iPhone 7 plus battery drain. iPhone 7 Plus battery replacement. Step-by-step Guide to Replacing iPhone 7 plus Battery in 2022

iPhone 7 Plus battery

iPhone 7 Plus battery, according to Apple, should remain up 80 percent of its initial capacity after 500 charging cycles. Lithium-ion batteries are not made to last forever, and it’s natural that after some period of time the battery should be replaced. After google searching “Iphone 7 Plus battery replacement New York” the first website (fixny.com) states, that it costs 69.95 USD to complete this operation. It is expensive, and there is a way to save money here.

DIY! Special battery replacement service can, of course, guarantee a successful replacement, without any damage done, but who says that it can’t be done at home? Conversely, the replacement kits are about 3  times cheaper and can be found on Amazon, however, undoubtedly, there is some risk involved. Moreover, keep in mind the fact that iPhone 7 Plus is waterproof from the factory. Replacing the battery breaks the seal of the iPhone, so you should not be 100% confident, that it is waterproof after the battery has been replaced. Just notice the fact that all the listed kits come with necessary tools to successfully replace an iPhone 7 Plus battery.

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Table of Content

  • 1 Homsun kit – worth the price?
  • 2 HDCKU kit – so unpopular?
  • 3 LIKEGOR kit – not mainstream either
  • 4 So which product should I buy?
  • 5 Some questions and some answers:
    • 5.1 –      My phone does not hold/acquire charge properly.
    • 5.2 –      Do these kits work for any other phones, except for iPhone 7 Plus?
    • 5.3 –      What should I do if the battery does not work or does not keep the charge at all?
    • 5.4 –      Will my iPhone 7 Plus stay waterproof after the battery replacement?
  • 6 Battery replacement instructions

Homsun kit – worth the price?


  • reliability
  • excellent customer service


  • high price
  • lack of waterproof adhesive, which should be provided considering the price

HDCKU kit – so unpopular?


  • Cheapness


  • The small popularity of the product is suspicious
  • Poor quality, according to Amazon reviews
  • The Amazon page text has typos, and the text is generally poorly written, which is also suspicious

LIKEGOR kit – not mainstream either


  • The kit works
  • The kit is the cheapest from the list


  • Inconsistency in the warranty information is suspicious
  • Tool is made from poor-quality materials
  • Average reliability

So which product should I buy?

HOMSUN kit has proven to be the most reliable, but also will significantly empty your wallet, compared to its rivals. At least, you can be guaranteed to buy a well-tested product, while the rivals do not seem very trustworthy, at least due to the small number of customer reviews.

But if you want to take a risk, you are welcome to buy kits 33% cheaper than Homsun. The two products are rather similar in their essence.

On the Amazon pages of each product, the seller recommends watching some videos about replacing the battery, because some people may get confused with the text guide. That may not be due to the poorly written text, but because it is generally complicated to explain without any visual representation. Just go and have a look at the YouTube tutorials. There is a link for a rather good one at the end of the article. That will give you some confidence. Also, you may want to consider to buy a waterproof adhesive, so that your iPhone at least has a chance against water.


Some questions and some answers:

–      My phone does not hold/acquire charge properly.

  • The battery connector is not connected properly or the battery may be defective.

–      Do these kits work for any other phones, except for iPhone 7 Plus?

  • No

–      What should I do if the battery does not work or does not keep the charge at all?

  • Contact the seller or Amazon support and ask for a refund or a replacement. Sometimes the factory produces faulty batteries, but also check, that you have installed it correctly.

–      Will my iPhone 7 Plus stay waterproof after the battery replacement?

  • You can never be sure about that. From the factory apple guarantees, that the phone will be secure underwater, but after you’ve broken the factory waterproof seal, you can never be sure about that.

Battery replacement instructions

In order to replace the battery, you can use one of the kits from the list. The kit provides you with all the necessary tools.

Step №1. Firstly, discharge the battery below 25%. Lithium ion batteries can explode if you break the battery’s seal. Afterward, turn the phone off, to prevent short-circuiting. Thit is done by holding the top button for a couple of seconds, and then moving the slider to the right.  If you don’t feel very confident, you can film the whole process, so that if you get lost, you can watch the video and see exactly what you’ve done.

Step №2. Next step includes unscrewing the two star-shaped screws at the bottom of your iPhone with the appropriate screwdriver. During the whole iPhone battery replacement process you will remove 6 screws. Make sure you know where each one is going, because all the screws, except for the two bottom ones, are different, compared to each other. Next steps will have you working around the motherboard, so make sure you do not touch it, as it may cause short-circuiting within the motherboard, and the iPhone will basically be dead. You may want to wash your hands to remove any dirt from your hands or put thin medical gloves on. Also, the next step will involve breaking the iPhone 7 waterproof seal, so you should no longer consider your iPhone 100% waterproof.

iPhone 7 plus battery

Step №3. Place the suction cup as close to the left side of the screen, and then using the pry tool carefully start separating the screen from the body. As you are gently separating the screen from the body using the pry tool, pull on the suction cup nicely. Move around the iPhone in the clockwise direction. Do not make any harsh movements, as they may damage the iPhone. Note that all the cables are located on the right part of the body, if you are looking at the front part of the phone, facing upwards. Separate this area with extra caution

Step №4. After the seal is broken all the way around all the edges, your iPhone should open like an “800$ book”. Make sure, that you place as little tension on the cables connecting the screen to the motherboard.

Step №5. Next step involves removing 4 more screws, as displayed on the picture. Note, where each of the screws comes from. Different colors indicate a different diameter of the screws. After the screws are removed, carefully remove the metal plate, which covers up the connectors. At this point, you should have removed 6 screws in total during the Apple iPhone 7 battery replacement process.

iPhone 7 plus battery

Step №6. After that, carefully disconnect the connector, which was under the metal plate, you have just removed. Now, the battery has been disconnected and is ready to be removed.

Step №7. At the bottom part of the battery, you will see two black stripes, which are slightly highlighted. You will have to carefully pry them and pull them gently. Once you’ve started the operation you will notice that the stripes are actually white. They make the batter stick to the body.

Step №8. Next step actually involves lifting the battery up and replacing it. Repeat the process in the reverse order. Make sure, that all screws are placed correctly. The cable must be connected gently so that it does not get damaged. If you have a waterproof adhesive in the kit, don’t forget to replace the old one.

Step №9. Once you’ve assembled everything turns your iPhone 7 Plus on. Once it gets started, you should discharge the new battery below 10 percent and charge it straight up to 100%, without unplugging it. That will calibrate the new battery. If the iPhone doesn’t start, do not panic right away. The battery may be not charged from the factory. Just charge the phone for some time. If that still doesn’t solve the problem, check if the cables are all connected properly, that no connector is loose. If that still doesn’t make your iPhone work, you’ve damaged your iPhone and you should consider bringing it to the special service. Most likely the Apple stores will not accept it under warranty, as you have made an intervention into the body of the phone.

In case you are looking for a better visual representation of the battery replacements’ steps, you are welcome to watch this video. Don’t worry about the fact that the video is made for iPhone 7, and not 7 Plus, the battery replacement procedure is pretty much identical.

The article provides with three examples of the kits available on Amazon.com. This is not an advertisement, this is purely for educational purposes. The comparison, which this article gives, displays the types of offers available on Amazon. Some solutions are more reliable, some are cheaper. Personally, I would go for the HOMSUM kit, as it the only reliable option. The rivals just seem way too suspicious to me. But again, it is up to the individual to make the choice of whether they want to take the risk and buy HDCKU/Ogodeal or not.

The purpose of the article was to display that replacing a battery is not a very complicated task if you break it down. If you carefully follow all the steps,  you should succeed. At the same time, you are saving enough money to buy more than a dozen coffee portions, which is always nice. But the greatest thing about replacing the battery by yourself is how you feel afterward. And let me tell you, that you will feel amazing.

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