IBProvider – High-Quality Components for Working With Firebird and InterBase Databases

File and database management is a problem that many companies and users come across on a daily basis. The issues with access can be solved easily with the help of IBProvider. Those who are having difficulties are advised to use IBProvider software. Anybody is able to find a working solution that will deal with any issue.

Table of Content

  • 1 Downloadable Content
  • 2 Reviews and Testimonials
  • 3 Website Forum
  • 4 Website News
  • 5 Purchasing Products

Downloadable Content

All the latest versions regarding the products can be downloaded from the official website.

These include:
  1. IBProvider Professional Edition. This kit is perfect for developers, who are operating with InterBase or Firebird. It helps to develop efficient software by applying to various environments or any languages for programming. This kit supports OLE DB driver for Firebird SQL Server. Linked server access may be granted to Firebird and Interbase. The kit contains all the necessary tools for creating powerful software.
  2. The second package deals with ADO.NET data provider that includes DDEX provider that is used for the operation of Firebird DBMS and InterBase DBMS with the help of IBProvider. It supports almost all versions of Visual Studio, up to the 2017 version. It allows creating a big number of transactions inside a single connection, offers support for all IB/FB data. Works well with Windows 32 and 64.
  3. LCPI OLE DB Tools
  4. C++ Runtime libraries
  5. The Firebird SQL Server does not have license restrictions and is free of charge. It is based on the InterBase 6.0. open source code. Packages for Firebird distribution can be found for all the most popular operating systems for 32 and 64bit architecture. Of course you can download newest Firebird SQL Server here.
  6. InterBase. This is a management database system that was produced by Borland Company. Even though the developer has changed, you can still download the latest version. It is also possible to get the previous versions.

Reviews and Testimonials

Inside the “Testimonials” section you can find reviews from different users, who have had experience with IBProvider products. The reviews from people who have solved their problems thanks to the developments of IBProvider are suggesting a positive dynamics and high reliability of the presented products.

Every registered user who has bought and used any of the products presented on the site is able to leave feedback on their experience and ability to solve the issues. They are given complete freedom to enumerate all the advantages of the purchased products.

Website Forum

The official site has a forum where every registered user may ask a question and get a coherent answer for his request. Some of the user subtopics included in the branch of programming with IBProvider include: Possible bug in Open schema, Bug: incorrect max length in char/varchar fields, “Failed to load GDS32.dll”, “connection to Interbase XE Using OLE DB IB Provider v3”, High memory utilization, what is Two-phase commit, Using different user than sysdba, IBProvider on Win 7 and so on.

Another main branch of the forum is IBProvider in MS SQL Server and it includes subtopics such as IBProvider and MS SQL 2008R2, Unable to connect to Interbase 1.5 from SQL Server 2005, 64 bit write data, MS SQL Business Intelligence, Linked Server and Mixed, LinkedServer Error after migrating to Server 2008 R2 (64bit), Problem Inserting Data, Returning a value from Firebird to SQL Server, Stored Procedure to InterBase, Error by using IBProvider.v3 Free on Windows Vista.

Other subtopics discussed by a large audience on the site include: Provider cannot be found, Deploy applications, Connection TimeOut parameter, Field Type Conversion, OLEDB with QlikView 9 SR3, Error installing on Server 2008.

The forum makes the possible exchange of opinions and expertise among the vast community that works with these database systems.

Website News

In the “News” section of the site, the user will be able to find the most relevant information in regards to the latest versions of software, tests and upcoming releases. It is possible to follow the development of IBProvider starting with the year 2000 and all the way to 2018.

Purchasing Products

On the “Purchase” section of the site, the user is able to get acquainted with the licenses and prices of products as well as specific conditions regarding the use of products. The full selection of Windows applications designed for Firebird and Interbase can be found on this page.

The Professional Edition has 3 kinds of licenses and it is recommended to read the full versions. Firebird OLE DB with ODBC comparison.

You can select the necessary product and if you agree to the price and conditions, then you can use the “Buy Now” link.

The importance of the IBProvider products is directly proportional to the needs of the companies. By using the capabilities of the database management system you can use many access methods to the client libraries as well as the storage properties of servers.

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