5 Ways to Charge iPhone Without Charger

You go to the country to visit your granny in her country house or just to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But your phone keeps buzzing because of constant calls/messages/notifications all the time and half of the day later your electronic right partner has run out of battery, only several percent left. But you have to survive till the end of the day! So what’s to be done? Here are 5 ways to charge your iPhone without charger.

Table of Content:
  • #1 USB port
  • #2 Charging case
  • #3 Power bank
  • #4 Alternative devices to produce energy
  • #5 State-of-the-art invention

#1 USB port

Charging using a USB cable, which many of us forget about, is probably the most banal way to charge your phone. If you don’t have an adapter with you, but only a USB cable, all you need is to find a laptop/PC which can be used in charging your iPhone. Though many users claim that it will take longer than just use outlets.

Life hack: take a USB cord with you in your wallet or purse; it wont take up too much space, still it can rescue you in unexpected circumstances.

#2 Charging case

This invention has appeared recently at the market. It actually serves a dual function which is obviously due to its name: it protects your iPhone from scratches, scuffs and falls at the same time charging your phone. Such cases are usually aimed at prolonging your cell phone battery for 1-2 days. So if there is neither outlets nor USB ports, this armour will be the best option in such a situation.

P.S. Don’t forget to charge the case before using it!

#3 Power bank

Wouldn’t it be great to have a special device like a portable outlet? We can’t wait to give you good news — it has already been invented! Power bank is a portative energy accumulator that looks like some small appliance with a button and several USB ports.
By the way, you can use it to charge not only your iPhone but also all units which have a USB cable. It’s really useful during long trips when there won’t be any outlets at hand for a long time or you just don’t feel like taking charging cases for all your devices. Power banks often have 1-6 USB ports and their energy capacity is enough to charge several devices fully all at the same time.

P.S. This appliance will also need to be charged before using, so think ahead as it can accumulate energy for the whole day!

#4 Alternative devices to produce energy

One should put such inventions as solar, fire and mechanical chargers in a separate paragraph. It isn’t difficult to imagine the way they work: portable solar batteries, a small stove or a so-called human powered generator translate solar/heat/mechanical energy into electricity to charge cell phone batteries. This is perhaps the most eco-friendly way of producing energy. It will suit not only confirmed travellers, but also ecofreaks.

#5 State-of-the-art invention

Let us imagine that you can charge your iPhone without any cables, just by air. Modern inventors have already figured out how to bring this thing from sci-fi films to life. You will need a device called iQi which represents a thin plate connected to an iPhone with a short Lightning cable.

So what’s the point? The plate is so thin that you can put it under a case and no-one will see it. To charge your phone you should lay it with the plate down on a special power-bank. Ta da — the future is now!

Still this devise has a drawback: one has to take this appliance out to plug an iPhone into PC.

We have listed 5 alternative ways of charging your iPhone, but our main hint will be as follows: enjoy the nature but not your iPhone when going to the country.

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