Best Power Supply for Gaming. Overview of the Best Models in 2023

People even in the XXI century suffer from power failure. Such malfunctions annoy people and provide them with a number of various problems. For example, your devices might get injured because of a power outage. An excellent power supply might become a perfect solution of such awkward situations. Your mechanisms can fail because of a lack of power or its inadequate functioning. As a rule, a person usually experiences the following problems:

  • Overload
  • Too weak power input
  • Spike of voltage
  • Gradual sinking of voltage and its fading
  • Main frequency instability
  • Noises
  • Harmonic distortion

An uninterruptible power supply could protect your devices from these unpredictable situations. It does not equal a power system that works in emergency situations. It might resemble the function of a standby generator. Its main goal is to save the mechanisms which need electricity in case of power failure. Your computer would be ready to avoid information loss. Your refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, dishwasher, stove, and other devices will go on function properly. You will not suffer from breaks and improper work. It belongs to continual power systems. It is powerful enough to enable the emergency power system without the unwanted demand for electrical devices. Some gears could die because of that and lose data important for business or study. Successful companies provide their buildings with such power suppliers to insecure their business and remain successful and achieve their goals.

Best Power Supply for Gaming. Overview of the Best Models in 2023

The power supply is needed not only for factories. If you are a big gamer you would not like to interrupt gaming at some peak moment. That’s a real misfortune in case the game requires investments. PSU could let you continue gaming and remain a winner. You would lose neither your money nor your score and points.

Table of Content

  • 1 The Benefits of a Power Supply
  • 2 Things You Should Consider
    • 2.1 Compatibility
    • 2.2 Wattage
    • 2.3 Efficiency
    • 2.4 Warranty
  • 3 Overview of the Best Models
    • 3.1 Description
    • 3.2 Tech Spec
    • 3.3 Features
    • 3.4 Pros & Cons
  • 4 Comparison
  • 5 Conclusion

The Benefits of a Power Supply

Would you like to suffer from financial problems because of power cutoff? Surely, you’d not like such an idea. Some nightmares can become real because of the lack of electricity. Just imagine that you are going to present a very important data via online webinar and it fails because of power failure. You lose your contract and financial support. Isn’t it a true horror story?

There were a number of accidents which were the result of power loss. Empty monitors, spoiled equipment, dark offices and huge damage to the business. Sometimes people hurt themselves because of power instability. Our life and things we do are important. That’s why we have to protect ourselves. Many companies lose more than fifty billion dollars a year due to a power outage.

Various weather conditions contribute to power loss. For instance, lightning strike, hurricanes, heavy snow, tornadoes, automobile accidents, floods, building accidents, and storms usually provide humans with a power cut. Just imagine that it is winter and that power cutoff would deprive you of the warm light house and modern conveniences. Electricity makes everything run and function the way it should work. The best power supply can delete unnecessary worries from your list of unwelcomed troubles. Your devices and information will be safe no matter what happens to electricity.

We may experience the following benefits when applying power supply. If you hate misfortunes you should get a qualitative backup power supply. This tool is a great thing for those who like planning things. You could choose between suppliers which have a single and triple-phase configuration. Still, it must be powered. You might do that with the help of a number of batteries. It could be either big or small. It can be stable and portable and take either too much or too little space.

A proper power supplier serves for:

  1. Protection of devices against unstable power flow
  2. The required power supply in case of power cutoffs
  3. Backup supply in a short period of time
  4. Preserving the quality of supply
  5. Enabling a generator

Your home or office computer could have systems on battery. Their capacity is rather small. There are also suppliers with flywheel configuration. They operate big installations. Their capacity is higher. They can support the main urgent power supplier and even substitute it for some time.

Having an uninterruptable power supply for gaming you might experience the next advantages:

  • Steadiness and continuality (your devices could work in non-stop regime)
  • Permanent and logical functioning (tools equipped with UPS “know” when the alternative power should be applied and lets a person bring all systems in order)
  • Security (prevents equipment from damage and loss of data and installation-specific settings)
  • Filter (it prevents chances of anomalies in electricity supply making the power clean)
  • Economy (a person saves money because all tools remain safe and sound)
  • A chance of letting you go on playing games and saving the results

Various establishments benefit when using power supplies. Prisons use them to avoid breaks and keep prisoners closed in jail. Surgeons are not afraid to make a mistake because of power instability that often leads to equipment malfunctioning and inability to conduct an operation in the darkness.

Television stations, service centers, banks, medical institutions, educational institutions, factories and a number of manufacturers do not begrudge and purchase expensive power supplies. They insecure their job and functionality thanks to that.

You should know that it’s better to entrust the installation process to a professional. Otherwise, it might work improperly and even damage your tools. You might also watch videos devoted to a power supply for gaming installation or follow the manual instruction.

Things You Should Consider

There are different types of power supplies for gaming. Online, standby and interactive line are the main 3 types. Their aim is to stock power and provide it when necessary. To choose the correct supplier one should calculate a number of devices it should keep safe. Summarize voltages of each device to be ready for energy cutoffs. An expert might help you to choose the right one and install it adequately. Flywheel systems could replace or reduce the number of required batteries, supply high-level output, and decrease expenses connected with tools malfunctions and their fixing.

Each power supply should have an inbuilt protector. Such feature secures the device from overheating, overload, under load and other problems. Such a protector can let you shut down the system and feel calm.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the dimensions. Think about how much space you have before buying a power supply for your personal computer, Xbox or PlayStation. Mind the level of noise the device produces. You might find that information in the manual list or on the power supply.


Nobody wants to waste money, especially when it concerns their power supply. It often happens that power supplies lack outcomes which can fit the required device. That’s why it is necessary to check whether a power supply is compatible with the tool you are going to insecure from power failure. Sometimes the power supply can damage the device because of improper rated voltage or running voltage. That’s why you should be careful in your selection. You might find an expert who could help you choose the right one.
Be sure that there are various cables to connect your devices in case of power failure.


It is the first issue to be mentioned. The models usually range from three hundred to one thousand two hundred watts (sometimes even more). Consider peak and continuous wattage. The first one tells you the maximum power the device can deliver. The second feature indicates the amount of power it can deliver to the tools in the non-stop regime. That’s why you should take into consideration continuous power ability. Peak wattage is of less importance. You should also ignore products which do not identify this feature. The manufacturer should mention it in order to make your purchase safe.


When selecting a power supply for your PC you should consider such weird words like “Titanium”, “Gold”, “Plus”, “Silver”, “Bronze” or “Platinum”. What for? These words indicate the device efficacy. The more “expensive” the indicator is the more efficient the tool is. For instance, “Silver” is better than “Plus” but worse than Gold. Be ready to find out that the price of the power supply also depends on these words. “Plus” device is the cheapest one and “Platinum” one is the most expensive supply. Contact a professional to clear out all the details.


This is the feature you should consider when selecting a good power supply. The longer the warranty is the longer it will serve to you. When the manufacturer evaluates the product the warranty usually reflects the quality. You should be sure that the manufacturer is responsible for the product and possible disrepairs it might have. If the warranty is rather short it means that the manufacturer isn’t sure about the product. That’s why such a purchase could be dangerous and not worthy.

Overview of the Best Models

If you are going to purchase a proper power supply you should consider TOP 5 models which head the list of the best power supplies in 2018. These are Corsair SF 450, EVGA SuperNOVA 850 P2, Corsair RM 550x, Corsair AX1500i, and Seasonic Flagship PRIME 600.


  1. Corsair SF 450 contains cables which are detached. It’s rather small but powerful with high-quality internal components. Its warranty reaches 7 years. It has a “Gold” mark. Due to that, its excess heat is rather low.
  2. EVGA SuperNOVA 850 P2 possesses Platinum mark which speaks of its quality. Its continuous power is clean and premium. The manufacturer gives ten years warranty making it valuable and peerless.
  3. Corsair RM 550x has Gold certification. The manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty and power to operate a number of system builds. Its cable set is also full.
  4. Corsair AX1500i is a powerful power supply which capacity reaches 1500W. Digital system controls the power flow. It has Titanium certification. Cables can be easily set. You might control and monitor its activity using Link desktop.
  5. Seasonic Flagship PRIME 600 has a 12-year warranty that presents the device in a positive light. Its certificate has Titanium mark. The device provides its customers with all required cables.

Tech Spec

  • Corsair SF 450: 230V; dimensions – 12.5 cm x6.35 cm x10 cm; weight – 0.860 kg.
  • EVGA SuperNOVA 850 P2: 220-240V; dimensions – 8.5cm x 15 cm x 16.5 cm; weight – 3.2 kg.
  • Corsair RM 550x: 120V; requires a single Li-ion metal battery; dimensions – 15cm x 8.6 cm x 16 cm; weight – 1.65 kg.
  • Corsair AX1500i: 264V; has corded-electric source; dimensions – 15cm x 8.6 cm x 22.5cm; weight – 5.7 kg.
  • Seasonic Flagship PRIME 600: dimensions – 17cm x 15 cm x 8.6 cm; weight – 1 kg


  • Corsair SF 450: it is produced for small factor systems; single ATX connector (twelve volts; 2.4 version); the temperature is 104 °F at continuous output; running watts – 450w; the fan mode has zero revolutions per minutes which makes it work quietly; detached cables assist to proper airflow and space saving; it comprises over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage and over-temperature protection.
  • EVGA SuperNOVA 850 P2: Zero fan module for quiet performance; excellent airflow; sufficient protection system; high-quality Japanese details; various cables of different sizes and lengths; operating temperature – 122°F.
  • Corsair RM 550x: it works quietly thanks to zero mode fan; has all required cables and solid protection system; good airflow.
  • Corsair AX1500i: it is a great power supply which capacity reaches 1500W; digital system controls the power flow; it has Titanium certification; Corsair Link provides you with the data of its performance at any moment; convenient and attractive design in combination with premium protection system makes the device more precious.
  • Seasonic Flagship PRIME 600: it has load regulation; it works quietly and is equipped with a number of required cables; its components are of high-quality which provide you with a clean current power output of 600W.

Pros & Cons

We have studied uninterruptible power supply reviews to find out all the advantages and disadvantages and present them here.

Product ProsCons
Corsair SF 450Quiet; regulated load; compact; high-quality components; fully modular; 113 °F at full power; efficientExpensive; lacks the ability to switch off the semi-passive mode; needs longer cables; lacks SFX and ATX adapters; warranty lower than of other power supplies
EVGA SuperNOVA 850 P2120 °F at full power; compact; efficient; regulation of load; silent; high-quality details; all cables present; 10 years warrantyExpensive; the distance between connectors should be longer
Corsair RM 550x118 °F at full power; high sufficiency; quiet; high-quality details; the load can be regulated; 10-year warrantyExpensive; requires the button for fan test; needs longer distance between connectors
Corsair AX1500i118°F at full power; excellent power capacity; very efficient; available function of load regulation; silent; digital system of performance control; a huge number of available connectors; cables are long and are presented in a full variety; warrantyBig; the distance between connectors should be longer; sometimes Corsair Link shows improper data
Seasonic Flagship PRIME 60012 years warranty; fully modular; 120 °F at full power; cables are long enough and of all sizes and most required types; quiet; powerful and efficientLacks over current protections and fan failure protection; big dimensions; the small distance between connectors

If you need Xbox one power supply replacement you should consult an expert. You could find professional assistant on official websites of the manufacturers. They might provide you with the required information concerning PS4 power supply, Xbox one power supply, and supplies for other tools.


We have prepared a comparison of power supplies for you to see the main difference and advantages of each device. Due to that, you may choose the best power supply for gaming.
The table below reflects the data of Amazon bestsellers.

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You might insert “uninterruptible power supply Amazon” in the search line to see all possible variants to meet your needs. The above-presented table reflects the features and prices of Amazon portable power supply bestsellers.


Computer power supply selection is quite challenging. A power supply’s capacity, efficiency rating, supplements, and warranty make up its price. That’s why it’s quite problematic to find the right one which you could afford. Study customer’s reviews, technical specifications, and features of the power supplies you can afford. Find an expert who can consult you. Select the best variant and enjoy gaming on your device without malfunctions provided by a power outage.


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