iPhone 6 battery replacement kit. How to remove battery from iPhone 6 in 2022

iPhone 6 battery

It is notorious that every owner of iPhone sooner or later faces the problem with its battery being worn. As a result, the iPhone 6 battery capacity of a battery is reduced; a device starts to function poorly; there appear sudden shutdowns. If these troubles are familiar to you, then you must think about a battery replacement.

So, the iPhone 6 battery is to be replaced if:
  • Your phone drains too quickly.
  • It is considerably heating up during a conversation.
  • The battery increased in size or was affected by negative external factors: physical impacts (blows and falls), extreme temperature (below -10°C and above +50°C).

Also, the battery is recommended to be replaced if it lost more than 20% of its capacity or underwent more than 500 charge cycles. If both variants occurred, a battery replacement is strongly recommended.

In order for the battery of your phone to last long enough, you can calibrate it every three months. You need to fully discharge your battery and leave it plugged into the charger for 8-10 hours. Repeat the procedure three times.

If it’s too late to save your battery, then it certainly needs a replacement. The question is whether you should have your battery replaced at a special repair center or you can do it by yourself. Of course, you may think it’ll be safer and more reliable to go for help to specialists, but the fact is, this option takes a good deal of money and time (having a battery replaced usually takes about 10-14 days). Besides, no repair center will return your smartphone to its original state after opening.

You can replace your battery on your own. In fact, it’s easier than it appears at first. The main thing is for you to be very careful and attentive when disassembling your phone; otherwise, you may damage some vital details, which will lead to your phone being broken down. The whole process will take only 15-45 minutes!

The advantages of a battery replacement by yourself:
  • You don’t have to wait for two weeks until a repair service does all the work.
  • It will definitely save your money.
  • Having successfully replaced the battery on your own, you will be able to carry out this procedure whenever there is a need for a replacement.

In addition, keep in mind that a repair center does not guarantee the high quality of a battery and the manual devolution of a repairer. It’s known that a number of them even deliberately spoil some details of a smartphone for a customer to resort to their services as often as possible.

So, the best variant is a do-it-yourself replacement. All you need is a new battery, a special tools kit, and a bit of common sense.

Table of Content

  • 1 Choose the iPhone 6 battery replacement kits
    • 1.1 Uolbear – iPhone 6 battery replacement kit
    • 1.2 NOHON – iPhone 6 battery replacement kit
    • 1.3 Carvesky – iPhone 6 battery replacement kit
  • 2 A detailed guide to the iPhone 6 battery replacement

Choose the iPhone 6 battery replacement kits

You can order a new battery plus all the necessary tools from Amazon. There are a number of various kits – we’ll pay attention to three of them to make a comparison.

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Uolbear – iPhone 6 battery replacement kit

This variant has all the required tools and even a gift – a finger ring stand. The most important thing is, according to customers’ reviews, its quality is quite high.

In addition, it costs only 13.99 – far cheaper than the other variants, and the guarantee is as long as three years.

Note that the battery capacity is 1810 mAh, that is, there is no extra mAh.


  • Price
  • Guarantee
  • Quality


  • Battery capacity is standard, not increased 

NOHON – iPhone 6 battery replacement kit

This is rather a plain option, remarkable only for its increased battery capacity. No additional tools, spare screws or a screen protector are included in the set.

The battery capacity is increased, as compared to the original battery.

There are no reviews on Amazon concerning this product, so we cannot assess the quality of the battery.


  • Battery capacity


  • No package extras
  • Possible poor quality
  • Probably no money back 

Carvesky – iPhone 6 battery replacement kit

Here is another example of the increased capacity of a battery. The set has an excellent tools kit; besides, it includes a screen protector. Yet, some people complain of the bad quality of this battery – it is said to be swollen after some time of being used.

Apart from a battery replacement, you can replace your screen protector as well.

Though the majority of people praise the quality of this battery, nearly one-third of the reviews say that it is unworkable. So buying this one is somehow or another a risk.


  • Battery capacity
  • Package


  • Not reliable

A detailed guide to the iPhone 6 battery replacement

It was declared that the body of iPhone 6, like its predecessors, cannot be disassembled. However, by using a set of specialized tools, which was mentioned above, and a precise sequence of actions, its disassembly will actually not be that difficult. A replacement of certain components, including the battery, should not be a problem either.

Here are detailed instructions for a successful replacement of iPhone 6 battery.

Before starting the procedure, be sure to discharge your battery below 25%; otherwise, it might combust and hurt you if you by accident puncture it.

Step №1. Remove the Pentalobe screws located in close proximity to the Lighting connector. This procedure can be performed by using a special Pentalobe-screwdriver which is to be found in the set. It should be noted that all the actions concerning the disassembly of the iPhone and the replacement of its certain components should be done only in the powered off state of your smartphone.

iPhone 6 battery

Step №2. Raise the front panel with the help of a suction cup and a plastic opening tool.

This procedure can be carried out by means of the most ordinary suction cup and a plectrum. Securely pressing the suction cup to the front of the device, you need to pry it open with a plectrum.

Step №3. Extract the five screws that secure the front panel of the smartphone.

These screws produced by Phillips are of standard design, so they can be removed by several ordinary screwdrivers from a quality tool set.

Step №4. Extract the metal bracket.

The unscrewed bracket can be removed with the help of tweezers.

Step №5. Disconnect all the cable connectors of the front panel and remove it.

iPhone 6 battery

This procedure must be performed very carefully. Use the plastic tool with the sharp edge.

Step №6. Remove those screws which secure the battery.

These Phillips screws are also of standard design; they can be removed by ordinary screwdrivers just as the previous five.

Step №7. Remove the next metal bracket.

Use tweezers for removing it.

Step №8. Disconnect the battery connector.

iPhone 6 battery

Use a spudger to carefully pry it up.

Step №9. Pull away the two adhesive strips, with the help of which the battery is attached to the metal base of the body.

The procedure can be performed with tweezers or fingers. If the parts of the strip between the battery and the body cannot be unstuck, you need to carefully warm up the back of your device with the help of a hairdryer. The adhesive loses its properties when heated so that the strip can be easily removed afterward.

Step №10. Extract the battery.

You can perform this procedure by using a plastic card.

Step №11. Replace the battery and reassemble your phone.iPhone 6 battery replacement kit. How to remove battery from iPhone 6 in 2022 To reassemble your phone, perform all the actions in reverse order.

So, replacing the iPhone 6 battery takes about half an hour if it’s the first time you do it. If you are already skilled at it, it’ll take only a few minutes. It should be remembered that it’s necessary to carry out all the actions very carefully so as not to damage the components of the device, which would cause a need for an additional costly repair. Moreover, physical damage to the battery may cause the fire.

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