The Most Used Medium Power Generators in 2023

The best way to save all needing home conveniences is to purchase the engine-generator. The warrantable technical item for such purpose is 5000 watt generator. In the presence of temporary shutoff of the electricity all members of the family would continue spend their time in comfortable conditions.

5000 watt engine-generators would be suitable also for any technicians because this powerful unit is also meant to use for running professional tools. The only recommendation is to control the total wattage rating during the working processes.

Table of Content

  • 1 The Advantages of 5000-watt Samples
  • 2 The Main Aspects for Correct Model Select
    • 2.1 Noisiness
    • 2.2 Running time
    • 2.3 “Starting-running” watts
    • 2.4 Maintenance
  • 3 Gas Generators – The Field of Application
    • 3.1 Husky 5000-Watt Power Generator – Powerful Engine Generator
    • 3.2 Coleman Powermate 5000-Watt Portable Generator – The Stable Level of Electricity Supply
    • 3.3 Generac 5000-Watt Power Generator – Unstoppable Running Abilities
    • 3.4 Briggs and Stratton 5000-Watt Power Generator – Portable Generator with Minimal Noise
    • 3.5 Honda 5000-watt portable generator – Lightweight Power Generator
    • 3.6 Champion 5000-Watt generator – The Reliable Source of Energy
  • 4 The comparison table – differences of different brands
  • 5 Conclusions

The Advantages of 5000-watt Samples

The main cutting-edge of 5000 watts items is their capability to power few appliances simultaneously. Such wattage rating allows to run small and kitchen technical units without risk to overload the engine-unit.

Few more advantages of portable equipment of certain capacity are:
  • Most of the technical items contain the circuit breaker – it prevents probable power overload (e.g. simultaneous usage of the air compressor and circular saws);
  • The technical units approximately are 70-85 kg but it is possible to move the apparatus from place to place;
  • 5000-watt generators could be often used – it is a good variant if disruption to power supplies takes place;
  • The engine-generators with such rating can run on different kinds of fuel – the customer is able to choose the best one for him;
  • Each purchaser should be sure that the chosen type of portable unit conforms to all parameters. The right one will give the opportunity to have all household conveniences;
  • The usage of the appropriate item would have negative consequences. Because of regular generator’s overload, equipment would fall out.

The Main Aspects for Correct Model Select

The wattage rate is not unique specification that is necessary for choosing the optimal engine-generator for own personal use.

It is important to take in attention following characteristics of equipment:
  • Running time – this parameter is needing both for household usage, or for working processes;
  • Noisiness – very useful parameter for those customers, who want to have the extra electricity source at home;
  • “Starting” and “running” watts – all consumer should take in attention 2 types of load. All appliances need extra power to start up. The characteristics is available in the user’s manuals – all plugging technical items should be taken into account;
  • Maintenance – the serviceability of generator and its level of operating economy. All these points give opportunity to make the right choice of the extra energy source.


This feature is not useful for customers who want to have the jobsite unit only. The most suitable equipment for household usage is technical unit with the lowest level of noise. Small children and domestic animal should not be afraid of the device.

The Most Used Medium Power Generators in 2023
HUSKY 5000-watt power generator

Modern energy source models provide noiseless operating. Manufacturer specifies this feature in the manual.

Running time

Most of modern technical items provide minimum eight-ten hours of constant work. Permanent running for a day or even 2-3 days is available not for all 5000 watts generators.

If user needs powerful ones (regular electrical supply shutdown takes place in certain region), the better variant is to buy the generator with possibility of continual activity. But no one equipment item for temporary energy power can be used on a permanent basis.

“Starting-running” watts

On-off cycling appliances require extra electricity supply to start up operating. For example, running watts of washing machine are 1150 points, while its running watts are almost 2200 W. Choosing the generator it is useful to take in attention not only rated watts but also additional start-up ones.


The guarantee maintenance is only one aspect of longevity of equipment. The customer has to build on his needs – it helps to purchase the optimal model with necessary functionality.

The Most Used Medium Power Generators in 2023
5000-watt generator maintenance

For example, gas generators will be the best variant for users that live in the cold countries. This type of fuel will provide the continual operating outside and inside while the air temperature is rather low.

Gas Generators – The Field of Application

The leaders among portable samples for getting electrical power are propane generators and petrol ones. Each one technical item has its PROS and CONS. Gas models [1] have advantage over the petrol or diesel equipment – it is the differential temperature resistance.

It makes gas units as an optimal variant for outside working procedures, while at the same time the sample could be used for household needs.

The field of gas models application is wide:
  • Home usage – power in case of power outage;
  • Working operating – portable device that requires professional tools usage anywhere;
  • Camping/ long-term travelling/ expeditions – the guaranteed conveniences for travelers (in any meteorological conditions);
  • Outside recreational events planning – electrical supply for musical accessories, etc.;
  • The emergency power source in case of any natural disasters.

Below there are performed different kinds of modern generators with wattage rate of 5000 W. All presented models are available both in the specialized shops, or in the online-markets.

Husky 5000-Watt Power Generator – Powerful Engine Generator

This portable device is based on the powerful engine presented by Subaru corporation.

Due to the characteristic of engine, Husky provides much possibilities for customers:
  1. The wattage performance at the peak of operating and stable 5000-watt running performance;
  2. The original Subaru [2] engine assures long-term generator running – the manufacturer guarantees unstoppable proceeding up to 12,5 hours (when the generator is load in a half).

Certain run duration became possible also due to the volume of generator’s fuel tank. The equipment can be refilled with almost six gallons of gas. At the same time the powerful model has the maximal level of availability and minimum level of noise. Its certain safety was achieved with help of wattage control system – automatic procurement provides both stable portable power station operating and protection of all processes running in the device.

This type of generator could be used in any power needs because of its features. The technical item has high resistance – it was achieved with help of modern steel frame. This generator can be easily move place to place due to its handing truck. Described characteristics give opportunity to name Husky 5000 watts generator long-run one with high level of durability.

Husky 5000-watt power generator customer review:

“We purchased this unit one year ago. It is worth pointing that Husky is noiseless – we have a new-born baby, so for our family, this aspect is the most useful. During the year of device exploitation, we had electricity outage twice. The generator gave us the opportunity to do all beats without any discomfort.”

Coleman Powermate 5000-Watt Portable Generator – The Stable Level of Electricity Supply

One more powerful device made by experienced craft-team of Subaru [2]. This portable item could perform up to 6250 W – this result is possible in case of maximal load or during appliances start-up. The running power wattage is 5000 watts – manufacturer guarantees the stable level of electricity supply.

The advantage of this sample is in its powerful engine and stainless steel frame. Coleman 5000 watts generator has a rather big fuel tank – six-gallons propane reservoir offers up to 11 hours of unstoppable running (in case of 50% of load). The portable source of energy is suitable for household needs as an emergency power station.

Coleman also can be used for:
  • For jobsite purposes;
  • For recreations outside;
  • For long term travelling.

The manufacturer warrants the lowest noise level and ecology-friendship of technical item. Coleman supplied with comfortable handle and wheels for transportation of equipment.

Coleman 5000-watt power generator customer review:

“We are fond of traveling. All our trips are long-term and during the rest time, I and my wife need to work. So we bought this reliable item and really tickled pig! Moreover, it is possible to use Coleman at home for cooking, relaxing in comfort with all commodities – and it does not matter is at home the power supply or not. It is a really fine and cross-functional device.”

Generac 5000-Watt Power Generator – 
Unstoppable Running Abilities

The portable item has a diesel kind of fuel that makes generator undesirable for household usage. This device is suitable for jobsite purposes outside. The manufacturer guarantees the low level of air pollution but at the same time does not recommend use Generac 5000 watts generator inside any kind of establishment.

The advantage of portable station is its unstoppable running abilities – it is possible to have a run-time about 32,4 hours. The main condition for long-term usage without any stop is only 50% generator load. It is said in the equipment manual that the high level of run-time became available due to the powerful engine of device and capacious fuel tank:

  • The powerful engine has air-cooled concept of operating – it prevents the danger of generator overheating;
  • A diesel fuel tank has the 12-gallons capacity type – it requires long-term device operating.

Generac is optimal appliance for outside usage. For household needs it is better to choose petrol or propane item that provide better starting rate and less harmful emissions.

Generac 5000-watt power generator customer review:

“I decided on it because it is the unique item on the present market with such long-term unstoppable running. I regulate use Generac for job site needs – all my tools could be used without any problem. Half a year of its everyday exploitation by my work gang I had no problems with generator maintenance.”

Briggs and Stratton 5000-Watt Power Generator – Portable Generator with Minimal Noise

The diesel portable generator from company “The Briggs & Stratton” provides 5000 running wattage and about 6250 watts at the maximal point of operating. This technical item can be used both inside or outside – the equipment does not pollute air much and emits minimum noise.

The capacity of fuel tank is rather small – only five gallons. But nevertheless, Briggs allows to use household appliances and jobsite utilities during 10 hours without stop (if the technical unit is loading in 50%). The operating of Briggs 5000 watts generator is protected with the breakage circuit on order to prevent the equipment shutdown.

The manufacturer presents the full set for comfortable usage of power device:
  • The generator;
  • Wheels for transportation;
  • A handle to make the equipment portable;
  • The rubber protection for safety of all procuresses;
  • The engine oil and user’ manual are included.
Briggs and Stratton 5000-watt power generator customer review:

“When I got my purchase I was highly pleased with the set of accommodations – everything needed to be was presented in the box. It is easy to displace Briggs that is useful for me because I use this unit for different purposes. Both at home and outside this device operates without any problems. I have recommended buying Briggs for my best friend – he is satisfied too.”

Honda 5000-watt portable generator – Lightweight Power Generator

This portable equipment has the main positive feature for customers – the weight of Honda 5000 watts generator is only 273 pounds. It makes possible the comfortable usage of item as an emergency power supply unit for any member of the family. The light weight of Honda unit and compact dimensions make the device an optimal one for travelling or just for long-term car journey.

The running rate is 5000 W – all processes are stable and safe for user. The manufacturer gives three-year guarantee for Honda device to purchasers. The portable generator provides about 11 hours of unstoppable operating. It was achieved due to the Honda engine [3] availability in the construction.

Honda 5000-watt power generator customer review:

“I was confident of my choice from the very beginning. Honda engine could not be unreliable! Almost nine months of seamless operating and one month without exploitation – all is clock-work. And one more plus – it is easy to operate. I even forgot where is the manual is!”

Champion 5000-Watt generator – The 
Reliable Source of Energy

The versatile device for different purposes – Champion 5000 watts generator is suitable for any customers’ needs. The starting rate that equals to 6250 allows to use the equipment as a reliable source of energy in case of power outage.

This technical unit is not appropriate for permanent usage – the manufacturer guarantees about 9 hours of unstoppable work with 50% load of device. The fuel tank capacity is average – about 6 gallons.

The modern generator is equipped with everything useful for comfortable exploitation:
  • The fast start facilities in the conditions of low temperature;
  • The circuit breakage system;
  • Shut-off sensor (low oil indicator);
  • The up-to-date gauge (controls all useful processes of operating and secures running);
  • Protection coverage;
  • The wheels and kit for transportation.

The advantage of device is in its easy way of setup and exploitation. Users would not have to buy essential tools to run the generator. The guarantee maintenance is 3 years.

Champion 5000-watt power generator customer review:

“We bought it not for the purpose to use at home, no. The aim was to have some extra source of energy upon the road. It is comfortable not to hang on to the wanted conveniences whatever you are. This one is easy to set up and the size of the device is optimal to put it to the trunk just in case.”

The comparison table – differences of different brands

Here would be presented the main differences between 5000 W units of a different brand. One of the generator to compare would be Generac 5000 watts generator. The manufacturer guarantees about 32 hours of unstoppable work – this feature could be the most necessary one for people living in the region of a regular power outage or natural calamities.

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The consumers often ask the actual question: “What can I run with a 5000-watt generator?” These devices provide the electrical power to all useful take-home appliances while is the electricity service is out.

The modern units could be run with help of a different kind of fuel:
  • Petrol;
  • Propane;
  • Diesel fuel.
The Most Used Medium Power Generators in 2023
Honda 5000-watt generator

The best one for any domestic purposes is petrol or propane item. The optimal variant for job site needs will be diesel units. The selection of engine-generators should be very responsible. The quality of energy supply and the time of technical item exploitation are contingent on the operating machine identify.

[1] – the full data about gas generators
[2] – Subaru company
[3] – Honda engines

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