Wind Turbine – The Most Powerful Source of Alternative Energy in 2022

Alternative sources of energy become quite popular today. There are a plenty of different types of power mechanisms which are able to accumulate enough energy using natural endless resources. One of them is a wind turbine.

This eco-friendly mechanism will power a house regardless of the weather conditions or any other factor. The home wind turbine will work at night when it is rainy, cloudy, etc. the only thing required is wind which is pretty enough on the open space.

Wind turbine

This device is a really great way to start charging you gadgets and power your home, in general, using an alternative source of energy. Just think: one 25m height turbine is able to power a house and the 80m one can produce such amount of electricity which is enough to power hundreds of houses. Moreover, this is a good chance to get rid of paying taxes for usage of the traditional electrical grid.

Table of Content

  • 1 Components
  • 2 How electricity generates
  • 3 Types of wind turbines
    • 3.1 The horizontal axis and Vertical axis
    • 3.2 Roof mounted and Pole mounted
  • 4 Size-power comparison
    • 4.1 WindMill 1500 Watt Wind Turbine
    • 4.2 NPower Complete 1800 Watt Wind Power Package
    • 4.3 Nature Power Wind Turbine-2,000 Watt
    • 4.4 Aleko Wind Generator 2000 Watt
    • 4.5 Vevor 300 Watt Spiral Wind Turbine
    • 4.6 Makemu Energy Home Vertical Wind turbine 500 Watt
    • 4.7 Makemu Energy Home Vertical Wind turbine 1000 Watt
  • 5 Comparison
    • 5.1 Comparison of WindMill 1500 Watt Wind Turbine with NPower Complete 1800 Watt Wind Turbine
    • 5.2 Comparison of Nature Power 70701 Wind Turbine-2,000 Watt with Aleko Wind Generator 2000 Watt
    • 5.3 Comparison of Vevor 300 Watt Spiral Wind Turbine with Makemu Energy Home Vertical Wind turbine 500 Watt
    • 5.4 Comparison of Makemu Energy Home Vertical Wind turbine 1000 Watt with Automaxx Windmill 1200W
  • 6 Advantages of using a wind turbine
  • 7 Is a wind turbine right for me and areas of use?
  • 8 Wind turbine Installation and maintenance
  • 9 Conclusion.


There are several wind turbine types but all of them have similar principles of work. The wind blows moving blades which produce and transfer power to an electrical generator which produces the energy and supplies it to the grid. Let’s overview some basic components without which work of the wind turbine is impossible:

Power generator – is needed for charging batteries. Its capacity influences the time is required for charging your accumulators. Voltage and amperage of the generator depending on the wind stability and speed.

Rotor blades – capture the wind and transfer its kinetic power to the rotor hub making it move.

Tower – passive but one of the essential components of the structure. The higher is the tower, the more stable and strong is the wind and the more power will we get.

Of course, there are rather more components which are also important for normal both horizontal and vertical wind turbines. All of them you can see in the picture below.

How electricity generates

As was said above, wind turbines have quite a simple principle of work. So, let’s consider it in detail. The power producing process begins when the wind blows to the blades. This makes them turn around the rotor hub which is connected to the main shaft. The latest transfers kinetic energy to other components which control and maintain the needed capacity of the energy. Finally, it gets to the generator which produces electricity. In the picture, you can also see the way the power comes through from the rotor hub and up to the generator.

How it works? Wind turbine

The wind direction may always change, so modern turbines are equipped with special automatic turning system which identifies a side the wind blows from and turns in front. Such a feature helps to catch much more wind and to produce as rather more amount of the power.

Types of wind turbines

The horizontal axis and Vertical axis

There are two basic wind turbine types: horizontal and vertical axis. The horizontal one has a traditional form and structure which are rather widely used than the second one. The horizontal axis means that the rotating mechanism is set in parallel to the ground. In most cases it has two or three blades set on the top of the tower, however, a number of them may be different depending on models.

The more blades, the more wind they can receive and the less rotating speed the device need to produce a given amount of energy. Two or three-bladed turbine will have to rotate much faster than, e.g. multi-blade one to reach the same capacity.

However, most owners prefer three-blade horizontal turbine because they think that a lot of blades usually impede each other’s work. So, wind-consuming is not effective enough as it is expected to be.

The vertical wind turbine has another structure. Its rotating mechanism is established perpendicularly to the ground which causes changing most of the general blade building characteristics of the turbine. Usually, these devices have long, arc-shaped blades. In this case, wind direction does no matter. Blades catch the wind regardless of where does it blow and there is no need to turn the rotor towards the tight side. Despite different structures, both of the times have similar composition and working principle.

Wind Turbine - The Most Powerful Source of Alternative Energy in 2022

Wind turbines can also differ by the way of the wind interaction. Means fixed or movable blades. Both types have their individual pros and cons. For example, fix-blade turbines are more flexible and sensitive to the wind so they can produce more power due to the proper adapting to the wind direction and speed. But they have one serious disadvantage – movability is provided by bearings which quite often cause breaks. Turbines with the fixed blades are more robust but the efficiency of the wind flow use is much lower.

Roof mounted and Pole mounted

There are two ways to use wind turbine for a home to provide all the gadgets of the house with the green energy. The first of them is to set a pole mounted turbine. This is a traditional way of usage. As it was mentioned above, the higher is the pole, the more energy will be produced.

Roof wind turbine

The second residential wind turbine type is a roof mounted one. To make the blades as high as it is possible you don’t need to buy the pole. You can simply set the windmill on the top of your house. Moreover, you can spend the money saved from buying pole on additional windmills to use several ones for having more power!

Size-power comparison

While looking for such an alternative source of power as a wind turbine generator important is to buy the appropriate one which will be able to produce enough energy according to your needs and field of application in general. There are lots of factors which the right choice depends on. One of them is the turbine’s capacity. This parameter depends on the amount of energy that you regularly consume in your normal everyday living.

Furthermore, the weather in place you live also has influence. It has to be windy enough to make the turbine work properly and start producing the needed level of the energy. But if the wind is too strong and the blades are rotating faster than it is allowed the rotor can be damaged. Most models are equipped with an automatic braking system which ensures the mechanism from extremely strong wind blows. Nevertheless, we advise having a professional consultation before purchasing this device.

Wind turbine

To ease your research, we have collected and compared several wind turbine generators of different brands with various advantages and other essential characteristics like capacity, weight, etc. So, you can easily find the needed one.

WindMill 1500 Watt Wind Turbine

This horizontal-axis 1500w wind generator has a simple structure, so you will easily build it yourself. It doesn’t need any professional knowledge or skills. The package includes everything you need to do this. The device has integrated automatic braking system which protects components from damage caused by heavy wind. Wind system can be connected with solar panels into the energy chain if it’s available. Maximum power point tracking is installed. The turbine is made of high qualified materials. Among them are polypropylene and Glass Fiber with a weather-resistant seal to provide durability and security of corrosion. Also, there is an automatic braking system to prevent details from the damage of the high wind speed. The speed of 5.6 MPH is enough to start the turbine.

NPower Complete 1800 Watt Wind Power Package

This wind power package will help you not only to receive alternative energy but also to store it because the kit includes a special power battery which can be charged and stored. The device has the low starting wind speed – only 5.6 MPH. The construction is perfect for land and sea usage as well. Moreover, the turbine includes MPPT (maximum power point tracking) charge controller, which optimizes power production and prevents from damaging different components which could be caused by too strong wind flows. The operation makes really few noises, so having a rest won’t be problematic while the generator is running. There are three durable blades which are able to receive a really great amount of wind to turn it into the electricity.

Nature Power Wind Turbine-2,000 Watt

This high-performance 3-blade windmill produces 2000W of green energy. It has a robust, durable construction which needs only 6.7 MPH to start producing еру power. So, even if there is no almost wind, the device will work properly. The turbine is quite light (38 pounds), it can be easily installed and professional knowledge and skills are not required. Components were produced under the specialized technology which prevents noisy operation. For higher effectiveness, the windmill is equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Smart Controller which provides a voltage-to-current ratio. Automatic shutdown system which prevents rotor overloading because of high wind conditions.

Aleko Wind Generator 2000 Watt

The 2000W residential wind turbine set comes with a turbine, power inverter, and a charge controller. Together these components are able to produce electricity and keep the extra amount in special battery which can be used when it is needed. There are three blades which direct the wind kinetic energy into the generator with 2000watts inverter capacity. The best choice for people who live in the area with strong winds. Only 5 MPH is enough to start operating and producing green energy for residential use. The device is really quiet, so it won’t interrupt you from doing your regular housework and resting. The turbine has a simple structure and quite light weight of 25.9 pounds. If for some reason you need to buy some details or components you can easily order everything you need via the internet.

Vevor 300 Watt Spiral Wind Turbine

This Vevor 300w wind vertical-axis turbine is perfect for home use. Wind speed equal to 2 m/h will be enough to start running. Very simple construction doesn’t need any knowledge to be dealt with. The installation will take you a couple of hours because the weight of the completed devise is 42 pounds. The blades are made of aluminum alloy. This is reliable and long-lasting material with corrosion resistance. The main advantage of the device is that the aerodynamic shape and optimized structure help to produce the maximum power regardless of the wind direction. This small wind turbine is easy to install on the top of your house or on a special tower.

Makemu Energy Home Vertical Wind turbine 500 Watt

A great vertical home wind turbine with the ranked 500w capacity. You don’t even need to buy a pole because the turbine can be easily fixed on the roof of your house. There are 3 vertical-axis rotor blades. The main advantage of this device is quietness. It makes almost no sound. Moreover, the construction can be easily completed without professional wind turbine technician. Fixing it on the top won’t take you much time because the device is quite light – 26.5 pounds only. Optimally developed blades provide 100% performance capturing the wind from any side it blows. It is quite cheap and compact, so you can set several ones to have multiplied energy supply!

Makemu Energy Home Vertical Wind turbine 1000 Watt

This device is ready to provide you with eco-energy during all the year. The Makemu 1000w turbine is great for residential use. It is developed under the unique innovational technologies that allow producing enormous amounts of power with three vertical rotor blades. The main advantage is that the device has a structure that allows capturing the wind regardless of the direction. Innovative producing techniques make the turbine both compact and quiet enough. So you don’t have to switch it off before sleeping because you will never hear it is in the house. The generator is really robust. It can survive in extreme conditions. The maximum speed of wind it can resist is about 200 KMH. also, the package includes a battery which can be easily charged and stored.


In the following tables, we have compared all the mentioned and other models of wind turbines according to their capacity and types. We have considered the most common aspects for you could identify your option.

Comparison of WindMill 1500 Watt Wind Turbine with NPower Complete 1800 Watt Wind Turbine

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Comparison of Nature Power 70701 Wind Turbine-2,000 Watt with Aleko Wind Generator 2000 Watt

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Comparison of Vevor 300 Watt Spiral Wind Turbine with Makemu Energy Home Vertical Wind turbine 500 Watt

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Comparison of Makemu Energy Home Vertical Wind turbine 1000 Watt with Automaxx Windmill 1200W

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Advantages of using a wind turbine

The wind energy is one of the fast-growing energy resources in the world today. And it is not surprising, because using of a wind turbine has a plenty of advantage.
  1. Economy. First of all, using a wind turbine is cost-effective. Spend some money just at once and get a source of free electricity for many years. With this, you will significantly decrease your electricity bills or even forget about them at all.
  2. Mitigating future energy price rises. Using green energy and economizing electricity now we prevent not only energy but also general prices rise in the future.
  3. Reducing your carbon footprint. For supplying houses through traditional electricity grid power plants emit thousands of tons of carbon in the atmosphere. Using the wind energy, we decrease demand on traditional power and participate in the protection of the environment.
  4. Electric stability. Wind is endless and one of the most effective eco source of power of now existing. Provide your house with constant power supplies regardless of the weather conditions. Most of the windmills have a low starting speed and even if there is a calm outside, you can use an additional battery to charge it and use whenever you need.

Is a wind turbine right for me and areas of use?

Before buying and installing the wind turbine generator we have to pay attention to some factors which will tell us whether it is possible or not. In most of the cases, it appears that the location is not coming for installation.

Let’s deal with it and find out what conditions do you need to have fur successful windmill functioning.
  1. Wind speed – where to look. One of the essential factors which influence high windmill operating performance is the wind speed. The stronger it blows, the more power will you get. If you live in the area where annual average wind speed is not less than four meters per second (about 9 MPH), then you can buy the turbine without any hesitation. On the internet, you can look for your regional average wind speed.
  2. A place for installation. You need to have enough space in your area to install the home wind turbine. There don’t have to be any barriers which may stop or redirect the wind not allowing him reaching the blades. If there are trees or other houses, settle the turbine on that height which will above the top of trees.
  3. Things to avoid and obstacles. Turbines can make some noise and some of them are really loud. So it is better to have enough space in your area to choose the appropriate distance between the turbine and your house.

Wind turbine Installation and maintenance

In spite of that, the residential wind turbine is quite a useful and value for money device, it demands regular servicing. There several movable parts which constantly operate. So checking their condition from time to time is the best way to make your turbine live longer and show high performance.

We recommend you to build annual schedule according to which you will conduct planned checks of the turbine’s components. Don’t wait until the heavy wind comes and destroy or damage the construction. Better is to verify whether everything is ok or not beforehand. Some devices have complicated structure and in this case is better to call professionals which will help you to maintain your generator.

Wind Turbine - The Most Powerful Source of Alternative Energy in 2022

On average most of the turbines are designed for 20 years of normal operating. If the wasn’t too strong winds and turbulence, which appear because of inappropriate location a windmill, the turbine will work up to 25 years or even more. The only condition is the needed level of regular service which prevents breaks and makes the tool lasting much longer.


If you ask whether it is worthy to buy a residential wind turbine or not? The answer is – definitely yes! The wind generator usage is one of the most cost-effective and reliable ways of getting alternative energy absolutely for free. Just pay at once and consume your own electricity produced from the wind for more than 20 years. This is an eco-friendly way to decrease amounts in your electricity bills and provide your house with green power.

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