Pulsar Generator Review. Pulsar Products – Top 3 Portable Generators in 2023

Pulsar Products acts as a combination of the leading manufacturers of highly qualified and high performing generators. They provide customers with really robust and reliable generators for various purposes of usage in all the spheres of life. With more than 100 years of manufacturing experience, the brand produces and offers to purchase a wide range of long-lasting portable power equipment. Pulsar products line is one of the market leaders which include compressors and power generators which are made according to all the customers’ needs.

Pulsar uses advanced manufacturing and engineering technologies which allow the company supplying its customers with capable and cost-effective sources of energy all over the world. They stay ahead of the current producing trends, and this factor gained customers’ loyalty to the brand. The company always seek to overcome its competitors making the quality of the products higher and higher but saving relatively low prices for the generators. Their main goals are to make your life easier and the power to be available at any time in any conditions.

Have you ever thought what would be our life without light? Imagine that suddenly humanity is left without electricity at all. The only thing we can see around is darkness. But this is not the worst of what can happen. We won’t be able to communicate with friends and relatives; distanced employment will also be not available because of the absence of the Internet access and opportunity to charge your gadgets. Forget about traveling, camping and many other hobbies which are connected with power.Pulsar Generator Review. Pulsar Products - Top 3 Portable Generators in 2023 Electricity makes our life more comfortable, it brings the light in our houses, protects them from a robbery. All the alarm systems are running due to the electricity. Also, you can’t keep your favorite food in the fridge for a long time; it will be merely spoiled.

To avoid such situations and problems which may appear by lack of the power you need to have a generator. This device will provide you with an additional source of energy and help to keep your living conditions as they have to be.

Purchasing the generator quite important is to choose the appropriate one. It must meet all your needs and work properly as it supposed to your demands and preferences. In this article, we have prepared a Pulsar Generator review and compared several models. Will help you to choose the most suitable one for you and tell how to keep a balance between the price and functions you need.

Table of Content

  • 1 Different generator sizes. The general overview of all options.
    • 1.1 Pulsar 1200-Watt Generator
    • 1.2 Pulsar 2000iS Generator
    • 1.3 Pulsar 3500-Watt Generator
  • 2 What power do you need? Field of application.
    • 2.1 For residential use
    • 2.2 For job-site use
    • 2.3 For recreational trips
    • 2.4 Connection capability
    • 2.5 Maintenance
    • 2.6 Accessory
  • 3 Benefits and disadvantages. Comparison with other brands.
  • 4 Conclusion

Different generator sizes. The general overview of all options.

Pulsar 1200-Watt Generator

This compact portable gas-powered device is excellent for house or camping usage. It provides enough power to do most of the things around the house. Quite useful when you left without electricity because of the weather. It doesn’t take much space in your car, and a suitable handle makes the generator quite easy to carry. You may take it for camping to provide enough light for fishing, hunting, etc. The 2-stroke generator usually runs with 900 watts, and the power peak is 1200 watts. The 79cc engine doesn’t need much fuel and performance won’t decrease if it is in the red. For full load is enough 1.2-1.5 gallon of fuel. This capacity allows running the device up to 17 hours without pauses with the highest performance rate. Due to a modern, quiet system, Pulsar 1200-watt generator makes no more than 35dB of noise while running.

Pulsar 1200-Watt Generator Reviews

“For the price, this did very well. I first experience with a generator and ran great till fuel ran out and refilled. Probably closer to 4 hours, not 8.

I just went through Hurricane Irma in the Tampa area. We had power throughout the storm but went off after. Ran fridge, electronics charge, and tv all day while power out.”

“Starts right up one or two pulls not that noise he had it running behind the house could not hear it from the front of the house and same weight as the cooler next to it with six-pack of soda bag of ice that way would be comparable to the generator I use it everywhere even took it out onto the beach and we ran stereo Equipment you can buy a Honda generator really nice generator but the price of that is over $1000 I paid $140”.

Pulsar 2000iS Generator

This 2000w peak generator has a perfect modern design and shows a high level of performance with normal for running 1600 watts. About 1.18 gallons of fuel mix is enough for half-load running. This capacity will provide up to 6 hours of work. The device is quite light (less than 47 lbs), compact and robust. It is easy to store and hand carrying. While running, it produces about 59dB sound which is like a middle volume TV program. It won’t disturb you while having a rest in a forest or startle fish while fishing.

Pulsar 2000-watt generator is equipped with more than 3 USB and AC outputs, so you will be able to connect several gadgets at once. An automatic voltage regulator keeps it secure and prevents power outages. This power device is always ready to deal with a lack of power regardless of our location and weather conditions.

Pulsar 2000-Watt Generator Reviews

“So far so good. Arrived three days after I ordered it. Plugged in the batter leads and filled oil and fueled the generator and it started right up. Ran it for 5 hours and plugged in a few small appliances and it powered them up without missing a beat. The only complaint so far is when changing the oil you have to tilt the unit, and it is hard to avoid spillage inside of the generator case, The real test will be if it can start my 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner. Hooked it up to my travel trailer and it ran the 15,000 BTU with no issues”.

“Packaging was good and the box held up crossing the country. The unit arrives with a 20fl oz bottle of oil, a funnel, and a sparkplug wrench. Owners manual and remote start/stop key fob. Its got a nice telescoping handle that hides away and makes it very easy to move around. It weighs right around 100lb empty. The engine is 224cc air-cooled single produced by DUCAR out of China. That is not a bad thing.

This generator is much quieter than the open frame units. Your neighbors will like that. The manufacturer claims 62DB when I called them. I’m going to run it out of gas then I’ll change the oil to 5w30 synthetic, It’s my Florida Hurricane backup power for fridge and window AC plus computer and lighting”.

Pulsar 3500-Watt Generator

Pulsar 3500w portable gas-powered generator is a mobile power device comes with a mobility kit in a complex. The running watts of power is 3000 watts, but the peak for this one is 3500w. This is the 4-stroke generator with inserted engine cooling system which prevents is from overheating and provides more stable running. Hard surface is covered by a unique anti-corrosion solution which ensures durability and makes the device long-lasting.

A 4-gallon fuel tank keeps it running up to 12 hours without pauses being only half-loaded. The best for camping and lots of other outdoor activities. The generator is equipped with two 120V outlets and one 12V output for charging various gadgets such as cell phone, laptop, etc. low oil indicator will let you know when Pulsar 3500w is out of fuel.

Pulsar 3500-Watt Generator Reviews

“Firstly, I purchased this on a close-out buy from a local retailer, not my beloved Amazon, about a year ago. I added 2-cycle oil per the manual and some gasoline, and it started on the first pull! I’ve used this on and off for various outdoor projects where electricity has been scare, and it’s never failed to run. It’s SUPER quiet, but can NOT be run indoors due to carbon monoxide, so I use it only for outdoor work. I’ve run professional Makita polishers, and various vacuums and power tools off the working load of this unit and it’s been great. Just note that, like all gas equipment, I recommend you winterize it by letting it run for a few minutes and then shutting off the gas using the GAS SHUTOFF valve first until the unit quits, and then shutting the power switch to OFF before storing it for the winter”.

“We love ours, we ran a full-size frig, chest freezer, 8,000 btu ac window unit, cell phone, and lamp, fan with no bogging whats so ever, it started first pull every time ,we ran it 24/7 for around 3 or 4 days ,we filled it at night and it ran till almost lunchtime the next day before we had to fill again ,we followed instructions and changed the oil after the first 5 hours of use for the break-in period and will be changing it again just to keep her purring like a kitten . No Regrets here!”

What power do you need? Field of application.

You have to buy a particular generator model according to your own specific needs. The wrong choice may bring undesirable consequences, so quite important is to choose that very one which meets all your demands within an application field. We separately described every sphere within which a particular model should be chosen:

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For residential use

Before you start looking for Pulsar generator is better to calculate a total power that your gadgets consume in the house. This is one of the essential factors in making a decision. Consuming power rate shows exactly needed generator capacity. If the capacity is now, enough the device won’t be able to provide the power for all the house. Furthermore, the generator may become overloaded and start lugging or even break down.

Secondly, choosing too powerful one is also considered as the mistake. In this case, not all the capacity will be used. So, it is not value for money at least. You will spend more than needed on fuel which merely is burning without any useful effect. Correct calculations are critical. To do them you need to complete five simple steps:

  1. Make a list of all the gadgets in your house. Put the capacity in front of each item (Watt). Usually, it is pointed in instruction for a device.
  2. Divide all the devices into two groups:
  • Important. Those you always use and comfortable living without them is impossible: light, fridge, stove, alarm, etc.
  • Secondary. Items which you use from time to time: vacuum cleaner, iron, washing machine, etc.

The total capacity of the first group is the minimum which must be performed by a generator to save the standard conditions your living.

  1. Separately calculate the launching power of every gadget. In most cases, to switch something on you is needed more energy than to keep it running. This coefficient is also usually mentioned in instructions.
  2. Multiply the data according to each gadget from the previous step by its capacity, and you will get the launching power.
  3. For normal running of the generator, it has to have a power margin which will prevent overheating and protect both generator and gadgets from burning because of possible power surges. Just ad 20% to a total gadget capacity. It will be enough to keep the generator’s working safe.

Pulsar Generator Review. Pulsar Products - Top 3 Portable Generators in 2023

Don’t forget about your heating system type. If it is electric, the power consumption will be much higher in winter than in other seasons.

For job-site use

Whether you need Pulsar power generator for working purposes, calculate the total capacity that your equipment needs for ensuring normal working process. In this case, you also should take into attention the launching capacity of each tool. If the power of the generator isn’t enough, they won’t be running.

For recreational trips

The Pulsar power generator is exactly what you need for having trips with all the appropriate conditions. For professional trips, a small generator with the capacity of 1200-2000watt is pretty enough for feeling a home comfort while being far from it. Calculate a total power consumption of all the gadgets you will take: laptop, mobile phone, electric kettle, etc.

Connection capability

To protect your house from a sudden electricity loss, you can connect you Pulsar generator to the main grid. Generators are equipped with a special transducer which will automatically switch the generator on when it is needed and turn it off when the power is back in the house. You won’t have to turn the generator on or off manually.

Pulsar Generator Review. Pulsar Products - Top 3 Portable Generators in 2023


Every instruction which comes together with a device contains the rules of service the generator. Follow them if you want the device lasting longer without lugging and constant breaks. We would recommend calling for professional help because self- repair may bring you to some undesirable results and the generator’s condition become much worse. Nevertheless, there are some things that you can do by yourself:

  • When the generator is running in hot weather, check a condition of the spark plug from time to time. Sometimes fix it if need and clear the detail out of dirt using a wire brush.
  • If you see that the generator doesn’t work correctly, probably it is needed to put change the oil. Sometimes, the used kind of oil may be not suitable for a particular model. Call for service to know what type of oil do you exactly need.
  • Regularly check all filters. Their condition also influences the proper work of your device.


Pulsar Generator Review. Pulsar Products - Top 3 Portable Generators in 2023There are plenty of different accessories for the Pulsar generators. You can buy various useful things that will help you while using and servicing your device. These are oil change kits, generator covers, wheels, tires, power cables, RV adapter kit, remote start kit, etc. All of them can be bought in the nearest store or via the Internet.

Benefits and disadvantages. Comparison with other brands.

This section contains a comparison of three different Pulsar generator models with the ones of other famous brands with similar performance.

Comparison of Pulsar 1200-Watt Generator with Dirty Hand and Goplus.

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Comparison of Pulsar 2000-Watt Generator with WEN and Generac.

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Comparison of Pulsar 3500-Watt Generator with Champion and DuroStar.

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Pulsar power generators are value for money and long-lasting products. They are suitable for house power as well as for business trip or camping. These devices are so easy to store as they are compact and lightweight. You don’t have to live in darkness when there is no electricity in your house, because you have Pulsar generator which will always bring the light into your home.

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