Myths about the batteries that everybody should forget

Many people think that the limitations which are connected with the batteries on the nickel basis remain still even for lithium-ion and lithium polymer technologies. But, everything which was actual about it in 90s is now a thing of the past. Here are some common myths about the mobile phone’s batteries.

Myth №1: After completing the full charge on your mobile phone you should immediately disconnect it from the supply.

This statement is not about how things are going. All the smartphones, laptop computers and other electronic devices stop the process after getting the full charge. So, the truth is that if your telephone stays all night on the charging station, this won’t affect the future life of your battery. All in all, it is not harmful for the phone’s battery. However, the laptops’ developers recommend to fully discharge your “little computer” approximately 1 time per 2 months.

Myth №2: You should always let your battery to discharge fully

Modern accumulators are not about the full discharge, really. Even if your mobile phone shows you 0% of charge it saves nearly 10% of total energy resources. That’s why when you push the button of charging, the next notification will come to you not so soon. Your misconception will only shorten the life of your battery. Discharging your smartphone till 0% every day slowly reduces the battery’s capacity. And, conversely if you want to make the battery’s life longer, stop letting your phone or laptop discharging all day long.

Myth №3: It is necessary to have a full charge of the battery before the 1st usage.

Actually, it will be okay if you would skip this step. But why some distributers remind us of that? The thing is that the full charge before the 1st usage is the starting point in the process of calibration. To tell the truth, almost every modern battery is «self-calibrated», so you need not to realize this step.

Myth №4: You need to keep the batteries in the fridge.

All in all, keeping the batteries in the fridge or in the freezer is not only bad, but it is also dangerous. Every extreme temperature: no matter if it is high or low – it would do harm for the battery, because the battery consists of different chemicals that save energy. So, this might be very dangerous because of the connection between temperatures and chemical reactions. This is applicable for Energizer batteries too. In order to maximize the expiration date, the manufacturers offer to keep such batteries in the normal conditions with the room temperature (from 20 to 25 C). And also the humidity level should be moderate (from 35 to 65%). So, using such conditions, the alkaline cylindrical elements save their ability to work for 10 years. The service time of lithium batteries is from 10 to 15 years.

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