How to check the battery’s capasity

The gradual degradation of battery takes place with every charge-discharge of the accumulator during the mobile phone’s exploitation. This process is inevitable and it is not connected with the model of the smartphone, its cost or functionality. The lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries are used in modern smartphones. Lithium batteries lose about 50% of their capability after 500 charges and discharges. It is commonly said that it’s normal. During 2-3 years of constant work they are running out of their resources. And there is a logical question: for how long the battery’s capacity will work and when should we prepare for changing it?

Table of Content

  • 1 What is the battery’s capasity
  • 2 How to check the battery’s state
  • 3 Apps with information about your battery
    • 3.1 iOS
  • 4 How to check the accumulator’s capasity?
    • 4.1 Measuring capacity with iMAX B6

What is the battery’s capasity

The battery’s capacity is an ability to save and to return energy of electrical DC power. The unit of measurement of battery’s capacity is ampere-hours or watt-hours. Speaking easy, the battery’s capacity of the smartphone shows for how long the accumulator could supply energy. For example, 750 mAh shows that the battery can give electrical power of 1 mA while 750 hours.

How to check the battery's capasity

The battery’s capacity is counted as a mathematical product of discharge time on an amount of electrical DC power: C=T*I.

Different chemical processes take place in the phone’s battery which lead to its degradation. For example, the volume and compound of electrolyte change and the overall state of electrode’s material as well. As a result, the capacity gradually lowers and afterwards we can change the battery.

How to check the battery’s state

The first advice is to observe your smartphone. If your lithium battery has some problems, you will see them: swellings, lots of corrosion with white and light green spots on it. If you observed these problems, you should stop using your mobile phone, because it could lead to some bad consequences. Electrolyte could seep out from the battery, so, the microcircuit would be shortened. It would be a lot more problems with your smartphone. By the way, you may not notice the swelling on your battery from the very beginning. It goes from the little one to the big one. However, if you want, you can read some information what to do when you have a swelling on your battery, it would be useful in such situation.

Also, it might seem strange if your battery works less than before. For instance, if it saved energy for 3 days before, but now it saves only during a day (at the same exploitation intensity), this is an emergency sign for your telephone’s state.

Moreover, after using all of the battery’s resources it can show to the telephone’s owner strange indicators of charge, for example, it can show 25% and after a short telephone call it can show 0% and go off. For not having such situation, the owners of smartphones should take a power bank whenever they go.

Apps with information about your battery

You can find the exact information you need not only with the telephone’s observation, but also with some special apps and commands for OS. Let’s observe some of them.


For iPhone users it can be advised to use an utility iBackupBot. It is better to use an app because it is a very comprehensive process to find the information from your settings. For using iBackupBot, you should install it on your PC and connect it with your iPhone, and to start a program after.

How to check the battery's capasity

Then you need to choose your device among others and click on “More information” button. This program will show you all the information about charge-discharge cycles and the capacitance. If this amount is less than 50%, this way, the accumulator should be changed. iBackupBot can be used for PC and Mac.

For finding the information about your accumulator on an Android platform, you should send a request *#*#4636#*#* and click the button “information about this accumulator”. After that you’ll see everything you need on the display screen.

“Battery” program
This app can be downloaded from GooglePlay. It shows the current state of the accumulator, its voltage and temperature, etc.

How to check the accumulator’s capasity?

For checking this precise information you can use advanced charging devices. If you have a multifunctional charger like iMAX B6, you can use it for revealing the information you need. For making this action you need to wait until the full discharge of the smartphone (when it’s off).

Measuring capacity with iMAX B6

Then connect it to iMAX B6 or to another charger. After that set the accumulator’s type, the charging regime and start the process. The device counts the capacity depending on the time and the volume of electrical DC power.

This process can be done in reverse: firstly, make a full charge and then discharge the smartphone with the same charging device, measuring time and electrical DC power. In the end you’ll see a result – a real capacity of external accumulators for smartphones and laptops.

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