Top-10 Car Battery Brands in 2022. Reviews and Buying Guide

A car battery is a standard energy supply that can’t be looked over. The modern technological achievements have led to the creation of more durable and dependable batteries that may be applied for longer periods of time. This is not to say that every brand has achieved a similar level of success in designing their products. Car owners simply don’t have the time to look into advantages and disadvantages of every brand and they seek only a more affordable product.

Some car batteries come with exclusive features and it would be a disappointing if a customer would have read about them after he had bought a model with lesser capabilities.

A comprehensive analysis of technical specs, pros and cons and general overview from customers will help you understand which product is more suitable for your car.

Top-10 Car Batteries to buy in 2022

Table of Content

  • 1 Types of Car Batteries
    • 1.1 Advantages
  • 2 How to Choose the Right Battery for Your Vehicle?
    • 2.1 The Size
    • 2.2 Power Requirements
    • 2.3 Freshness
    • 2.4 Car Battery Maintenance
    • 2.5 Car Battery Warranty
  • 3 General Overview of Top Brands
    • 3.1 Odyssey Car Batteries
    • 3.2 XS Power Batteries
    • 3.3 Optima Batteries
    • 3.4 ACDelco Batteries
    • 3.5 DieHard Batteries
    • 3.6 AutoCraft Batteries
    • 3.7 Bosch Batteries
    • 3.8 Duralast Batteries
    • 3.9 Antigravity Batteries
    • 3.10 VMAX Batteries
  • 4 Comparison Between Odyssey, XS Power, and Optima Car Batteries
  • 5 Comparison Between Bosch, Antigravity, and VMAX Car Batteries
  • 6 Conclusion

Types of Car Batteries

First of all, it is necessary to explore the properties of different kinds of batteries. The most often used one is the lead-acid type. The battery itself consists of 6 cans, each with a rated voltage of about 2.2 volts, connected in series. A common electrolyte is a combination of distilled water and sulfuric acid. The resistance to low temperature grows with the density of the electrolyte.

AGM technology makes use of a porous fiberglass body compartment filled with a liquid electrolyte. The micropores of this material are not completely filled with electrolyte. The free volume is used for the recombination of gases.

Batteries, manufactured using AGM technology, are manufactured in a spiral or flat configuration. A series of products with a spiral construction of blocks is produced mainly in North America, and with a flat configuration of electrodes – in North America and in Europe. Spiral elements have a larger surface contact area, which makes it possible to quickly produce higher currents and charge faster. However, the flip side is the reduction of the specific capacity of the battery (the ratio of electrical capacity and size) compared with a flat configuration. Both technologies are quite promising. Currently, AGM with a flat block configuration are the most widespread car power sources.


The battery manufactured by AGM technology has a number of advantages over classic batteries, derived from this technology. In particular, resistance to vibration, less maintenance work, installation in almost any position (installation upside down is not recommended for safety reasons due to the location of the valves). Some manufacturers claim increased performance of such batteries or high starting current.

Other Advantages Include:
  • Sealed design prevents acid leakage and corrosion.
  • Risk-free functioning: with proper charging of the batteries, the possibility of gas emissions and the risk of explosion are eliminated.
  • Works well at any conditions, withstanding the temperatures of –30 °С (lower than that crystallization of the electrolyte of a discharged battery is possible and, as a consequence, this reduces the battery life due to damage to the active surface).

Lead-acid battery is popular due to its reasonable price, decent durability (from 500 cycles and more) and high power density. The main areas of application are: starter batteries in vehicles, emergency sources of electricity, back-up sources of energy.

The element of a lead-acid battery is made of electrodes and separating porous plates consisting of a material that does not interact with the acid and prevent the electrodes (separators) from closing, which are absorbed in the electrolyte. Electrodes are flat gratings made of metallic lead. Lead dioxide (PbO2) powders in the anode plates and metallic lead in the cathode plates are pressed into the cells of these grids. The use of powders increases the electrolyte-solid interface, thereby increasing the electrical capacity of the battery. Distilled water is used for the production of the acid solution.

Top-10 Car Batteries

As the ambient temperature decreases, battery parameters get worse, however, unlike other types of batteries, this decrease is relatively small in lead-acid batteries, which causes their widespread use in transport.

A discharged battery in temperatures below zero can swell due to the freezing of a low-density electrolyte and the formation of ice crystals, which leads to irreversible damage to lead plates inside the battery.

Low electrolyte temperatures affect the performance and charge-discharge characteristics of the battery.
  • at temperatures from 0 ° C to –10 ° C, a decrease in charging and discharge characteristics does not significantly affect the performance of the battery;
  • at temperatures from –10 ° C to –20 ° C, the current in the starter mode decreases and the charge diminishes.
  • at temperatures below −20 ° C, rechargeable batteries do not provide a reliable start of the engine and are not capable of receiving charge from the generator.

Because of the greater internal resistance inherent in modern closed-type batteries (the so-called “maintenance-free”) at low temperatures compared with conventional batteries (open type), these questions are even more relevant for them.

How to Choose the Right Battery for Your Vehicle?

Every car owner has to be aware of battery parameters and choose it in accordance with the particular vehicle requirements. We will take a look at basic parameters.

The Size

Every battery produced by different manufacturers has its size and weight, you need to be aware of what exactly you need.

Power Requirements

Rated voltage:
  • 6V batteries were used until the end of the 40s of the 20th century. Almost all cars had six-volt electrical equipment. Currently, batteries with a voltage of 6 V are used only on lightweight motorcycles.
  • 12V batteries are used on the vast majority of cars, trucks and buses with gasoline engines, as well as on most motorcycles.
  • 24V are used on heavy trucks and buses with diesel engines, trolley buses, trams, and military equipment with diesel engines.

On light-duty trucks, minibuses and passenger cars with diesel engines, batteries with an electrical voltage of 12 volts are used.


Car owners do not need to acquire a battery that is older than 6 months from the date it was produced. This is written on the battery through the use of a letter and a number. For example, C/3 stands for March 2003. It can be identified in the case of the battery.

DieHard Battery Top-10 Car Batteries to buy

Car Battery Maintenance

Lead-acid batteries should only be stored in a charged state. At temperatures below −20 °C, the batteries must be recharged with a constant voltage of 2.45 V/cell once a year for 48 hours. At room temperature – 1 time in 8 months with a constant voltage of 2.35 V/cell for 6-12 hours. Storage of batteries at temperatures above 30 °C is not recommended. When batteries are stored for a long time and are discharged by large currents (in starter mode), or when the capacity of batteries is reduced, it is necessary to conduct control and training cycles.

In preparing the battery for winter storage, which is important for vehicles that are not used during the cold season, it is important to follow these rules:
  • Correctly and fully charge the battery.
  • Apply plastic grease (lithol, grease, etc.) to the positive terminal of the battery, as the electrolyte film is capable of absorbing moisture from the atmosphere, which can lead to increased self-discharge.
  • Store batteries in the cold, as at low temperatures self-discharge is much lower. The electrolyte of a fully charged battery begins to freeze at temperatures below −55 C.

If it is necessary to travel in cold weather, the battery should be transferred to a heated room and within 7–9 hours (for example, overnight) it will come to a condition suitable for starting the engine.

Car Battery Warranty

The price and quality are factors that usually suggest the approximate active period of a car battery. They come with 1, 2 or 3-year guarantee. It would not be surprising for a 1-year warranty battery to stop functioning much sooner than those with longer period of warranty.

General Overview of Top Brands

Odyssey Car Batteries

The Odyssey battery pc680 was designed to function even in harsh condition, withstanding big vibrations of any land type. The AGM technology combined with tightly fit lead plates ensure protection against shock and other influences. The plates consisting of lead offer up to 400 cycles at 80 percentage depth of discharge.

The Odyssey battery is a reliable supply of energy for a variety of vehicles, ranging from ultralight aircrafts to motorcycles and snowmobiles. Its capabilities help to deal with acid spills and the terminals are corrosion-resistant.

Odyssey Car Battery Consumer Review:

“My motorcycle needed a new battery and I’ve decided to replace it with Odyssey. The previous one was also Odyssey and it lasted for about 10 years with minimum maintenance. All the systems were working properly because when the battery is showing even slight signs of weakness, something stops functioning. Also, these batteries arrive fully charged and all the required hardware is in the package. I could install it right away. For the best performance, this battery is a perfect choice.”

XS Power Batteries

The 12 Volt XS Power d3400 car battery uses the AGM technology. It was designed to be spill proof and have a tight sealing. It is also valve regulated and has protection against shock. The XS power battery can be installed almost in any angle.

XS Power Battery Consumer Review:

“I have to get a new battery for my vehicle. The power from XS Power looks very promising. It won’t go lower than 13.3 on maximum blast. Definitely worth the price. Truck owners can also use it successfully. It is a great acquisition, but you will have to use the battery insulator, as it could swell up because of the engine head.”

Optima Batteries

Optima 35 RedTop is a 12-Volt car battery that works great in any conditions. The special SpiralCell technology ensures a dependable source of energy for starting the car. It has protection against vibration.

Optima Battery Consumer Reviews:

“I tried this battery for my Mazda and it proved to be the right choice. It has enough power to start the car in any conditions.”

“These batteries are reliable and come at a reasonable price. I have 4 batteries from this manufacturer, a yellow top for my car, the red top for the wife’s car and 2 blue tops for the boat. The brand has gained my trust for its reliability.”

ACDelco Batteries

AcDelco 48AGM car battery offers great performance with the help of high density negative paste, which also enhances its life. The acdelco battery has optimal acid circulation, which protects it from overheating and extends its operational period. Its design protects it against acid leakage.

ACDelco Battery Review:

“I have bought this battery of AGM type as a substitution for the ordinary OEM battery that was installed by default. IT works great for more than 5 months and is a little bit smaller than the previous one.”

DieHard Batteries

DieHard battery GP 49 is equipped with safe protection against external influences and prolonged life in contrast to lead-acid batteries. It is designed in a way that doesn’t allow acid spills. The DieHard battery is optimized for absorption of more electrolyte and protects internal components.

AutoCraft Batteries

An AutoCraft battery promises to start the car even in the extremely harsh conditions. In the manufacture is used the PowerFrame grid technology which is more reliable by offering better starting performance thanks to enhanced electrical flow. It doesn’t require additional maintenance work and the process of battery manufacture produces less air pollution.

Bosch Batteries

The Bosch S6 Car Battery has integrated the AGM technology with the latest innovations to provide a stable power supply for any traffic conditions. A reliable construction helps against acid leakage, protection against shaking and 4 year warranty for replacement. The Bosch batteries provide extended lifetime and a high reliability.

BOSCH Battery Review:

“The fresh battery is working just as I have expected. It has enough power, works in harsh conditions and radio is playing just fine…everything related to the properties of weak and unreliable batteries can be forgotten.”

Duralast Batteries

In this Duralast Gold battery review are enumerated the main advantages of the product. It is manufactured to provide the highest power values during car starting and to suit your car’s parameters. The reliable and resistant components of Duralast Gold Battery assure the necessary starting power in any types of conditions. Among the advantages are a big number of grids and plates for maximum power during startup and resistant to shock construction.

Antigravity Batteries

The Antigravity RS-30 Battery is using the Lithium-Ion technology. Its advantage is the compact size and lightweight. This allows improving the car’s overall performance in braking and even fuel economy. The innovative RE-START technology preserves a decent amount of energy in the sleep mode. This mode can be also used to switch off the battery from over-discharging during storage or protect the car from theft as it simply won’t start. The self-discharging of Antigravity batteries is also extremely low compared to more traditional lead-acid batteries.

Antigrevity Battery Review:

“I have mounted it on my 62 corvette and the results were incredible!”

VMAX Batteries

The VMAX XTR31-135 is a car battery of 12 Volts and 135Ah which has incorporated the AGM technology. Its Reserve Capacity is of 265 minutes. It doesn’t require additional maintenance work. The VMAX battery is protected against vibration and it is possible to mount it in any position.

Comparison Between Odyssey, XS Power, and Optima Car Batteries

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Comparison Between Bosch, Antigravity, and VMAX Car Batteries

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The selection of car batteries is pretty big. Most car owners are trying to acquire a reliable product, but the price is another factor that is often the deciding one. The new technological achievements are providing less expensive and more durable batteries and their benefits should not be neglected.

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