordinated with all active participants.
1. Connect both cars with a tow rope.
2. Start up the ignition of your car, depress the clutch pedal and go to the third gear without releasing the clutch pedal.
3. Give the command to the driver of the hauling car to start moving.
4. After accelerating a car to 10-20 km / h, release the clutch slowly.
5. When the engine starts, depress the clutch again and give a signal to another driver.

Do not hurry to go to neutral and let the engine run with the depressed clutch pedal. Otherwise it can immediately stall due to the cold oil in the transmission. Keep it in mind, if a car is pushed by the strong volunteers.

How to Start a Car with a Rope

It is relatively difficult way to start a car. However, it will be helpful if there is no one who can assist you. This method is suitable only for cars with a manual transmission.

What is necessary?
Tire jack.
A tow rope or a rope.

In each car there is a tire jack. A tow rope is also important part of the equipment of your car. If there is no tow rope at hand, you can use any rope the length of which is 2-3 meters.

What should you do?
1. Apply the parking brake and put stones or other supports under the wheels.
2. Use a tire jack to lift the car. After such a manipulation one of the traction wheels should be in the air.
3. Start up the ignition and go to the third gear.
4. Wrap a few turns of the rope tightly on the wheel and pull the car abruptly (you can run away to the side).
5. If you fail to start the engine from the first time, repeat all the actions.
6. When the engine starts, go to the neutral, put the car down by removing the tire jack.

By no means do not attach the cable to the disc or spool it on hand. Otherwise, after running the engine, there is a risk of getting seriously injured when a cable takes up the rotating wheel.

How to Start the Car with the Help of a Battery Booster

Battery boosters are the most technologically advanced way of starting a car with a dead battery. Thanks to the lithium iron phosphate battery these tiny gadgets are capable of giving much battery current even at low capacity. This method is suitable for injection, gasoline and diesel cars with any type of transmission.

What do you need?

The plus of the battery boosters is that they are completely autonomous. In addition to the booster itself, you will need nothing more to run a car. The downside of the gadget is that is relatively expensive.

What should you do?
Each booster comes with the detailed instructions, but in general the principle of their functioning is the same.

1. Cut off the ignition in a car.
2. Link the “crocodiles” of the booster to the battery terminals. Give attention to the polarity.
3. Start the car.

Even if it is cold and with the dead battery, the cars with engine capacity of up to two liters are started by the boosters without any problems. There can be difficulties only with the engines, especially with the diesel ones, with the volume of more than two liters.

How to avoid discharging
1. To avoid unpleasant situations it is advisable to monitor the state of the battery and replace it in time, lest it get fully discharged.
2. When starting the engine, always depress the clutch pedal. In such a way a starter won`t need to rotate the transmission gear in the solidified oil. It will facilitate the process as well.
3. If you have an important trip, we advise you to remove the battery from the car and take it home for the night. In such a way you will get more chances that the engine will run in the morning.
4. And certainly do not forget to turn the standing lamps and other devices off after parking.


It is always better to have an autonomous battery booster, then jacking a car in an unfamiliar area during a cold night. Be ready and take care of your nearest and dearest in advance.

In the comments tell if you happened to start a car with a dead battery. If you have had such an experience, describe the method you have used to start a car.

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