All About Hybrid Batteries – What is it, How to Fix it, How to Replace it

There are many reasons why you should consider a new battery for your car. The main thing is extreme wear or failure of the old: regularly removing the battery for charging or “lighting” the car in the mornings quickly bothers people. When completing the car, it is often necessary to install an additional battery or a more powerful one to replace the standard one – this is necessary to power the winch of an SUV or a powerful show car audio system.

When it comes time to change the car battery, the owner is faced with the fact that there is a large variety of power sources on sale: serviced and maintenance-free, lead and calcium, and quite a few others. Increasingly, owners are finding batteries marked hybrid.. What is a hybrid battery?

Table of Content

  • 1 Hybrid battery technology
  • 2 Hybrid batteries: advantages and disadvantages
  • 3 Positive effects of using hybrid cars
  • 4 Restore the hybrid battery

Hybrid battery technology

Hybrid battery technology involves the use of two types of plates. Lead-antimony ensures the stability of the power source to deep discharges, and lead-calcium contributes to the reduction of water vapor and self-discharge. The combination of these materials allows you to extend the life of the item.

It is also worth noting that the plate with calcium is characterized by a cellular structure obtained by casting at low temperatures. This technology forms a rigid plate structure and reduces corrosion.

A hybrid battery for a car is a battery in which the positive electrode is made using anti-aging technology, and a negative one is made from calcium, which allows to guarantee increased starting currents and reduce the susceptibility of the battery to discharge when not in use.

The advantages of this type of power supply, of course, include an increased service life. Manufacturers guarantee seven years of trouble-free operation of hybrid batteries. Such a long battery life is achieved due to low-maintenance batteries and their resistance to deep discharges. Despite the relatively high cost, hybrid batteries are becoming increasingly popular. This is because the maintenance of these batteries is quite simple.

Hybrid power sources require special attention in the hot summer. hot water from the electrolyte tto high can damage the battery. In order not to spoil the battery, you should periodically check the amount of the solution and its density.

Hybrid batteries: advantages and disadvantages

This type of battery has become a synthesis of two technologies – low-antimony and calcium. It is worth noting the advantages and disadvantages of power sources such as Calcium Plus.

Pluses of hybrid batteries:

  • Low water consumption. Thanks to the new technology, the process of electrolytic decomposition of water and a decrease in the electrolyte level have been practically eliminated. As a result, the hybrid battery requires almost no attention from the owner;
  • Low self-discharge. Due to the new production technology of the negative electrode and the addition of calcium, the problem of self-discharge was minimized;
  • Great starter current. This was achieved through the use of lead-calcium negative plates and improved adhesion of the active mass to their surface. Moreover, in the production process, a plaster is immediately applied to the plates. As a result, there is no oxidation of the plates during storage, and high values ​​of current efficiency are achieved;
  • Resistance to deep discharge. In Calcium Plus hybrid batteries, the problem of deep discharge, which exists in the case of Ca-Ca battery, was avoided. Due to the use of a lead-antimony positive electrode, the sensitivity of calcium car batteries to a deep discharge was significantly reduced.

These advantages are made possible by the development of plate manufacturing technology. Calcium cells are less corroded and retain battery charge. Minimized decomposition of water and a decrease in electrolyte level.

Disadvantages of a hybrid battery

  • the high cost of a hybrid battery;
  • even minimal battery maintenance requires specific knowledge and skills.

Ideal car battery does not exist. Understanding this, manufacturers continue to work on the improvement of hybrid batteries. On the one hand, they seek to reduce the cost of production, because, without this, hybrid batteries will not become widespread. On the other hand, new alloying agents are being tested to improve battery performance. For example, selenium, silver.

Positive effects of using hybrid cars

There are many positive effects of using hybrid cars for the environment, and this is one of the main reasons why many people choose to buy a hybrid instead of a conventional gasoline engine car.

The modern hybrid driver – the battery for an ecological vehicle is different from its predecessors. It is not necessary to pour dispersed water into it, to control the electric power consumption. But, like any kind of mechanism, he needs an interim service and needs to be supervised.

The hybrid battery is designed to start and drive the car in the city. The positive electrode of the device is made by low-sulfur technology, the negative one is based on calcium. Their application provides an increase in starting currents and reduces the sensitivity of the battery to discharges. The battery is found in the case of durable plastic co-lead walls that protect the plastic part from contact with aggressive electrolytes.

The charges, positive and negative, are on the terminals. Inside the body there are 4-6 compartments filled with electrolyte, the plates are arranged in bundles with gaps. The charge is distributed over the wires in the case of connecting the electrical circuit of the machine. Batteries should be installed on vehicles with mileage from 150 thousand. Km or models without automatic power off when the alarm is turned on. In the case of discharging the battery-the hybrid is almost not sulfurous. The devices are relevant in cold winter and moderately hot summer.

In contrast to the calcium, the hybrid battery does not require a cycling charge. But, when it is laid out, it is recommended to find out how to charge the hybrids of your car. It is necessary to execute the following:
-Exception charge with a current of equal to one-tenth of the capacity of the AKB. -The methodology is recommended in case of succession. Dedicated cost of 2 A with a voltage of not more than 14.2 B.

Auxiliary power supply, apply on: the limit of the optimal voltage – from 1З, 8 to 14.2 B; Requirements for maximum current in AKB capacitance; the presence of a limiter of power and current; the type of rearrangement models are distinguished by the hardening cycle, and the emptying models are used for desulfation and reduction of the initial capacity.

Operational locations of accumulators of a hybrid type are similar to calcium and low-carbon. Serviceability, startup speed, excellent capacity are made by the models of different brands with a popular purchase order.

All car owners are sooner or later faced with the need to select a battery. Depending on the operating conditions, batteries require replacement approximately once every 3-5 years, even though manufacturers sometimes promise a service life of up to 7-10 years. Scientific and technological progress and captures this area of ​​production, the production of hybrid batteries – a clear confirmation of this.

Restore the hybrid battery

Restore the hybrid battery it is possible under the following conditions: – Circuit plates. Do washing with distilled water until the coal crumb ceases to go. The sulfation of the plates. It can be eliminated by a cycle of short and weak charges-discharges, or chemicals poured into banks. Effectively clean the plates mechanically by hand. But it requires specialized knowledge and skills to avoid damage to the battery.; When using a sulfite dissolving additive, keep this solution in the cell for 48 hours.

Some people prefer keep old batteries that have fully discharged but that does not make any sense. This could be detected in the swollen sides, instant boiling of the electrolyte, the closure of the electrodes. Not subject to recovery “the murdered” a huge charge – accumulator. Therefore, do not use charging transformers that do not have an adjustment function.

When choosing a power source for cars should pay attention to the release date. The “fresher” the product, the better. Ideal – 2-3 months from the date of issue. The advantages of a hybrid type of power supply include a long service life. Most manufacturers guarantee the stable performance of their tasks for 5-7 years. To prolong the period of operation, it is necessary to check the electrolyte level, clean the sulfate grates in time.

Thanks to a combination of advanced technological solutions from two types of batteries, a favorable combination was obtained. Characteristics of the hybrid device allow you to put them on cars with mileage, which may be an unstable voltage onboard network. The practicality of such a power source and the long service life is optimally suited for low-cost domestic cars and foreign cars. In this case, the initial condition for selection is low maintenance due to calcium supplements and durability of antimony plates.

The battery starts the engine and supports the operation of electronic systems. The reason for its poor performance is a low charge. You can fix this by using additional energy from a starting device that will start the engine, or you can charge the battery with a charging device. Also, you can buy a pre-charger that performs both functions. We will tell you more about each of the tools, as well as how to charge the battery.

The principle of operation of the chargers is the same. Receiving power from the outside, the charger rectifies and at the same time lowers the values ​​of force and voltage to almost the required costs ​​for car batteries. Restoring the battery charge of the cell, the goals are pursued not only by starting the motor itself, but also by starting it without jerks, smoothly setting the speed to the rated speed, and ensuring a slow uniform stop of its operation.

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