How to Replace a Power Supply in 2022

Sooner or later every PC user has to face the fact that he will need to replace the computer’s power supply. The main thing here is to avoid panic. After all, there is nothing terrible about it. A power supply replacement necessitates basic knowledge and a step by step instruction.

When you buy a computer for the first time, you most likely choose the case and the operating system, and almost do not pay attention to any other internal components. This information is used by sellers to their advantage. Cheap PC cases are usually equipped with the cheapest power supply units, in which are used components of not the best quality. And after a year and a half, these power supplies simply stop functioning or burn out.

Table of Content

  • 1 Replacing the computer power supply
  • 2 What is needed for this?
  • 3 What is a PC power supply?
  • 4 Replacing the computer power supply
  • 5 Connecting the power supply to the computer

Replacing the computer power supply

It is important to understand that a computer is designed in a way that allows to the vast majority of users to perform basic maintenance work on it. First time users are not aware of many nuances and quite often the components inside the PC tower case are being chosen by a consultant or maybe an acquaintance. After a while it becomes clear how every component functions and it is easier to select the right ones that would match the requirements. Having a backup power supply is essential for those who are constantly working on their computers.

Are you facing the problem of replacing the power supply for your computer? IT is not as tough as it sounds and after a thorough examination of your computer, you will know exactly where each component is located.

What is needed for this?

The first thing you need to do is of course buy the power supply itself. But, which power supply to choose? You can’t simply go to the store and get an xbox one power supply replacement for your PC. Every power supply has its own designation and purpose.

When purchasing, pay attention to whether the power supply has a switch. If not, then this is often the cheapest, and not a very good unit. Although there are exceptions, but it is better not to take risks. Let it be a little more expensive, but you will sleep better knowing that it won’t fail in less than two years. Also, you can ask the seller about the noise levels. The cheapest models are able to work silently at first, but this may change quickly.

Among the cheap power supplies, there are models that emit a strong humming noise and even provoke noticeable vibrations. A good, high-quality power supply unit is much heavier than a cheap one due to a larger number of components and a thicker casing.

If you work on a computer at nighttime and even in the same room with people who are sleeping, then very soon they will have a desire to shot down your PC. Better don’t risk that and take care of your nervous system.

If you like to play games or you have to work with sophisticated programs then choose a more powerful power supply for your computer. A number of reviews on the internet will surely tell you about the best and worst models on the market. Also, an uninterruptible power supply is able to protect your data from sudden blackouts and maintain the optimal work of the internal parts.

The parameters of your old power supply have to be taken into consideration, because every component necessitates enough power to work properly. All the internal components have their unique parameters and you would have to know the exact model of the processor, motherboard, video card and so on.

What is a PC power supply?

For most basic users this is simply an iron box with colorful wires sticking out of it.

On the side next to the power cord connector is a switch. Above the spiral grid there is a fan that is used for cooling of the components inside the metal box. Most of the times, they are located below because of the large diameter of the fan.

Before taking out the old power unit, observe how it is integrated in the tower case.

Replacing the computer power supply

  • First, it would be preferable to remove the possibility of static electricity. This is something worth remembering when dealing with electronic devices. Even the smallest charge may cause damage to sensitive components. It is recommended to wash hands before replacing the power supply without using a towel and let them dry up naturally. Also, do not use clothing made of synthetic fibers.
  • Completely disconnect the computer from the power source. Unplug the power cord. Disconnect all cables (monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, modem, scanner, printer, etc.) from the system unit.
  • Open the left side cover (as seen from the front). Lay the tower case on the right side so your power supply will not fall and it will not hurt anything when you take it out.
  • Locate the power supply. Remove the four screws on the rear panel that hold it to the case. Keep in mind or better sketch the connection of all cables coming from the power supply to other devices of the system unit.
How to Replace a Power Supply in 2022

The main connections:

  1. Cable to connect the power supply to the motherboard;
  2. The second cable to connect to the motherboard;
  3. Cable to connect the hard disk and CD or DVD-drive IDE or sometimes used on the motherboard directly;
  4. Cable to connect the hard disk and CD or DVD-drive SATA;
  5. Additional connection to the video card;

While unplugging them for the first time you can make tags out of paper and tape. This will give you the assurance that you are doing everything correctly. It is not always good to rely only on memory. In the future, you will already know what to connect and where, but for now it is better to make sure the process is heading in the right direction.

  • All connectors must be removed gently, loosening from side to side. Do not apply additional force. It would be better to take a closer look and examine the right way to do it then simply pulling it out. Maybe you forgot to press a micro-latch. These can be found at the connectors going to the motherboard.
  • It happens that it is necessary to take a small screw out, because it prevents the removal of the power supply. There is no necessity to break something up.
  • Carefully remove the defective power supply. Try not to touch anything, and do not drop the unit on the motherboard.
  • At the same time, you can clean everything inside with a dry brush, vacuum cleaner, or compressed air.

Connecting the power supply to the computer

  • Install the power supply in place. Again, try not to damage anything. Unlike a portable power supply, this one has to be tightly secured in place for a long time.
  • Screw it with four screws to the back of the system unit.
  • Connect all necessary cables to other devices (motherboard, hard disk, drives, etc.). The order of their connection is not important.

Be careful and cautious with the remaining unconnected cables.

How to Replace a Power Supply in 2022

Tie them neatly to the harness of other wires, so that they do not dangle, and do not touch the connectors of other parts. Otherwise, when moving the computer, one of the connectors may close something.

After you have installed the power supply and connected all the necessary connectors inside and outside the system unit, you can turn on the computer. After you’ve turned it on, do not place your hands inside the case. If done correctly, the computer should start.

With a good power supply, it is possible to use the computer for at least 5 years or even longer. So, when you need to replace the power supply in your home desktop computer make sure not to go for the cheapest model right away.

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