5 reasons for iPhone discharging in the cold weather and measures to prevent it

Nowadays, iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones all over the world. There are millions of people that enjoy using their Apple gadgets and are loyal to this brand. In spite of its reliability and great performance and individual attractive design, iPhone has a problem that makes people purchase mobiles of other brands and forget about their iPhone. Try to remember how many times did your iPhone suddenly died in winter even despite the fact that it had more than 50% of charge. It is the common situation, isn’t it? So, at once almost every iPhone user faces such a problem. We will give you a detailed explanation of why your iPhone battery dies in cold weather, give several ways to solve such a problem and work out some recommendations according to using iPhone in Winter.

Table of Content

  • 1 What happens with iPhone when it is cold?
  • 2 Why does it happen?
  • 3 Which models go out of charge faster?
  • 4 How to recover the work of the smartphone?
    • 4.1 How to choose the iPhone case?
    • 4.2 What to do if the iPhone dies in the cold
  • 5 How to prevent the iPhone from being discharged in cold?
    • 5.1 Use a portable source of power
  • 6 In what cases it is better to call a specialist

What happens with iPhone when it is cold?

On iPhone cold weather and freezing air have a bad influence. It suddenly becomes working much slower, there are lots of lags and finally, it completely dies. As Apple says, the best temperature for iPhone is in a range from 0 to +35 C°. If it is switched off, the best temperature is -20 up to +45 C°. But, actually, the iPhone starts lugging by the temperature close to 0. The most common problems with such smartphones are:

  • Switches-off itself;
  • Stop reacting on touches;
  • Quickly goes out of charge;
  • Starts reloading itself;
  • Shows a fake level of battery charge.

Why does it happen?

There are a plenty of reasons why iPhones die in cold, but the main of them is the smartphone’s battery. In fact, the problem is that Apple uses a lithium-ion polymer battery (Li-Pol) in their devices. The iPhone shuts off when cold because ions lose their beneficial features and iPhone temporary dies. In the warm, it will switch on again (in the most cases).
The higher level of the battery, the longer and quicker will iPhone work in the cold. The best is to charge the iPhone battery fully before going out. The smartphone will have enough resources not to die or in case of it, the gadget will recover much quicker.

Which models go out of charge faster?

There are lots of different models of iPhone and all of them have a fatal reaction to the cold. But, indeed, one part of them go out of charge more often than other. The older is the iPhone’s model the faster its battery dies in the cold.
For example, such iPhone models 4/4s, 5/5s go die much faster than their younger brothers. These mobiles have a much higher level of susceptibility for the cold, especially if the battery hasn’t been changing on the new one since purchase. Models of iPhone: 6/6s, 7 and newer are more stable and reliable. Such a battery dies in cold weather rarely and works more correctly in conditions of cold in comparison to older ones. Why does it happen?
The batteries of latter gadgets are quite new still and are able to resist unsuitable conditions. Such an iPhone’s battery dies in cold weather seldom and recovery takes much less time. But still, it is not recommended letting to die themselves or to discharge.

How to recover the work of the smartphone?

If suddenly your iPhone dies in cold, it is important to know what to do in order to avoid undesirable and fatal for your mobile consequences. There are several actions that are necessary to be done if you want to prevent your iPhone discharge or make it working again faster.
One of the most reliable ways not to allow the iPhone battery being frozen and discharged is to use a special iPhone case.

How to choose the iPhone case?

There lots of different well-designed cases for all the models of the iPhone. So it won’t be so hard to find the most suitable one for you. It is recommended to use that case which covers the smartphone from all the sides. It will help the battery to keep warm and let the iPhone working more stable while being in the cold.

What to do if the iPhone dies in the cold

Firstly, if you see that your gadget has suddenly gone out of charge it is better to get it into the warm. Don’t put it on the heat in order to get quick a result. Recovery should last gradually not to make a condensate inside the mobile. Also, don’t set the iPhone charging instantly. It may damage the frozen battery.
Switching on the iPhone is the best in 30-40 minutes after getting it into the warm. If it works that means that the battery is OK. It doesn’t, but there is a charger icon on the screen, that means the battery is discharged and now you have to set it charging.

How to prevent the iPhone from being discharged in cold?

Obviously, it is impossible not to use the iPhone when it is cold in order to avoid its crash. But it is quite possible to decrease the level of negative influence on the battery by protection from cold air. There are some tips that may help you to keep your iPhone charged and what is more important it will be saved.

  • Try to keep the smartphone as close to your body as possible. This will help to keep the normal temperature of the battery.
  • As we have already said, use special case.
  • Try to get the mobile out of the pocket or another warm place so often.
  • Use headphones to receive calls in order not to take the iPhone out of the warm place.

Use a portable source of power

The best way to keep your iPhone safe and to prevent it from overcooling is to keep it charging by usage of external sources of energy. There lots of different alternative battery chargers, but there are two ones that are the most suitable and value for money in conditions of cold:

  • Battery case. It is quite a popular thing that is always ready to start charging the iPhone and protect it from physical damage. It is designed like a simple case, but with inserted charger. Just switch it on your iPhone will be charging. But don’t forget to charge the device before going outside.
  • Power-bank. It has the same functions like battery case, except protection. But, what is more, important it is able to keep much more energy and works longer. Connect the power-bank via the USB and start charging.

In what cases it is better to call a specialist

This is the most undesirable outcome and sometimes it is quite expansive. But in some cases, it is unavoidable. For example, if the iPhone battery had got too much damage you have no other option except to use professional services. How to identify that this is the case?
If you see that your iPhone is always reloading or simply is switched off after short being in the cold, it is better to call a specialist. Probably it is needed to change the battery.
We hope that our pieces of advice will help you and your iPhone to deal with the cold and to avoid some undesirable issues. Thank you for reading us!

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