Used Batteries Can Help Mobile Devices Live Longer

Who needs used batteries?

Regular batteries have a short life. Once their charge is down, nobody needs them. And the fact that they are sold almost on every corner makes them a cheap and accessible commodity. You can recharge it once again at best, but this way is really not recommended by the companies that produce regular batteries. After having been recharged like this, the battery usually goes to recycling, but even more often is just thrown away. It’s good if one can find special containers for gathering this type of junk, otherwise the battery can present a certain amount of pollution to the environment. But is it possible to find a use for the used batteries somehow? Many people tried to find the answer to this question, but there’s been little result, if any.

“Dead batteries for dead batteries”

Until recently everybody thought that used regular battery is as good as junk when it comes to its energy supply capacities. However, a small company from Thailand, called “Vitamilk”, whose main field of expertise is soy milk production, decided find a solution to the problem of dead batteries. During their advertising campaign, the company has created a device that allows to use the remaining bits of energy from the used batteries. The project was named «Dead batteries for Dead Batteries».
This charging station, utilizing used batteries, named Vitamilk Recharge Station, was installed in a big shopping center of Bangkok. It can charge tablets, smartphones and mobile phones absolutely for free.
The charging station looks like a billboard, with a height of nearly 1,5 meters. It contains slots for batteries – same as in TV remote controls, players and a number of other devices. The charging station can host 1500 of used AA batteries.
The main concept of this charging station is based on the residual charge, that stays in the battery even when it’s considered to be dead. According to the authors of the project, a battery like this may still contain around 400 mAh of charge. Combining the residual energy of 1500 batteries enables to perform a full charge of nearly 140 smartphone batteries.
This project has been running for nearly 2 months, and has already given the device owners nearly 3328 hours of work of their mobile devices, thus proving its name.

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