Advertising on is a site for those who need help in choosing electric accumulator devices: from a conventional smartphone battery to a large powerful generator of electricity. All these people are different, but they are United by one thing – they are all interested in what is the principle of operation of electrical devices and how to work with them.

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The audience of the site is evenly distributed among people of all ages, with a small predominance of young people from 25 to 34 years. Both boys and girls are equally interested in business. At the same time, 62% of the site’s audience is men. The female audience of the site is 38%.

Advertising on
Advertising on

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This placement is great for promoting your product on the Internet or webmasters.

  • Price: $500 per year
  • Article length: from 1500 words
  • Links in the article: up to 2 links

The price includes the writing of an expert native-longride with up to 2 dofollow back links and posting this article on the website for one year. At the end of the paid period of placement is possible to extend the placement of the article.

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Ads in articles and sidebar

Suitable for owners of affiliate programs, franchises, training courses and others.

  • Price: $300 per month / % of sales / $ 0.5 per click
  • Coverage: all topics on the site
  • Article length: from 1750 words
  • The number of ads in one article: from 2 ads

In addition to placing ad units, the price includes writing an expert article about your affiliate program.

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