iPhone 6s battery replacement kit. Best iphone 6s battery replacement guide in 2024

iPhone 6s battery

Table of Content

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Characteristics of the iPhone 6s battery
  • 3 Time for replacement of the iPhone 6s battery
  • 4 How to extend the life of the iPhone 6s battery?
  • 5 Replacement of iPhone 6s battery on your own
  • 6 YONTEX – iPhone 6s battery replacement kit
  • 7 NOHON – iPhone 6s battery replacement kit
  • 8 WAKE – iPhone 6s battery replacement kit
  • 9 What is to be done?


It’s no surprise that lithium-ion batteries powering nearly all our devices tend to wear down. As your phone ages the quality of its battery declines, it begins to die rather rapidly, and it usually results in sudden shutdowns and poor functionality of the device. In this case, the battery surely needs to be replaced by a new one.

So how can it be done? In fact, Apple offers to replace the iPhone 6s battery for quite an agreeable price, but the problem is, it may take too long as there’s unlikely to be batteries for this model in stock, and you’ll have to wait for months. The other variant is to find some local repair shop and have a specialist do all the work provided they have a battery for your phone.

Both variants are possible yet not easily realizable.

So is it that necessary to get someone else to do it? The truth is the battery replacement can really be done on your own. It’s not so difficult as it may seem though pretty harder compared with the same procedure when it comes to products of the different brand. The work will take only about half an hour.

The definite advantage is that you won’t have to wait for Apple or search for some repair service. Besides, it’ll be cheaper than either of the mentioned options, especially the latter one.

Before setting about to replacement, let’s take a closer look at the battery under consideration to be fully aware of what we’re dealing with.

Characteristics of the iPhone 6s battery

The battery capacity is 1715 mAh, which means that it was reduced by 95 mAh as compared with iPhone 6. However, it’s said that iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 have the same battery time.

Undoubtedly, preserving the same autonomy with employing smaller capacity has been managed with the help of more modern electronic components, particularly by means of the A9 chip with motion coprocessor M9 instead of solving the A8 with M8 motion coprocessor.

Time for replacement of the iPhone 6s battery

There are a few causes of battery breakdown. But what is the indicator of the fact that the problem has been caused by the battery itself? If there’s no charge, if the work time is reduced to a few hours a day, if a smartphone doesn’t turn on, then the battery needs to be replaced.

How to extend the life of the iPhone 6s battery?

In order for your battery to operate properly, you must take the following advice:
  1. Don’t hold your iPhone in extreme cold or heat.
  2. Don’t put it in a microwave oven so that it can get rid of moisture trapped inside.
  3. Charging via laptop reduces the battery life; infrequent occurrences it causes great damage. This can be done once every few months.
  4. It’s best to charge the battery rather frequently, this will prolong its life. Don’t store the battery discharged, or else it may not turn on.

If it’s too late for giving advice on keeping your battery in good condition, let’s turn to the question of replacing it.

Replacement of iPhone 6s battery on your own

It goes without saying the whole process should be done very carefully if you don’t want to damage your device. It’s strongly recommended that you follow all the instructions given further.

For the battery replacement, you’ll need a set of the necessary tools apart from a new battery. There are many various kits suitable for our purpose; we’ll consider three of them, paying attention to their prices, package, and other peculiarities of each.

All three products have all the necessary tools. However, there are some differences in the package.

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YONTEX – iPhone 6s battery replacement kit

This option is probably the most popular one, considering the number of reviews. Its price is not so high, and the warranty is 2 years. Most of the customers praise the product; there are very few cases of a short-lived battery.

According to the overwhelming majority of reviews, the reliability of the battery and the quality of tools are excellent. The package contains a screen protector apart from the required tools.

The list of tools is limited to those being necessary, no spare screws or additional tools are present (except for sim eject tool).


  • Reliability
  • Screen protector
  • Guarantee


  • Not very abundant package

NOHON – iPhone 6s battery replacement kit

This one is remarkable for its greater battery capacity (2225 mAh compared to standard 1715 mAh). As for the guarantee, it’s also 2 years. The price is average, it’s only one dollar more than YONTEX.

In addition to the powerful battery you get a triangle opening gasket, a number of spare screws and a customer service card, along with screen protector.

It’s possible that the reliability of battery is lower than that of the previous one.


  • Battery capacity
  • Package
  • Guarantee


  • Lower reliability

WAKE – iPhone 6s battery replacement kit

The cheapest among all the offers, this variant have quite a decent package, but some customers say the quality of the battery is quite poor. Besides, the warranty is one year. This one is mentioned for you to understand that it’s no good for pursuing cheap prices, it’s better to pay more and get a good product.

Compared to the other goods, it’s significantly cheaper, the package is okay.

It’s not all the people who complain of the quality of battery, but would you run such a risk?


  • Price


  • Not reliable
  • Short guarantee

There is free shipping for all the three products. It’s noteworthy the battery is only for iPhone 6s, no other models are compatible with it.

What is to be done?

Here is a full description of the necessary actions for the battery replacement.

Before you get started, see to it that the battery is charged below 25%. If not, it may ignite and injure you in case you by chance puncture it.

Step №1. After powering off the iPhone, move away two security screws which are in proximity to the lightning connector.

iPhone 6s battery replacement kit. Best iphone 6s battery replacement guide in 2024

Step №2. Fasten the suction cup on the display. Attach it as firmly as possible.

It mustn’t touch the Home button.

iPhone 6s plus battery

Step №3. Gripping the device, separate the front from the case faintly. Employ the suction cup.

Don’t attempt to detach it with a sharp movement.

Step №4. Now it’s time for the removal of clips with a spudger.

iPhone 6s battery replacement kit. Best iphone 6s battery replacement guide in 2024

Step №5. Open the case by lifting the front up at an angle of about 90 degrees. For the convenience and safety, you may lean the front part to something, for example, to the box. For extra reliability, the box and the smartphone can be fastened with a rubber.

Once you open the phone, you’ll notice that there’s a strip of adhesive along the perimeter of the display. You may subsequently replace it if you like.

Step №6. Extract the screws marked in the picture.

Step №7. Using tweezers take off the plate due to which the battery connector is fixed to the motherboard.

iPhone 6s battery replacement kit. Best iphone 6s battery replacement guide in 2024

Step №8. Softly pry the battery connector with a spudger.

See that it’s the connector that you lift and not the joint. Otherwise, you can break the joint. The same rule is to be observed when disconnecting the other cables.

iPhone 6s battery replacement kit. Best iphone 6s battery replacement guide in 2024

Step №9. Move away from the five Phillips screws shown in the picture.

Be sure to sign each screw. Incorrect placement of these screws during assembly can cause permanent damage to the motherboard!

Step №10. Pull out the plate via tweezers.

Step №11. Using a spudger or tweezers, disconnect all the cables.

Push the spudger moderately, not too far.

iPhone 6s battery replacement kit. Best iphone 6s battery replacement guide in 2024

Step №12. The front part is completely separated from the rest of the phone. Put it aside.

iPhone 6s plus battery

Step №13. Carefully drag the adhesive strip toward the bottom.

Step №14. When the strip begins to stretch tight, carefully start dragging it. Go on with dragging until it’s entirely released from the case.

Step №15. Perform the same actions with the second strip.

Step №16. Detach the old battery.

iPhone 6s plus battery

Step №17. When installing a new battery, it’s essential to stick the special adhesive to the back of it.

Step №18. Take off the film that covers the ends of the adhesive.

Step №19. Attach the adhesive to the lower part of the front. Press firmly.

Step №20. Put the battery face down on a flat surface. Move away from the blue film, starting with the pointed end of the strip.

Step №21. Stick the entire strip evenly to the back, beginning with a small part.

Don’t pull or stretch the strips.

Step №22. Press and smooth it with a piece of cloth.

Step №23. Unstick the protective film from the adhesive.

Step №24. Once the battery is placed in the phone, press it to the case of the smartphone for the adhesive to be attached to the back.

Step №25. After all these actions are performed, assemble the smartphone.

As you can see, it’s safe to say the process of replacement of the iPhone 6s battery isn’t so difficult. However, you should remember that the damage to the smallest details may lead to serious problems with the functionality of your smartphone. Be extremely careful when disassembling your smartphone so as not to pay afterward for the repair which is by far not cheap, by the way.

In fact, if you want your battery to function properly and not to break down, you should, first of all, follow the recommendations as to charging it as well as handling of your smartphone in general.

As the old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”, and it concerns smartphones in the same way!

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