Dual battery kit – the best variants for active pastime

In order to protect the vehicle from occasions with the lack of battery energy it is used dual battery kit. The one more advantage of the dual battery system is the providing high quality 12-volt supply – it is auxiliary power for different electrical appliances which are useful during the long-term voyages or camping.

Such dual construction will be helpful for drivers and travelers – it is the guarantee of unstoppable battery work and possibility to have any conveniences which are depend on the electrical power.

In addition, dual battery system could be considered as some reliable auto electrics which has the aim to wide car owner’s abilities. Such kind of kit makes more operations possible – driver stays mobile longer and could use needing accessories without any risk to discharge the starting battery. The loading lies on the auxiliary power source.

The main task of purchaser of dual battery kit is to choose right one – the battery set should be bought according future ways of kit exploitation. If all parameters were taken into account, the dual battery kit would provide the best conditions for driver and passengers during long period of time.

Dual battery kit – the best variants for active pastime

So it could be said that such electrical power kit will be important not only fir camping lovers. It is a good variant for:

  • Travelers who spend much time in the car;
  • Drivers who want to have all needing conveniences on their way from one destination to another;
  • Owners of caravans;
  • Workers who usually move by car from one jobsite point to another one.

There are much more reasons to install dual battery system. The main one – not to stop to run all necessary appliances in order to save the charge of main car battery. Efficient power kit presents more comfortable conditions without any risk for driver to discharge main car battery.

Table of Content

  • 1 Everything must be known about dual battery system
    • 1.1 How do the dual battery systems work?
    • 1.2 Field of application – where DBS are used
  • 2 How to choose the right dual battery kit?
  • 3 Best kits – multifunctional items for qualitative power supply
    • 3.1 TRUE DBK
    • 3.2 WARN 77977
    • 3.3 DBI by KeyLine Chargers
    • 3.4 JayCorp DBK
  • 4 Comparison of the best isolation battery kits
  • 5 Conclusions

Everything must be known about dual battery system

The most modern variant of electrical equipment is dual battery isolator kit. This set includes battery isolator [1] that provides more possibilities because of the improved concept of the power supply construction.

When the engine stops and the main car battery is starting to charge, the whole load is stroked into the auxiliary source of energy.

How do the dual battery systems work?

After dual battery system installation two sources of energy in 4×4 vehicle are available:

  1. Primary electrical system;
  2. Auxiliary power unit.

Main item gives the supply to such things as GPS navigation systems, phone chargers, interior lighting and in car entertainment systems. These conveniences are needful while the engine is running and the starting battery is being charged.

The auxiliary battery presents the possibility to use such items as fridge/freezers, camp lighting and auxiliary power sockets to run radios, computers and inverters. Energy supply is got from the second battery while the main battery unit stays without any load.

The concept of dual battery isolator guarantees the full charge of the principle battery when it is needing to turn on the ignition key and leave the camping place and continue the trip. Here is more detailed recommendations for desirous to buy the dual battery kit for permanent usage and some facts about dual units field of application.

Dual battery kit – the best variants for active pastime

Field of application – where DBS are used

The modern construction presents much advantages for users. The main plus of dual battery isolator units involves allowing two batteries to be charged from your engine alternator at the same time. The mode of functioning lies in the charging the second battery simultaneously when engine is on and the start battery is already charged.

One more peculiarity of isolator item is the protection of sensitive electronic equipment powered from the auxiliary battery. The electrical equipment has the reliable prostration against harmful engine start-up spikes.

While the engine is stopped the main task of isolator kit is to disengage from charging the additional battery. The efficient isolation of the start power item takes place – it is eliminated the possibility of draining it.

The main field of application for dual battery kits are:

  • Camping;
  • Using trailer-on-flat-car;
  • Travelling by trailer or caravan;
  • Long-term driving with needing stops (for example, for long-haul truckers).

The dual batteries kit could be used in other occasions too – the electrical unit is much multifunctional because it solves the main problem of drivers – needing to run powerful accessories. So to the main field of application could be added one more aspect – usage for jobsite needs. Workers are able to run inverter or a tail gate loader on a truck, while the vehicle’s engine is turned off.

With help of dual isolator kit people could get the needing energy from the additional unit independently from the main battery equipment.

How to choose the right dual battery kit?

There a lot of variants for any needs – power supply could be optimal only in case of correct choice of dual battery kit. There are items not only for different kind of transportation but also for off-road vehicles and boats.
First aspect that would help to purchaser to make the right choice of battery system is matching the kit to the characteristics of the certain vehicle.

Some more recommendations for choosing dual isolator kits are below:

  1. It is better to choose the units with emergency override feature – it prevents the overloading and any battery system failures;
  2. The more functional ones would be those units that are suitable for many kind of vehicles at the same time (marines, caravans, solar apps);
  3. For some purchasers also important such aspect as compatibility and easiness of maintenance – the manufacturer gives information about the kit size and recommendations according set exploitation in the owner’s manual.

And one more necessary feature of dual battery systems is their set of rating specifications.

Best kits – multifunctional items for qualitative power supply

Here are few items that could be used both occasionally and permanently. TOP-list of the best kits consists of such technical units:

  1. TRUE DBK;
  2. WARN 77977;
  3. DBI by KeyLine Chargers;
  4. JayCorp DBK.

Each item has own PROS and CONs, that should be taken a look more closely at those ones.

Dual battery kit – the best variants for active pastime


The main advantage of TRUE dual battery kit is its waterproof cables. This unit provides qualitative charge proceeding of the additional battery and protects the main power unit of the vehicle.

  • The technical specifications of TRUE item are:
  • 3 kinds of kit monting;
  • Presence of lock fastener;
  • It is presented the full set of cables (4 TRUE cables of red\black color with needing sizes and lugs.

TRUE item has optimal features for permanent usage and the main positive feature for purchaser is its reliability. But there is one negative point – only one battery could be isolated at a time.

WARN 77977

WARN [2] presents the modern unit that provides dual battery system running with the rather strong advantage – possibility to start the vehicle (also another additional functions of main battery are saved). WARN DBK gives the opportunity for main battery to charge first in any case.
Among the general features there is one more plus – it is easiness of kit exploitation.

The set includes:

  • Presence of control kits that provides connection Side to Side;
  • Full accessories set with 12-volt capacity winches, lights, stereos.

WARN is light-weight item – only 1 pounds in weight. The unique minus of such multifunctional set is that the second battery is not available in the kit.

DBI by KeyLine Chargers

This modern dual battery isolator is the real upgrade in the electrical equipment ever. The manufacturer guarantees zero sacrifice due to the high level cutting edge programming. The performance is considered to be maximum optimal.One more advantage of isolator unit by KeyLine Charges is the possibility to charge both batteries at a time.

The set consist of:

  1. The main sensitive Relay;
  2. The kit of cables for needing proceeding;
  3. Marine battery terminals;
  4. Full set of useful lugs and shrinks, cable ties.

According to the customers’ reviews the technical item has no disadvantages – it is the reliable kit for any needs.

JayCorp DBK

The manufacturer presents JayCorp unit as the multifunctional one because it could be used on the base of any existing vehicle. The kit is suitable both for cars and boats and off-road technical units.

Dual battery kit – the best variants for active pastime

The advantage of DBK is also in maximal level of automation – each process is regulated automatically.

The dual battery kit has certain features:

  • Possibility to charge 2 batteries simultaneously – program of Dual Sensing;
  • Presence of illumination light to indicate the full charge;
  • Easiness of second battery installation – all steps are presented in owner’s manual;
  • The set consists of relay and needing selection of cables, lugs, shrinks, cable ties.

JayCorp has high rating among customers due to its long-term exploitation and reliability.

Comparison of the best isolation battery kits

Following table compares the most popular technical items that provide the best level of charging for main and auxiliary batteries.

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The dual battery systems are up-to-date units that provide much electrical power for comfortable travelling, work and camping. Modern scientists guarantee that the functionality of DBK will be developed and customers will get more new options. Dual battery systems it the optimal way to get more power supply and charge both batteries that are installed in the vehicle.

[1] – what is battery isolator, definition https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battery_isolator

[2] – WARN company, information about manufacturer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warn_Industries

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