iPhone 6s plus battery replacement. How to remove battery from iPhone 6s plus in 2023

iPhone 6s plus battery

If your iPhone has started to discharge much faster than before, then you should consider replacing its battery.

The battery of the iPhone 6s Plus is sufficient for at least four hundred charge cycles, provided you accurately follow all its operating rules. Unfortunately, in real life, users of smartphones usually neglect these rules. As a result,you see the significant decline of battery capacity and of rapid smartphone discharge.

Let’s consider the main reasons for this:
  • Extremely low or high temperatures have the very negative effect on this component of the device.
  • Contact with liquid (even condensation) can damage it.
  • Blows and falls will affect the operation not only of the device as a whole, but also the battery.

Apart from these factors, it should be noted that frequently charging your phone also affects the life of the battery. A battery replacement might be required as soon as a year or two after you acquire your iPhone.

Table of Content

  • 1 Indications the iPhone 6s Plus battery needs replacing
  • 2 Replacement at a repair center or by yourself?
  • 3 iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement kits
    • 3.1 NOHON – iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement kit
    • 3.2 JANBOTEK – iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement kit
    • 3.3 Ombar – iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement kit
  • 4 The manual to the iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement 

Indications the iPhone 6s Plus battery needs replacing

When there are serious problems with the battery of your iPhone, you’ll notice the effects visually first. Batteries emit a gas that accumulates under the shell and inflates it. It’s easy to detect if the smartphone battery is removable, but it’s not the case with iPhone.

Even without disassembling the smartphone, you can see the signs that the battery is inflated. The battery rarely swells to its maximum size immediately – the process usually occurs gradually. In this case, you can observe a slight bulging of the screen. If there are stains on the display when you touch it, the battery is also probably swollen. If it continues to swell, it can break the display of your iPhone, and this will require a much more expensive repair.

Another good reason for a battery replacement is rapid discharge. In cases of improper operation, you may find the smartphone can be powered on only if it’s being charged. In addition, there may be shutdowns during a call or using apps. If you don’t play games, your battery shouldn’t drain by more than 1-2 percent in a minute. You can display the percentage indicator so you may see how rapidly the battery drains.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, it’s high time for your battery to be replaced. In some cases, however, rapid discharge is caused by a malfunction of the iPhone, not its battery. In this case, the rapid discharge is accompanied by overheating, and the phone drains even when it’s turned off.

Replacement at a repair center or by yourself?

When people realize they need a battery replacement, they usually resort to special repair services. But is it reasonable to have your battery replaced by a specialist? The thing is that it usually takes a lot of time and money – it’ll take up to two weeks and will cost more than buying a new battery and a special kit for replacement. And there’s no guarantee that a repair person will be skillful enough to do the work properly. Furthermore, some “specialists” are known to intentionally damage some details of a phone so you’ll hire them again.

So, it’s possible for you to replace the battery of your iPhone by yourself. All you need to do is to buy a new battery and a kit for replacement. They usually come in one set. Remember that you do need to be very careful and thorough when you are disassembling your iPhone – if you were to mess something up, your smartphone might break down. If you’re attentive enough, you’ll find that a battery replacement isn’t as difficult as it may appear and in about half an hour, the procedure will be over!

The first thing you have to do is to order a special replacement kit.

iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement kits

Here’s the comparison table of three different kits, which you can find on Amazon. There is actually a multitude of them, but these three are all worth buying and have the necessary components and quality you’ll need.

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NOHON – iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement kit

This is a standard option in terms of tools available (no bonuses are included in the set), but it has an immensely powerful battery. According to customer reviews, it’s characterized by the high quality of both the battery and the replacement tools.

The battery capacity is really high at 3400 mAh.

If you’re looking for some extras like a screen protector or something else, consider other, more extensive kits.


  • Battery capacity
  • High quality
  • Comparatively long warranty


  • No package extras

JANBOTEK – iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement kit

This option is quite similar to the previous one as there is hardly any difference in the tools available and the battery capacity. Except for a sim eject tool, there are no package extras either. But the warranty is half as long as that of the previous option. Besides, there’s only one review, which, though positive, it scarcely testifies to the quality of the product.

If you aim at getting the high battery capacity, this kit will do as well.


  • Battery capacity


  • Short warranty
  • The quality is unknown

Ombar – iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement kit

This one is the cheapest of the options we’ve featured here today. However, the reviews of customers are quite diverse. They vary from 5 stars (63%) to 1 star (14%). And though the majority of the customers say the quality of the product is okay, there are those who say the opposite. Additionally, it has lower battery capacity than the options above.

The price for this product really amazes – it is twice as cheap as the previous option.

Cheaper isn’t always better, and often, it’s not reliable.


  • Price


  • Doubtful quality
  • No package extras
  • Lower battery capacity

As is seen from the comparison, out of the three options the first one is surely the best as it’s characterized by all the essential features – high quality, high battery capacity, long warranty.

The manual to the iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement 

To replace the battery without anyone’s help, just use the following instructions.

Step №1. The battery has to be discharged below 25% prior to being removed. Otherwise, it might catch fire if you were to puncture it. The procedure begins with powering off your smartphone. There is the lightning connector in the lower part of the iPhone. Find two screws near it. These special screws must be removed by a Pentalobe-screwdriver.

Step №2. As soon as you remove the screws, start disassembling your phone. First, you’ll need a suction cup.

iPhone 6s plus battery replacement. How to remove battery from iPhone 6s plus in 2023

Unlike many other models, iPhone 6s Plus doesn’t allow a suction cup to be placed on the Home button.

Step №3. Now lay the smartphone on the table or on any other vertical surface. Hold the phone tight and give the suction cup a pull.

iPhone 6s plus battery

Pull it cautiously, otherwise, you’ll damage the device.

iPhone 6s plus battery

Step №4. Insert a spudger into that gap between the case and the screen of the iPhone. Pry it open carefully, as shown in the previous pictures.

Step №5. Сarefully raise the display. There’s no need for the suction cup anymore – take it off. Lean the display of your iPhone against something (a box, for example).

Step №6. Extract the two screws which secure the battery.

Unlike those screws that you extracted at the beginning of the procedure, these are of standard design. You can make use of an ordinary screwdriver to remove them.

Step №7. Extract the small metal bracket by means of tweezers.

iPhone 6s plus battery

Step №8. Now it’s time to disconnect the battery connector. A spudger or an opening tool will be of use.

iPhone 6s plus battery

Step №9. Extract four Phillips screws that secure the display.

iPhone 6s plus battery

Step №10. Extract the next metal bracket using tweezers.

Step №11. All the cable connectors have to be removed, as is shown in the pictures.

iPhone 6s plus battery

Step №12. Now you can separate the display from the case.

iPhone 6s plus battery

Step №13. With the help of tweezers, pry up the three adhesives. Then carefully pull the adhesives out. Don’t turn the adhesives when pulling them out or else you may entangle or tear them.

Step №14. Replace the battery.

iPhone 6s plus battery

That’s it! Now you can reassemble your phone.

In performing the procedure of battery replacement, accurately follow all the instructions above and do all the actions carefully. When done right, your device will be in fine working condition and won’t need additional repairs.

Good luck!

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