Nintendo switch battery life

The date of the Nintendo Switch’s release was at the 3d of March, 2017.

Table of Content:
  • The battery characteristics
  • Changing the battery

During the demonstration of Nintendo Switch, the representatives of this company gave a speech about special features of this console and showed different games. However, a few words about the battery were said. The only thing that was mentioned about it, was the fact that the charge’s capacity would be enough only for 2,5-6 hours of playing depending on the project. For example, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will take charging resources very quickly, this way, you will always be charging your device without stopping the game. Moreover, you can play this game only for three hours at best while not charging the console.


The battery characteristics

All in all, “Switch” has the biggest battery among other consoles. It is almost twice bigger than the PS Vista’s battery and almost thrice bigger than NEW 3DS.

A little bit more details:

The charge’s capacity is 4310 mAh. The full charging process is about 3 hours. It has a quick charge. Nintendo couldn’t inbuilt a big battery because «Switch» has an active cooling system (another way, there wouldn’t be much space for the cooler and radiator).

The battery will charge 90 minutes till the destination of 80%. Another 20% it will achieve at the same time due to some features of modern batteries.

Nowadays, Nintendo Switch has the biggest charge capacity of all of the accumulators among the so-called «playing » devices. Here is the data to compare:

Nintendo 3DS – 1300 mAh

Nintendo New 3DS – 1400 mAh

Nintendo 3DS XL – 1750 mAh

PS Vita – 2200 mAh

Some users consider the time of an autonomous work of 3-6 hours to be insufficient. However, the other users think that these parameters are balanced, because it was demanded to inbuilt another technical stuff, including the active cooling system.

Changing the battery

As it is known, a standard lithium-ion accumulator loses approximately 70% of its power after some years of usage. This fact will not please Nintendo Switch’s owners who like to play not only on TV screen and at home, but also who like to enjoy the portable mode.

If it is taken into account that, due to the developers’ version, the charge’s capacity would last nearly for three hours without the connection to the doc-station, as the accumulator would be slowly dying, that time (of 3 hours) would be dramatically shortening. What should people do in this case? Right, they should change the battery! But, the problem is that Nintendo Switch’s users will be without the opportunity to change the accumulator by their own. On the other hand, Nintendo intends to offer such service through the support office and to make it commercial.

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